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Top ten friendship posts of 2010

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Like me, are you curious about the types of friendship information/advice readers searched for here during the last year? These were the 10 most widely-read posts of this year:


1-  Needy Friend: A Friend Indeed?

2-  Achieving Closure After Being Dumped at Work

3 – Making Friends at 60: I Don’t Want To Die Alone

4 – Five Ways to Unload a Toxic Friend

5 – Saying No to Friends: An Interview with Dr. Susan Newman

6 – Why Are Women So Mean to Each Other?

7 – The Awkwardness of Defriending

8 – Thoughts on Being Defriended

9 – How to Handle a Facebook Frenemy

10 – My Friend Suddenly Shut Me Out of Her Life


Thanks so much for reading this blog and my book, Best Friends Forever: Surviving a Breakup with Your Best Friend, and for sharing your own friendship stories with me and other readers. I hope this dialogue has made all of us better friends.


If there is some topic you would like to have discussed or questions you have about your own relationship dilemmas, don’t hesitate to use the contact form or post your thoughts here.


Warm regards and best wishes for the New Year,

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  1. Irene says:

    I will try to address your comments in a blog post in the near future! Thanks so much for your very thoughtful post and for reading my blog.




  2. Lovette says:

    I Was Raised From Ole School I Believe That Ole School Friendships Was More Meaniful. Those Womens Valued Their Time That They spent together. ‘N They Valued What Friends Was All about. it Wasn’t about jealousy, Who Had What, ‘N Who Was Doing What. Ole School Friendships Was indeed Geniune When Somebody Called U friend They at Least “MEANT IT”. Today it’s All about MESS ‘N BULLST SADLY. Women Could Stand Some Improvement Get Better ‘N Get Some Spiritual Healing. Some Womens Need To Learn How To Be a Friend To Themself First ‘N Foremost.

  3. Christina says:

    Hi Irene,

    Reading through your 2010 Top Ten list, and some of the posts and questions from readers that have appeared on your blog over the years, it makes me wonder about two things:

    1. Why do friendships have to be so darn complicated?

    2. Whatever happened to the “fun” that is supposed to be friendship?

    I guess I am asking these questions, because it seems like people set their friendship expectations way too high nowadays.

    Personally speaking, I’ve always looked at my friends as just people to hang out with — to try a new restaurant, see a movie, visit a museum, etc., while engaging in some light conversation… but sadly, I find that even something as simple as this, is too much of a friendship request for many people to fulfill!

    Instead, they seem to prefer friends that they can whine to about every issue in their life!


    Anyway… I am curious… but has the nature of women’s friendships changed in the last generation or what? Has there been any studies that have explored this sociological shift?

    If there has been a shift in women’s friendships to this more intimate style… why has this occurred? Is it a result of the breakdown that has occurred within families (specifically… a decline in relationship quality among sisters, or mothers and daughters) that has forced women to seek out more intimate friendships as a subsitute?

    I am just wondering about all of this… because my aunts and my mother’s friendships were more casual in nature — where women played bridge and talked about recipes or other light conversational topics. They were NOT the style of friendships where the friends used each other (or expected each other) to act as a therapist!!


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