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Women who bicker over books

Published: December 9, 2008 | Last Updated: December 9, 2008 By | 2 Replies Continue Reading

A recent article in the New York Times, Fought Over Any Good Books Lately?, by Joanne Kaufman recounted the story of a woman, named Jocelyn Bowie, who was invited to join a book club shortly after she moved back to Indiana. She had hoped she could find a sisterhood of women in the group with […]

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Facebook fast becoming a laboratory for the study of friendships

Published: December 18, 2007 | Last Updated: December 11, 2008 By | Reply Continue Reading

An article by Stephanie Rosenbloom in yesterday’s New York Times, On Facebook, Scholars Link Up with Data, explains how the popular social networking site is increasingly being used by academic researchers to study friendships. Rosenbloom quotes Nicholas Christakis, a Harvard sociology professor: “Our predecessors could only dream of the kind of data we now have.” […]

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