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The Unexpected Gift

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An unexpected gift from a friend can lift spirits and make a rainy day seem sunny.

It wasn’t my birthday or any other day celebrated by Hallmark people.  It was just an ordinary rainy day when a small beautifully wrapped packaged appeared in my mailbox to make the day stand out from the rest.

I found inside a pretty ceramic plaque with purple and pink painted letters that read “Best Friends bring sunshine to each day,’” along with a hand-written note. (I thought of hanging it above my desk but my desk is in the middle of the room so I quickly regrouped—finding a proper place over the kitchen sink.}

I’m a friendship author, friendship scholar, and friendship expert but ironically, like too many busy women I know I never seem to have enough time for my own friendships, to be the friend I want to be.

Anyway, good friends have a gift for knowing what to say and what to do at just the right time. Good friends quietly bestow the unexpected gift without asking—on a rainy day when it is most needed.

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  1. Irene says:

    Hi Denise:
    Thanks for posting.
    Sounds like your friend is so lucky to have a friend like you—there are times when every woman wants to be mothered.
    Now pperhaps you can help her find a better dentist 🙂
    Denise, I truly hope that we can build our friendship over time. I am so happy I’ve met you!
    My best,

  2. Denise Reynolds says:


    I loved this post. It’s true how friends often know what friends need most.

    It’s rainy in Florida today, too. Around noon today I got a call from a girlfriend, complaining about a botched dental procedure. I insisted she come over and allow me to give her some homemade chicken soup to warm away her blues. As she stepped inside my front door, I gave her a big hug and whispered into her ear, “Come sit down and let me be your mommy for a while.” (Her mommy has been gone for years.) She fell into my arms and said, “You always know just what I need, and you’re always there to give it to me—just when I need it.”

    By the time we finished our bowls of soup, she was laughing and had a renewed sense of optimism about her dental challenge. Most importantly, she felt nurtured and loved.

    That’s when I broke out the chocolate =)

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