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Vive: Using technology to connect with real people

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Vive, a video chat community

Vive, a video chat community

Vive is a free, new video chat community helps people connect with others.


Social media have enabled us to be more ‘social’ than ever before to: exchange photos and videos; share views and opinions with others; and talk about ourselves. But despite all the time people spend on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, many are left wondering whether all the virtual contact they have is real.

Are the people they connect with online really friends? Is it meaningful to have a large number of online “friends”? Does it help allay feelings of loneliness and fulfill the urge to truly connect with others?

While social media offer a window into peoples’ lives, it is only the polished image they want others to see. Most people tend to post aphorisms, pictures of babies and pets, gossip about celebrities, and brief snippets about where they’ve gone or what they’ve done. They are far less likely to use this technology to begin friendships or admit to their flaws and vulnerabilities.

What is vive?

Unfortunately, many people wind up using their smart phones and tablets as a substitute for real connections. But these same devices have the potential to help people connect with others in a way that enriches their lives.

Vive a relatively new, mobile app—has created a platform that enables people to use their smart phones or tablets to find and connect with real people around the world. By downloading the app on one of these devices, users of the service can find individuals who share their interests and talk to them via a live video feed. The free app allows them to see and hear the person on the other end of the device in real time. It is not a dating service; rather, it is intended to foster platonic connections.

How vive works:

Once someone downloads the app from the iTunes store, they’re asked to log in via Facebook and describe themselves to build a simple personal profile. Logging in with Facebook allows the app and other users to know someone’s age and sex, and where they come from. The profile allows them to sign up and let others users on the app know their interests and what they would like to talk about.

All interactions only take place within the app and users can only contact each other through vive. The vive community team reviews all profile applications and approves them to ensure that users are joining in a way that is consistent with the spirit of the app. Then, once someone’s profile has been approved, the user is free to chat with other members of the community of people who have also opted to use vive. In order to chat, both people have to be online at the same time.

There’s no doubt that the world is full of interesting people living different lives in completely different places. vive offers a unique opportunity for people to be themselves, talk to people who want to listen, and share and learn things from one another. It could be to learn or teach a new skill, to learn about another part of the world, or to talk about issues that concern them. It could change your point of view.

Want to give it a try? Download vive for free by clicking here and start making meaningful connections.



If you have any questions or comments about using vive, e-mail [email protected]/

For general information about protecting online safety, read this information from the Federal Trade Commission.

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