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The Traveling Journal Talks to The Friendship Doctor about Long-Distance Friendships

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The wonderful women/friends of The Traveling Journal interviewed The Friendship Doctor about the challenges of keeping long-distance friendships intact.

TTJ: Do you have any long distance friendships? If so, how do you stay connected to them?

Dr. Levine: Living and working in the Washington DC area for more than 15 years, I forged many close
bonds there with friends who now live 250 miles away from me.

I learned that long-distance moves are disruptive to friendships in more ways than one. Not only do you have to
contend with the logistical challenges posed by distance (the time and cost of travel) but your life circumstances
change dramatically with a move as well. In my case, I became immersed in a new job and new community, with new colleagues and neighbors—and there was never enough time to keep up with old friends.

Some friendships simply drifted apart while others remained “stuck” like Krazy Glue. I like to think that the distance separated the more important friendships from the ones that were really just hanging on by a thread or that were more casual acquaintance based on convenience.

My close friends and I do whatever it takes to stay connected. Email, cell phone calls, text messages, notes, cards and small gifts cement the friendship in-between the times when we get to be together..


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