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On YouTube: Using Google to find old friends

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An inspiring video advertisement shows how Google Search can be used to find old friends.

Ever wonder about an old friend that was special in your life?

I happened to find this terrific video produced by Google India that was actually developed to inspire travel. Yes, Google is in the travel business too.

But there’s an old adage that says, “You are where you sit.”

Perhaps that explains why I thought it was even more powerful in conveying how the search engine can be used to rekindle old friendships from the past.

Here’s the backstory from Google:

Partitions divide countries, friendships find a way. The India-Pakistan partition in 1947 separated many friends and families overnight. A granddaughter in India decides to surprise her grandfather on his birthday by reuniting him with his childhood friend (who is now in Pakistan) after over 6 decades of separation, with a little help from Google Search.

Take a peek at the YouTube video:

Have you ever had success in tracking down an old friend who was important in your life?

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