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Guest Post: The Woman Who Couldn’t Stop Talking About Herself

Published: May 10, 2014 | Last Updated: February 22, 2021 By | 38 Replies Continue Reading

Gifted conversationalists — and real friends — know exactly when it’s time to shut up and listen.

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5 strategies for handling friends who talk too much

Published: March 3, 2013 | Last Updated: July 14, 2013 By | 2 Replies Continue Reading

It’s important to set boundaries with friends who talk too much.

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5 Tips for handling a friend who talks incessantly

Published: July 17, 2010 | Last Updated: March 3, 2013 By | 15 Replies Continue Reading

Have you ever sat down for lunch with a friend who talks non-stop—without giving you the slightest chance to get a word in edgewise? You begin to feel like you turned on a TV set, helplessly trying to interact with a very boring re-run.

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