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Top 3 ways to get unfriended on Facebook

Published: October 15, 2010 | Last Updated: July 8, 2020 By | 7 Replies Continue Reading

A study looks at why people get unfriended on Facebook

In what claims to be the first study of its kind, Christopher Sibona, a doctoral student in the Computer Science and Information Systems program at the University of Denver looked at the reasons why people get unfriended on Facebook.

Sibona’s survey (conducted on Twitter) of more than 1500 Facebook users found that the top three reasons for unfriending were:

1) frequent unimportant posts,
2) polarizing posts (e.g. bringing up religion or politics)
3) inappropriate posts (e.g crude or racial comments).

The study suggests too, that people get unfriended online for things they say or do offline. While 57 percent of those surveyed unfriend for online reasons, another 26.9 percent unfriend for offline behavior.

Sibona also asked about the impact on the Facebook friend who is unfriended. While some people just laugh it off, others are traumatized. There are a wide variety of reactions depending on who did the unfriending and why,” says Sibona.

What are the reasons why you might unfriend a Facebook friend?

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  1. josh says:

    People constantly craving attention e.g posting a status every hour, people posting depressing statuses FML etc,People posting photos of their dinner, Constant pics of their kids or their dogs and selfies,Racist and religious freaks,That’s the reasons I unfriend,I don’t like to unfriend but if it’s happening way to often and I’m not that close to the person well then they get unfriended!

  2. Elinor says:

    I must admit I have defriended people online. sadly it is often people who continually post extreme political views which I find offensive. I had a friend who did this and when I explained that I found it upsetting she just said it was her right to free speech. Which is true but obviously that was more important to her than how I felt. She is a member of the Scottish Nationalists and I am English so it is a very fraught area. I also defriended my ex boss who I did not feel I ever got on with personally and regarded purely as a colleague. However, she was very hurt by this so I felt bad as obviously she felt we were closer than that. I also have an ex friend who I defriended when she no longer spoke to me, but she keeps all her ex friends on facebook, i suspect so she looks more popular, or is that harsh? I have several good friends she has fallen out with and still has on facebook!

  3. Gemma says:

    I graduated high school in 2007, and this was a time when not everyone I knew used facebook. I think mostly due to finishing high school and wanting to ‘keep in touch’, it was the thing to do to add everyone in the grade to your friends list.
    Nearing 2011, we’re WAY past the deadline to add people simply because they went to your high school’- A different reason for de-friending is: You realise you were never on speaking-terms with a lot of these people, and you probably never will be! And you’re not really that interested in them! It’s not that there’s animosity or a breakdown in the friendship- there just never was one.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I’ve also a blogged my dissatisfaction with FB, Twitter, etc. — in a post called “Twitter Terrified.” I like to communicate with my few, good friends deeply and at length. On FB feel like I’m in a high school cafeteria or crowded elevator, listening to inane conversations I’d rather tune out.

    FB was designed by a 19-year old — a time in life when it’s normal to have surface relationships with lots of people. Small talk reigns on FB, and that’s not what I’m about.

    I’m a writer but don’t post some my pieces on FB, because I know my opinions may offend some old friends.

  5. anonynous says:

    The only time I have unfriended anyone has been when
    I felt like they “unfriended” me in real life, (betrayed me in some way)
    I have many friends who differ with me politically, my education
    was laden with political science classes, some of them were my
    Professors. If their posts get particularly rabid (for lack or a better word, sorry)
    I just ” hide” them for a while. They are still my friends, even if
    We differ in opinions.

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