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Friendship by the Book: Giveaway and Q & A with Gail Caldwell

Published: September 25, 2010 | Last Updated: October 17, 2020 By | 5 Replies Continue Reading

Pulitzer Prize-winning author Gail Caldwell’s beautiful book, Let’s Take the Long Way Home: A Memoir of Friendship (Random House, 2010), breaks new ground in allowing readers to understand the depths of a close female friendship and the pain associated with a sudden and untimely loss.

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Friendship by the Book: Your So-Called Life

Published: September 14, 2010 | Last Updated: November 30, 2020 By | 12 Replies Continue Reading

Released today, Your So-Called Life: A Guide to Boys, Body Issues and Other Big-Girl Drama You Thought You Would Have Figured Out By Now (Harper, 2010) is a self-described guide for thirty-somethings. This is a phase of life when friendships are in flux as women mate, marry and mother—so this time, the authors who previously […]

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Friendship by the Book: Molly Fox’s Birthday

Published: August 9, 2010 | Last Updated: February 3, 2021 By | 6 Replies Continue Reading

Deirdre Madden’s novel, Molly Fox’s Birthday, is the story of a playwright who stays overnight at the home of her 20-year friend, Molly Fox.

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Talking about friendship with NYT best-selling author Jane Green

Published: June 28, 2010 | Last Updated: October 17, 2020 By | 1 Reply Continue Reading

New York Times best-selling author Jane Green is a mother of six. Remarkably, she has written a book a year for the past 12 years. Like her other books, the newest one also focuses on the emotional lives of lives of women.

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Friendship by the Book: Making Time for Friends

Published: May 26, 2010 | Last Updated: May 6, 2021 By | 3 Replies Continue Reading

How many times have you felt that there simply aren’t enough hours in the day? Or perhaps, thought you really would like to spend more time with girlfriends but don’t have the time? If feelings like these haunt you, you’ll want to read Laura Vanderkam’s inspiring new book, 168 Hours: You Have More Time Than […]

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Friendship by the Book: Nine Rooms of Happiness BOOK GIVEAWAY

Published: March 16, 2010 | Last Updated: May 11, 2022 By | 26 Replies Continue Reading

The Nine Rooms of Happiness: Loving Yourself, Finding Your Purpose, and Getting Over Life’s Little Imperfections (Hyperion Voice, 2010) offers straightforward strategies, or “pearls” of wisdom, for resolving relationship conflicts. One gem that particularly resonated with me was: “You can’t change them. You can change yourself.” Having wasted incalculable time in my own youth trying […]

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Got circle envy? How to get the circle of friends you’ve always wanted (AND Book Giveaway!)

Published: September 18, 2009 | Last Updated: May 14, 2020 By | 1 Reply Continue Reading

GirlfriendCelebrations September 17, 2009 Do you have a circle of girlfriends, or just wish you did? For many women, having a “circle of friends” is still a dream. Irene Levine, author of Best Friends Forever: Surviving a Breakup with Your Best Friend, explores the “circle” concept and offers her expert advice on how to grow […]

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Announcing the winners of the BFF Giveaway!

Published: September 11, 2009 | Last Updated: May 14, 2020 By | Reply Continue Reading

Best Friends Forever: Surviving a Breakup with Your Best Friend has hit the bookstores before its official pub date.   Displayed (See larger image) in the collage are the three winners of the BFF Labor Day Giveaway: 1) Denise Reynolds of Fort Lauderdale, Florida who placed a copy of the book on the non-fiction bestseller […]

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BFF Labor Day Giveaway

Published: September 6, 2009 | Last Updated: September 6, 2009 By | Reply Continue Reading

Win a free copy of Best Friends Forever: Surviving a Breakup with Your Best Friend. The Rules: Go to your favorite bookstore; ask for a copy of the book. When you locate it, pick it up and display it prominently on a shelf or table. Take a picture of the book (prominently displayed) with your […]

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Just for fun: HURU HUMI Photo Contest

Published: November 20, 2008 | Last Updated: April 2, 2016 By | Reply Continue Reading

This post is about artificial friends. (No, I don’t mean the phony kind). Actually, I’m announcing my latest blog contest. These electronic toys caught my eye because they seem like the season’s perfect friendship gift for young women. When the prizes arrived, they were so cute that I was tempted to break into the tamperproof […]

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