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Apologizing after the wrong words slip out of your mouth

August 31, 2014 | By | 21 Replies Continue Reading

A woman makes a flippant remark to a friend. The wrong words slip out, she realizes she’s made a mistake and apologizes. What more can she do?

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My friend was drunk and had sex on my couch

June 3, 2014 | By | 2 Replies Continue Reading

If her friend was drunk and disappointed her, should she forgive her? The answer isn’t clear-cut.

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Should a friend always forgive?

May 14, 2014 | By | 14 Replies Continue Reading

When it comes to a long-term friendship, there may be more reason to forgive.

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How to end a friendship after growing apart

It’s always hard to end a friendship, especially one with a friend that you have known for many years. Unfortunately, there are no easy answers.

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Regretting the loss of a 20-year friendship

June 13, 2012 | By | 4 Replies Continue Reading

While it’s sad to let go of a 20-year friendship, it isn’t necessarily a reason for regret.

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Self-centered friends: Better in small doses

You might only be able to take a self-centered person in small doses.

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Great Friendship Stories: The Doria-Dentes from Brooklyn

Margaret Doria and Anita Dente have taught at the same two Catholic high schools in Brooklyn, at the same time, for 45 years. At first blush, they seem like the proverbial "odd couple"—an Oscar and Felix with different styles and views of the world. A collegial relationship at first developed into an extraordinary friendship. Fast […]

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My best friend is too demanding

September 22, 2010 | By | 5 Replies Continue Reading

QUESTION Dear Irene, My best friend has become overly dependent on me. She’s been living in another state for the last few years but we see each other, on average, once every three months and talk multiple times a day, via phone, text and AIM.   I live with my fiancé (newly engaged) and even […]

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A final friendship disappointment

November 16, 2009 | By | Reply Continue Reading

QUESTION Dear Irene, My friend has been going through marriage problems ever since I’ve known her (13 years now). I have been there for her when she needed someone to talk to. When the problems got too big to deal with, I suggested counseling since I didn’t want their marriage problems to affect the friendship […]

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