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How to handle an adult bully

Published: June 23, 2011 | Last Updated: November 17, 2012 By | 115 Replies Continue Reading

I cannot believe I am dealing with a female, adult, bully at age 42—but here I am. She is a neighbor who lives behind my house. My husband and I had a brief friendship with her and her husband. It was brief because they were very over-bearing and demanding.

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Why Are Women So Mean To Each Other?

Published: August 13, 2010 | Last Updated: November 10, 2021 By | 94 Replies Continue Reading

If you’ve wondered why women are so mean to each other, read Female Bullying, an article by Rachel Giese in the September 2010 issue of Flare Magazine. The piece covers the perennial, but disturbing, topic of adult women who have honed the art of what therapists have termed relational aggression. These mean girls may not fight with their fists but they can inflict terrible emotional pain on their targets.

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