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Friendship at work becomes a problem

Published: April 15, 2016 | By | 11 Replies Continue Reading

A woman feels that her friend and colleague at work is taking advantage of their friendship.

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Should I Keep Sending Christmas Greeting Cards To People Who Don’t Respond?

Published: December 9, 2015 | Last Updated: December 1, 2021 By | 23 Replies Continue Reading
Should I Keep Sending Christmas Greeting Cards To People Who Don’t Respond?

A reader wonders if she might be sending too many Christmas greeting cards since hers seem to go unacknowledged.

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When you can’t get a word in edgewise

Published: November 6, 2015 | By | 9 Replies Continue Reading

A reader asks what she can say to a friend who never lets her get a word in edgewise.

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Two friends live far away and run out of things to say

Published: October 17, 2015 | By | 6 Replies Continue Reading

Living far away can pose challenges to a friendship.

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When It’s Time To Shut Up and Listen

Published: August 1, 2015 | Last Updated: August 17, 2021 By | 12 Replies Continue Reading

“Talk to someone about themselves and they’ll listen for hours.”

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A friendship question from a reader hints at something else

Published: July 26, 2015 | By | 7 Replies Continue Reading

Sometimes little friendship problems need to be seen as hints of something bigger.

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A Facebook friendship that is out of sync

Published: July 11, 2015 | By | 11 Replies Continue Reading

A friend is frustrated by a Facebook friendship with someone who responds unpredictably.

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Can I remain friends with someone with a totally different lifestyle?

Published: June 4, 2015 | By | 15 Replies Continue Reading

A woman who lives a healthy lifestyle is frustrated by a friend who neglects her health.

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When you have no other friends

Published: April 8, 2015 | By | 34 Replies Continue Reading

When someone has no other friends, she may put up with more than she should for fear of losing the friendship.

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My flaky friend makes me feel disposable

Published: March 30, 2015 | By | 18 Replies Continue Reading

How do you handle a flaky friend who disappears on you from time to time?

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