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Valentine’s Day 2015: Not Just for Lovers

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Valentine's Day 2015

Valentine’s Day 2015

My wish to you on Valentine’s Day 2015

The first handmade Valentine’s Day cards in the 1800s weren’t intended only for lovers. They also celebrated affection between friends and relatives.

A woman named Esther Howland, one of the pioneers of the greeting card industry in the U.S., was charmed by an ornate English Valentine she received from a friend. So she began a business of importing lace and floral decorations from England and turned them into fancy Valentine cards.

In 1850, she advertised them in the Worcester, Massachusetts newspaper, The Daily Spy. Her business grew so quickly that she had to enlist friends in an assembly-line operation to meet the demand. Her sales are reported to have exceeded $100,000, a handy sum at the time for a female entrepreneur.

On February 14th, people in Finland celebrate Ystävänpäivä, which is translated as Friend’s Day. In Mexico, it is called the Día del amor y la amistad, the day of love and friendship.

Admittedly, the day has been over-commercialized in the U.S. but it still remains a fitting time to express love and appreciation, in whatever way we choose, to the  important people in our lives—which, of course, includes our friends.

I want to personally thank everyone who visits this blog to better understand and work out the kinks that invariably occur in friendships, and also those who give of their heart with advice and support.

Happy Valentine’s Day 2015!

This post, an update to one that appeared on the blog in 2009, is dedicated to my Dad who died on Valentine’s Day 2006.

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  1. Ang says:

    Happy B-lated Valentine’s Day Irene! I hope you had a great one! This site is wonderful, thanks!

  2. jacqueline says:

    Belated happy valentine’s day to Irene and everyone else who comes here!
    Thank-you for all you do to help so many! xox

  3. Amy F says:

    PS- I hope the anniversary brings you warm, loving memories.

    • Lauren says:

      Happy Valentine’s Day to Irene and to all of the others on this great, helpful and inspiring blog. Happy Valentine’s day also to Maddie, Lottie, Amy, Grace, hanna, Julie, Julie Baxter and everyone else. Many minds working together to help and encourage others.

      Thanks, Irene for this wonderful blog which helps, heals, encourages and inspires so many. Thank you again.

  4. Amy F says:

    A bunch if my single friends are going to see 50 Shades (i declined).
    I’m kicking back with Kindle and my kitties.
    Can we expect food pictures/article from where you’re going to dinner tonight, Irene?

  5. Carol says:

    Hello Irene:

    It always takes a creative and caring person to start something that will bring ideas and comfort to bring hope into our lives. In the realm of hearts and souls, you are that woman with imagination and courage. So many of us use the blog as a voice in our world where we can sometimes insignificant. Like you, each one of us can do something to help others reach for the courage they need to keep creating a life they truly want to live. I recently started watching “The Bletchley Circle,” the story of a group of women during WWI and their friendship built on their love for each other and helping to solve crimes against women long before the “feminist” movement. At one time I was part of such a group in the midwest. Being part of that group educated me as to how, if we join arms, can help other women to grow in self-esteem and strength to know ourselves. You Irene, by the creation of this blog, give such hope and education to all of us; thank you for being such a far-seeing woman with a wonderful heart on this Valentine’s Day!

    Much love, Carol

  6. Sandra says:

    Happy Valentine’s Day, Dr. Irene! You’re a great friend to many!

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