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How Do I Deal WIth A Pushy Person?

March 10, 2021 | By | 9 Replies Continue Reading
How Do I Deal WIth A Pushy Person?

How do you deal with a pushy person? Two women met in a workshop but one wants more of a friendship than does the other.

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Ditched by an ex-friend at my condo

July 2, 2016 | By | 9 Replies Continue Reading

A woman ditched by a neighbor, who once was a friend, feels devastated.

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Toxic friendship: A friend who saps your energy

January 23, 2016 | By | 16 Replies Continue Reading

If a friend consistently saps your energy and leaves you feeling drained, it is a one-sided friendship.

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Lopsided Friendship: Friends won’t come to her house

January 16, 2016 | By | 13 Replies Continue Reading

A single woman is unsettled that her married friends never make it to her house to visit.

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Reader Wisdom: On giving up one-sided friendships

June 19, 2015 | By | 43 Replies Continue Reading

An anonymous poster offers advice on giving up on one-sided friendships.

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When you have no other friends

April 8, 2015 | By | 34 Replies Continue Reading

When someone has no other friends, she may put up with more than she should for fear of losing the friendship.

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Friendship: On asking for support

January 19, 2015 | By | 8 Replies Continue Reading

Six questions to ask yourself when you are asking for support and don’t get it.

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Seeing my friend for the first time after a one-sided breakup

September 20, 2014 | By | 15 Replies Continue Reading

The closer you were, the more difficult it is to see an ex-friend for the first time after a breakup.

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When no response is a response

January 5, 2014 | By | 10 Replies Continue Reading

Although it can be painful and disappointing, when there’s no response from a friend, you may simply need to let go.

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Can you remain friends after you’re been jilted?

January 4, 2014 | By | 5 Replies Continue Reading

A woman “falls hard” for her friend and is suddenly replaced by someone else.

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