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When a friend seems jealous of you getting engaged

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Brides (screenshot)

Brides (screenshot)

December 5, 2015

Jillian Kramer wrote an article for Brides Magazine on how to handle friends who are jealous of you getting engaged. She writes:

Green is so not one of your wedding colors, but it’s the hue your best friend turns each time you bring up your selection of bridesmaid dresses, cake flavors, or even your invitation suite.

Whether she was caught by surprise or feels threatened that your impending nuptials will ruin your otherwise solid and emotionally stable friendship, your best friend is jealous of your engagement. What’s a girl to do?

The author interviewed The Friendship Doctor, who suggests that the bride needs to assess why someone is jealous before figuring out a remedy. There are many reasons why your friend may be comparing herself to you and winding up at the short end of the stick. Kramer writes:

“It may cause her to reflect and take stock of her own situation, especially if she isn’t involved with someone or is in a relationship with someone who hasn’t been willing to commit,” says Levine. “Her jealousy might seep out in negative ways that strain the friendship. She could become angry, anxious, passive-aggressive, or withdraw and become distant.”

Click here to read the Brides article in its entirety.

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  1. Amy F says:

    Jealousy isn’t conducive to a good relationship. Having short pangs of envy, if as Irene said, it leads to reflection and insight can be productive. If I can’t have positive feelings or if I don’t wish my friend well, then I have no business calling that person a friend.

    I learned this observing an acquaintance of mine who frequently shared her negative thoughts about the successes and good fortunes of our mutual friends. I considered her a friend, but I think of us more as friendly acquaintances now because I can only deal with her in small doses. Her jealousy is worse when she’s feeling low grade depression (she doesn’t have major depressive disorder) and even though not listed as an official symptom, I think jealousy can be indicative of someone who is unhappy, though it can also be a characteristic of someone who isn’t a very nice person and the two aren’t mutually exclusive. JMHO

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