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By Dr. Andrea Bonior

October 15, 2009


Dr. Andrea Bonior dives into the world of psychology

"It seems that the vast majority of relationship books for young women have to do with finding a man, keeping a man, dumping a man, or getting over a man (might there even be some about embalming a man?)

In my experience, though, it is platonic relationships that can often pack just as much of an emotional punch. The drama of these relationships, and their occasional crashings-and-burnings, can be central to people’s lives, and yet it’s rarely given much attention. Friendship drama – with a helping of Facebook and hookup drama – serves as the topic of my own book due out next year. But you don’t have to wait that long.

Newly released by the psychologist Dr. Irene Levine, "Best Friends Forever: Surviving a Breakup With Your Best Friend" focuses on this "other" type of breakup process. It skillfully walks someone through the process of a friendship breakup, with all the heartache that it can entail. And it shatters the myths that can sometimes condemn women to being their own worst enemies, via unrealistic expectations. Specifically, Levine argues that most close friendships, despite their inherent value, aren’t really meant to last forever.

Looks like ‘BFF’s’ aren’t so universal after all."

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