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What can you do if a friend blocks you on social media?

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If a friend blocks you on social media, it feels as if a door has been slammed in your face.


Dear Irene,

I have a friend who is caring, cautious and smart. Three days ago we talked with each other and had fun but suddenly she shut me off her from her life.

I don’t know whether it is love or friendship but I have feelings for her and it has left an impact over my mind that I do not have a peace of mind. I tried to contact her again but blocked me on social media. I don’t understand why? Can you help me out?

Signed, Pablo


Hi Pablo,

When someone blocks you on social media, it feels as if a door has been slammed in your face. Understandably, it’s very upsetting because it’s sudden, unilateral and leaves no opportunity to discuss what happened.

For whatever reason, it sounds like your friend was uncomfortable with her relationship with you. She’s told you that my blocking you.

Friendships, whether platonic or romantic, require two people who are committed to the relationship. You really don’t have any choice but to let go of this friendship and move forward.

Hope this helps.

Best, Irene

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  1. xiaoeee says:

    Embrace yourself. Let it go and move on. That person who blocked you has made a right decision. Have self-respect and respect to others, accept it, and move on. Don’t make friends with his friends, don’t talk about it with your current friends. Accept that everyone has the rights to block you and nobody cares whether you were blocked or not.

  2. Anonimus says:

    Hello all…
    Same thing happened to me.In my case there Is a friend of mine ,a really good friend.We had been talking.chatting and calling since last 8 months.But 3 weeks back she said out f the blue she wants break from everything for some days,i dont want to hurt you or anyone.She told me this and after few days she is neither on WhatsApp nor on facebook.I am pretty sure she has blocked me .Since then I have not been able to contact her ,though she said she wants to be alone for some days,but it’s about to be month.So to conclude ,I don’t know what to do…

  3. missy n says:

    Hey Pablo, I’m in the same situation. A friend of mine who has personal issues blocked me on social media for no reason. She and her husband moved back to their country last month and I can’t even ask as to why she did it 🙁 I’m heartbroken and it’s affecting my life. She gave me no warning or explanation. We were talking and suddenly she was on hold coz I got another call and there she blocked me 🙁 she’s done it before but I feel all along the way she’s been using me. After reading all the comments I think it’s best to let go of her. People like this can be toxic. Hope u feel better soon. X

    • xiaoeee says:

      There is a reason why you were blocked first of all. And you are not supposed to know it. However, letting go is a good choice, but not the only one. You should simply AVOID anything that can be associated with. At best, try to avoid making friends altogether. Because who knows? Toxic people are everywhere.

  4. vhi says:

    was been block by my guy friend too to all social media access. just get upset with him for disrespecting my bestfriend. was upset and i suddenly disable my fb account before i could send him bad words. after few hours, i went back to fb. he ignores me so i never send any text messages. after two days i send him a messages to make peace but he block me for 3 weeks. after 3 weeks he unblock me to viber and i make an effort to communicate with him. he reply back but after few days he stop replying on me anymore. i decided to delete my viber so i can stop myself disturbing him. by the way im still block on his fb messenger which is good. now start to move on even he become one of the important person in my life and i truly love him more than a friend now.i believe in love but if love is not right, that love cannot be yours no matter how you give an effort into it.

  5. Maria says:

    Yesterday I did exactly what this girl did to you, I blocked a male friend 2 days after having an amazing evening together where he was “hinting” his interest in something more…or at least as me and my friends saw it. (I mean buying me a drink I haven’t asked for, showing up to social (on other part of the city) where he knew noone apart from me and long conversations.

    The reason was simple: I have a crush on him, where as he was just being “friendly” and not asking me on an official date.

    Plus one of my friends saw him approaching another girl recently in a friendly manner, as he did a month back with me and together with his long response times to my messages (up to a day) while beeing online regularly.

    This made me feel like he was stringing me along as a back up choice.

    i don’t know your situation but this might help 🙂

  6. Anonymous says:

    Well it feels very sad and crappy at the beginning. It doesn’t get better in any way. You should just forget it and move on with your life. I know this because I have been blocked multiple times so far by my very close friends. They know me well and respected my opinions but still it didn’t matter for them much to block me. The worst part is I wasnt even told why and I’ve never met them again. You feel like you’ve been shunned. Just forget it and move on because you have to live for yourself.

  7. Bria says:

    My name is Bria. I came to you because I need help in getting back my soulmate, Chris. The reason I know he’s my soulmate, even though he’s 4 years younger than I am, is because I’ve never connected with anyone the way I connect with him. His family goes to my same lakeplace annually, but we live in two different states. He lives in California and I live in Washington . Throughout a series of 2 years, we have maintained a Social media friendship. We had a wonderful time together at the lake this past July(he’s not my ex or anything , but we’ve always had something). However after the lake ,(and even before it) i would text him and he would never want to talk, and that he was cutting all messages.I asked him why and he said because he thinks our friendship faded after the lake. I guess he got annoyed because after that I would text him weekly, trying to start a conversation . He would be rude and hostile in return, and comment rude things on one of my posts. I told his mom, who I’m very close with to please explain why her son doesn’t want to talk to me and she told me it was because he’s feeling “overwhelmed”, which I knew was just a cover for the real reason. Which I didn’t know that reason until he actually blocked me out of the blue. He thought I was apparently “annoying” according to a friend of his. I deep down knew this from the start but honestly I WASNT being THAT annoying. I just wanted to have a conversation with a close friend. I can tell you I’ve been absolutely MISERABLE for the past two weeks. I would literally do ANYTHING and I mean anything to get him to unblock me and talk to me again. He will always be special to me and I can’t lose him forever.

  8. Chris says:

    Last week I had a female friend/coworker block me on facebook and twitter. I guess you can say that we were pretty good friends at work. We rarely spoke outside of work and never hung out. We joked around a lot and were there for each other when some sad things happened to us. I don’t know what I did to get blocked. I will never get an answer. It hurts me what she did because she was like a sister to me.

  9. kat says:

    well i had just met my neighbors daughter and we had something in common which was playinng volleyball so i played vball with her once and i waited a few weeks so i asked my friend alyssa if she knew them and she did a little so i followed her on social media and she accepted and so dm her and told her who i was and kept giving her my # and dm her so she could text me so i kept bothering her and spamming her bc all she did was read all them even if she said shes busy she still read all them but one night i looked and she blocked me WHAT DO I DO:,( i feel like she hates me i want to apoligize but she blocked me so i cant text her help me

  10. Zac says:

    Exactly the same happened to me, we are work colleagues that have known each other for 6 years. The most awful thing about this we are both in a relationship with different people so is it wrong to say we had feelings for each other?? Well Only this year we started talking and even exchanged numbers due to work purpose.out of the blue she said that she wished we was both single, I laughed and said the same in return .weeks gone by and the texts became more frequent and we both was getting closer after us really expressing our feelings she blocked me with no reason. I must say I felt sick confused so hurt and emotional yes I know it’s wron to even text because of the situation but regardless we still was close for a work friendship & now I’ve lost both because she’s blocked me any reason plzz give me some advice thank you .

    • Denise says:

      Work colleagues in different relationships who “joke” about being single, then begin texting a lot and then one abruptly stops? First thing I see is that she got nervous very fast, panicked and blocked you. Nervous she’d go too far. Not sure what to do, so just block. Or afraid of the other guy she’s with. Hope she tells you why.

      • Zac says:

        Thanks a lot for making sense to me, from the outside its kind of difficult and nice to see other opinions. Hopefully i can get the opportunity to talk to her to really see, I was just about to send her a text message or email and ask but something is holding me back.Do you think i should wait and speak directly.

        • Denise says:

          Yes, if you can speak directly that would be great. The best would be alone when you’re sure she won’t say, Oh I’m in a hurry or too busy. to avoid talking. Even if she wants to talk hopefully you know her well enough to know she’s telling the truth. Guess the best chance of making her comfortable is to say, Please tell me the truth no matter what it is. Then be ready for it.

          I bet it would be easier to admit there’s a problem with your mutual feelings for each other than to explain there’s trouble with the guy she’s with if he makes her nervous or afraid, something like that.

          • Zac says:

            Thanks again Denise so greatful for your message it put my mind at ease.Well i haven’t seen or sent her a message asking why she blocked and not speaking to me, it’s been 2 weeks since we last spoken & out of the blue she unblocked me yesterday.so unsure what’s going around in her head at the moment why she done that in the beginning when we was so close.I will end up talking at some point but when is an other thing I’m not sure if I should message in case she reject’s me that’s would hurt even more.

            • Denise says:

              Yeah, that sudden un-blocking is weird. Hope you find out the truth soon. If it takes to long to get an answer, she might “not remember” what happened or play it off like it was no big deal.

              When I’ve had mysterious behavior from people and never knew what happened, time, and maybe distance, took care of the discomfort for me. Eventually it just won’t worry you anymore because you moved on. Good luck!

  11. nat says:

    same thing happened to me we used to talk everyday but one day he blocked me from literally everywhere. when I tried to ask him why via message he blocked me there too. I still dont know where I went wrong or what did I do. Its seriously so hard to move on when your mind keeps drifting back to where I might have gone wrong 🙁

    • Alexis says:

      Same with me my fiend on Facebook blocked because I just kept texting her on how to make a video on youtube.

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      • Vimukthi Herath says:

        lol the same thing happened to me just now… got blocked on Insta… Its like a shock for me.. she was a very good friend… and then baam!! Im a guy

        • xiaoeee says:

          People. Unfortunately you should simply avoid socializing altogether if you don’t want to get blocked by other people. Otherwise let things go and move on. Also, it would be wise to simply accept, that nobody is going to be your good friend. Embrace and respect yourself and others.

  12. Hmmmm says:

    “I have a friend who is caring, cautious and smart”

    Pablo, Judging by her childish blocking of you on social media, she is not caring at all, if she was smart she would have given you reasons or at least told you that she doesn’t want you to contact her anymore.

    It’s possible that she picked up on it that you had feelings with her but didn’t know how to deal with it and chose to act in an immature way instead.

    Anyway you don’t need her so just move on and every time you think of her give yourself a hard pinch and say to yourself that you are an unwelcome thought and have no business here.

  13. Denise says:


    Sorry for your pain and confusion. Silence can be more painful than words. If you yourself are not sure whether you feel friendship or romance, she probably doesn’t realize that either. Could someone have said something untrue about you to her and she would rather block and hide rather than ask you? Try to ask her in person if you see her. It’s easier to hide feelings through typing than talking with someone in person. Sudden changes in interaction are suspicious to me and when it’s happened to me and I KNOW I haven’t done anything wrong, then this is a reflection on them and I can move on more quickly.

    When I’m especially interested in a friendship/relationship, I really pay attention to body language and tone of voice because these are more difficult to control and fake than words are. I hope if she is not honest with you or refuses to communicate that you will move on and find a caring person.

  14. tanja says:

    Hi Pablo, That sucks!

    This will happen again I am sure. I do not think it is really nice. There is certain facebook etiquette, but when that happens and it has happened to me, there is nothing you can do but live your life and focus on other things.

  15. josh says:

    It hurts to be blocked and makes you wonder why!!! What did I do wrong? Perhaps maybe you were to pushy and clingy,Women hate that,It’s better to just let the romance happen and feelings erupt don’t push yourself upon her,Or else maybe she has a jealous boyfriend she’s not telling you about?

  16. janie says:

    I am so sorry about your loss, Pablo. I had the same happen about a year ago. Talked every day, but I didn’t know if there were feelings on his side. I assumed we were friends, but when he began dating, he blocked me. It’s so hard when you don’t have that closure you need. I personally think blocking people in this situation is childish, & wrong. She should definitely have talked to you instead of walking away, but I’m sure somewhere in her mind, she’s done the right thing. Easier said than done, but try your best to move on, & in time, the pain she’s caused will go away.

    • Denise says:


      Just want to say that sounds painful when, after talking to someone daily, he blocks you because he’s dating! Your friendship with him shouldn’t end because he’s dating. It IS possible to have both. Can you ask him about it in person?

  17. Maddie says:

    Pablo, she does not have romantic feelings for you and wants to be left alone. Respect that or you cross a line.

  18. Lucy says:

    Sounds like she doesn’t want to be romantically involved. If someone blocks you, it is their decision and it needs to be respected. They don’t even owe you an explanation. No means no. I personally have grown to dislike social media. The world was better off without it.

  19. Amy F says:

    Hey Pablo. It’s hard when you have romantic feelings for a friend, and sometimes quite obvious even if the words aren’t spoken. It’s also hard to be on the receiving end of those feelings.

    The only thing you can do is respect her boundaries. Continuing to try to contact her would be disrespectful and creepy. It’s possible she just needed space. I have a friend who disconnects from social media for a few days or weeks when life is stressful. If I didn’t know her as well as I do, I might think I was blocked, but since we connected in other ways during those times, I know I wasn’t.

    I’m sorry you’re in pain.

  20. Florence says:

    Sorry Pablo it happend that way,I’m sure your friend is trying to hide something from you but still the step she has taken is not good,I know you have felt bad but please be yourself & go on with your life,you will find a better friend.Cheer up!!

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