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Who is Kristan Cole? Sarah Palin’s BFF

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They both grew up in Wasilla and they’ve known each other for some 40 years since they attended the same elementary school. Each is an ambitious, outspoken, competitive, conservative, God-fearing, married, working mom with five kids. They live seven miles apart in a state whose area is so vast that it exceeds that of Texas, California and Wyoming combined.

Both are former beauty pageant contestants. Sarah won the Miss Wasilla contest and finished second in Miss Alaska; Kristan (whom Sarah calls “Krissy”) was Miss Alaska and then Mrs. Alaska a few years later. In the more-than-you-want-to-know category, according to one hairstylist I know, they both wear as-seen-on-TV “Bumpits” hair lifts. When two women have so much in common and such a long shared history, it lays the foundation for a strong friendship.

But most female friendships, even the best of them, don’t last forever—so as their lives and career paths diverged, the two best friends could have easily drifted apart. Sarah, 45, pursued a career in politics, first as a mayor and then as a governor and a vice-presidential candidate while Kristan, 47, built a small but successful real estate business, heading up a team of 15 people. On her Facebook profile, Kristan “only shares certain information with everyone,” including the names of her friends; Sarah has more than 620,000 “supporters.” Kristan has remained intimately involved in Palin’s affairs as a supporter, campaign donor, and spokesperson. Kristan is a trustee of The Alaska Fund Trust, Sarah and Todd Palin’s legal defense fund.

As Governor, Sarah named Kristan to the Alaska Board of Agriculture and Conservation, an appointed regulatory position that serves at the pleasure of the Governor. In September 2008, when the McCain-Palin campaign launched a “Truth Squad” to combat the liberal media and dirty Democrats, Kristan was named to the Squad. Recently, Kristan assumed the awkward role of interpreting her pal’s bewildering resignation speech to the national press.

It’s hard to understand what makes some friendships stick while others fall apart. For better or worse, Sarah and Kristin remain BFFs. Shared history? Shared values? Loyalty? Trust? Maybe all of the above.

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