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My texting friendship seems to be off-track

Published: August 13, 2014 | By | 3 Replies Continue Reading

What do you do when a texting friendship seems to be one-sided?

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Ending A One-Sided Friendship

Published: November 12, 2010 | Last Updated: January 18, 2024 By | 13 Replies Continue Reading

A reader asks about ending a one-sided friendship that has become draining and annoying. Hints haven’t helped.

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Friends in the Digital Playground

Published: August 24, 2007 | Last Updated: April 2, 2016 By | Reply Continue Reading

There is a lot to learn about friendships from what has been called the "largest-ever global survey" of how kids interact with digital technology. MTV and Nickelodeon, in association with Microsoft Digital Advertising Solutions, used both quantitative and qualitative methodologies to talk to 18,000 “tech-embracing” kids (ages 8-14) and young people (14-24) in 16 countries. […]

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Making time for friends: Snail mail or email

Published: August 17, 2007 | Last Updated: April 2, 2016 By | 1 Reply Continue Reading

Now we call it “snail mail.” For those of us who were born in the slice of time after telephones and fax machines—and before email, IMs, and text messages—writing a letter was a common way to stay in touch with family and friends across the miles… My father sent my mother regular love letters while […]

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