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What does a friend do?

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I wanted to let my readers know about a unique opportunity for children to contribute to a global book on friendship.


An international book project has been launched to portray children’s views on friendship. It was initiated by the Norwegian charity Echo 2012, under the auspices of the Swedish publishing group, Bombadil Publishing. The sponsors state state:

“Inside the word friendship lives many other words; friendship is all about taking care of each other, make each other secure and happy, share, comfort and a lot more. These words we call friendship values. If people lived by the friendship values, Earth would be a good place – and for all of us. Therefore, we will gather children and young people’s friendship values from around the world. We will show that there is a great desire for a world in friendship. If the adults think about the friendship values when they decide important things, amazing things can happen.”

Children from 27 countries will join together to write and illustrate to the theme of "What does a friend do?" The book will be translated into 12 languages. Heads of state from the 27 participating countries have also been invited to share their views on friendship.

The proceeds from book sales will help participating charities promote global friendship through understanding and communication, as well as combat illiteracy. Part of the revenue will also be distributed as royalties among the contributing youth authors and artists.

The preliminary release date of the book is September 2009, and will be preceded and succeeded by charity festivals, exhibitions and various friendship and knowledge enhancing activities for young people.Material is being submitted daily and interested schools are invited to participate as well. Drawings not selected for the book will, as far as possible, be shown at the exhibitions and festivals.


Do you know a child who would like to draw what a friend does and write a few words about the picture he/she has drawn?


It can be a wonderful way to begin a discussion of friends and friendship.For more information regarding submissions, see Echo 2012


Need help with registering or uploading photos? Under the Help menu on the Echo 2012 site, you’ll find guidance on how to add your own work. You can also send an e-mail to [email protected] for further information.

Source: Press Release from Bombadil Publishing

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