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Why Sarah Jessica Parker is jealous of Carrie Bradshaw

Published: December 30, 2009 | Last Updated: April 29, 2022 By | 1 Reply Continue Reading

I have to admit that each time I watch a re-run of Sex and The City, I’m jealous of Carrie Bradshaw’s friendships. The foxy quartet seems to have infinite time and opportunity to sit, talk, and laugh.   For me, carving out time to meet a friend for a leisurely lunch feels like a guilty […]

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Caution: Frenemies Can Be Bad For Your Health

Published: July 10, 2009 | Last Updated: November 25, 2021 By | 9 Replies Continue Reading
Caution: Frenemies Can Be Bad For Your Health

Being with frenemies has been associated with elevations in blood pressure.

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Graduating? Give yourself the gift that keeps on giving

Published: June 7, 2008 | Last Updated: June 8, 2008 By | Reply Continue Reading

If you haven’t yet realized it, graduation from high school or college can be a friendship-killer. When you are no longer living side-by-side or seeing each other every day, it will never be quite as easy to keep up once-close female friendships or to make new ones. With more than $55 million in domestic box […]

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My Girl’s Night Out in Phoenix: Beschert

Published: May 31, 2008 | Last Updated: April 2, 2016 By | Reply Continue Reading

Last night I was in Phoenix on business when I stopped by the Biltmore Fashion Park to pick up a gift for a friend. As I approached the mall, swarms of women with swag bags walked past by me—many of them with pink Cosmos in hand. In an instant, I realized what I had tripped […]

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Reader Q & A: Sex and the City is Coming: No gal pal to go with!

Published: May 28, 2008 | Last Updated: April 30, 2022 By | 2 Replies Continue Reading

QUESTION: Dear Irene: I love your blog (well, love it AND hate it, because I see myself in too many of these posts!). You concentrate on “fractured friendships” and right now I’m feeling low because the Sex and the City movie is about to appear in theaters…my favorite series, and I have no gal pal […]

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Sex: The Ultimate GNO is Coming to Your Neighborhood

Published: May 23, 2008 | Last Updated: April 2, 2016 By | Reply Continue Reading

What will you be doing when Sex and The City (SATC) hits the theatres on Friday, May 30th? If you are female and haven’t thought about getting together with friends, you must be living in a cave. The trailers and marketing blitz have reached a feverish pitch. On that evening (and the weeks and months […]

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Lipstick Jungle: Tres Amigas or BFFs?

Published: February 8, 2008 | Last Updated: May 17, 2020 By | Reply Continue Reading

The long-hyped premiere of Lipstick Jungle is scheduled for 10PM EST tonight on NBC. Following on the heels of Sex and the City by the same writer (Candace Bushnell), the show is described as a tale of three female friends in NYC who are a little older, wiser, wealthier and successful than the Sex and […]

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