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Ending a one-sided friendship: How can I get her to stop IM-ing me?

Published: November 12, 2010 | Last Updated: November 12, 2010 By | 13 Replies Continue Reading

QUESTION Hi Irene, I’m in an awkward situation with a friend and I’m at a loss about how to proceed. We’ve been friends for about 6 years. We met at a high school summer program and would see each other maybe once a year, but talk occasionally online. This friend as always been very socially […]

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Thoughts on Being Defriended

Published: September 4, 2010 | Last Updated: March 25, 2023 By | 20 Replies Continue Reading

When I was defriended on Facebook, I felt like a door had been slammed in my face.

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Junior High Redux: Bounced From A Moms Group

Published: March 18, 2009 | Last Updated: October 29, 2021 By | 3 Replies Continue Reading
Junior High Redux: Bounced From A Moms Group

Getting booted out of a Moms Group can be crushing, having an impact not only on the adult but also on the child.

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Just for Fun: How many friends would you give up for a Whopper?

Published: January 10, 2009 | Last Updated: April 2, 2016 By | 3 Replies Continue Reading

Ending friendships can be touchy, even virtual ones. That’s why Facebook users are reluctant to defriend and feel humiliated if they’re defriended. But you’ve gotta admit it. Everyone has at least a few frenemies they’re just dying to purge from their friends list: People who post too often or who only post to brag; ex-friends […]

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Getting over getting dumped

Published: January 8, 2009 | Last Updated: January 8, 2009 By | 15 Replies Continue Reading

QUESTION Dear Dr. Levine, I’m so glad I found your blog –it seems there are many resources for how to break up with friends, but very few for the friends who get dumped! Your blog addresses both sides of the issue, for which I am thankful. The first (and only) time I’ve been dumped by […]

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Reader Q &A: Should breaking up be a blame game?

Published: December 16, 2008 | Last Updated: December 16, 2008 By | 3 Replies Continue Reading

QUESTION Dear Irene:   When you break up with a female friend, is it really necessary to "give advice" about what they should do in the future, or is it better to focus on the problems within the relationship you were personally involved with?   I just got dumped by a friend who went on […]

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In the Media – The awkwardness of defriending

Published: November 26, 2008 | Last Updated: February 10, 2017 By | 2 Replies Continue Reading

David Spark interviewed me a few evenings ago on the awkwardness of social network defriending.

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Online friending and defriending patterns

Published: September 12, 2007 | Last Updated: March 26, 2016 By | Reply Continue Reading

Social networks not only make it easier to collect “friends,” they make “defriending” a breeze because it just takes one simple stroke of the keyboard.

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