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A young teen feels bad about her hair

Published: March 5, 2016 | By | 3 Replies Continue Reading

Sensitivity to comments about her hair may not be more than that.

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Friendships after recovering from an eating disorder

Published: August 3, 2015 | Last Updated: August 6, 2015 By | 2 Replies Continue Reading

A teen’s friend dumps her after she recovers from an eating disorder, leaving her confused about what happened.

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Fat Talk Among Friends

Published: December 7, 2011 | Last Updated: March 2, 2024 By | 1 Reply Continue Reading

by Sophia Dembling Guys know better. When the woman in their life asks, “Do I look fat?” guys respond, “Gosh, I love you more every day, honey,” or “Now would be a great time for me to start painting the kitchen, don’t you think?” or “Hey, is that a UFO up there?” Anything to avoid fat talk. Among female friends, […]

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Contending with the Food Police

Published: May 20, 2010 | Last Updated: May 21, 2010 By | 3 Replies Continue Reading

QUESTION Dear Irene, What can you say to buddies in this situation to get them off your back: You go to a restaurant. They order burgers and fries. You order a salad. They mock you and proceed with comments like "That’s not real food. Why do you always get a salad? Are you trying to […]

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Middle School Frenemies: Why Are Girls So Mean?

Published: December 4, 2009 | Last Updated: April 28, 2024 By | 1 Reply Continue Reading

Why are girls so mean, especially in middle school? If your daughter is being teased and bullied, here are some tips to help.

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