USA Today: It doesn’t take a time machine to try again

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By Kim Painter


Groundhog Day used to be about a rodent and a forecast. Then a certain 1993 movie turned it into the ultimate do-over day – a day that repeats over and over until Bill Murray’s character gets it just right. In that spirit, here are five ways to make like that reformed weatherman and get a fresh start in February, or any time…


Rekindle a friendship gone sour

If you are even partly at fault, make a call, write a letter or send an e-mail to apologize. But let your old friend know you understand if she needs time to respond, advises Irene Levine, a psychologist in New York who writes If the exchange goes well, make a concrete gesture: Send flowers or treat her to lunch. Even long-estranged friends do sometimes reunite, Levine says. She did it a decade after she lost a friend in a made-for-Hollywood misunderstanding: "She booked her wedding on the same day as mine, but years later, it didn’t seem like such a big deal."


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