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Work spouses: An Interview with Dr. Jacqueline Olds

Published: December 16, 2010 | Last Updated: December 17, 2010 By | Reply Continue Reading

With more women entering the workplace, it’s not surprising that many develop extraordinarily close ties with colleagues, both male and female. To learn more about these relationships, I spoke to psychiatrist Dr. Jacqueline Olds. Irene: What is a work spouse? Dr. Olds: A work spouse a person at work with whom you have a special […]

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Friends at Work: Turns into a Workplace Nightmare

Published: January 20, 2010 | Last Updated: March 31, 2022 By | 2 Replies Continue Reading

They were friends at work and now she is reporting the friendship to HR; a man asks what he did wrong and how to move forward.

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Friends, Lovers or ‘Friends with Benefits’?

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What’s a little sex between friends? A more common scenario than you might think. Two researchers, Melissa A. Bisson of Wayne State and Timothy R. Levine of Michigan State University (MSU), studied Friends with Benefits (FWBs)—couples who have sexual relations within the context of a casual friendship…   Sixty percent of the MSU research participants […]

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