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Feeling slighted by my BFF

Published: September 5, 2016 | By | 9 Replies Continue Reading

A woman feels slighted by a close friend and wonders if she is being overly sensitive.

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In the Media – Desperately Seeking a Bestie: When #SquadGoals Get Real

Published: October 10, 2015 | Last Updated: August 15, 2021 By | 7 Replies Continue Reading
In the Media – Desperately Seeking a Bestie: When #SquadGoals Get Real

Writing in Flare Magazine, Katherine Simpson writes a tongue-in-cheek piece about her online search for a bestie (BFF).

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Not speaking: Should I wish her a happy birthday?

Published: June 15, 2015 | By | 11 Replies Continue Reading

After two friends have a disagreement, one wonders if she should still send the other birthday greetings.

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When a friend is too clingy

Published: July 19, 2014 | Last Updated: July 19, 2014 By | 8 Replies Continue Reading

A teen says her best friend ended their relationship because she was too clingy

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An Encore Post – How Being A Mother Can Sabotage Your Friendships

Published: May 13, 2012 | Last Updated: May 13, 2012 By | 5 Replies Continue Reading

Mother’s Day celebrates motherhood—as well as children, flowers, candy, and greeting cards. But there’s a seedy side to everything—and motherhood is a known friendship-killer. Motherhood can challenge female friendships for a variety of reasons: You are a mother, and your BFF isn’t one and wants to be one. Her fertility problems are making her extremely […]

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A teen asks: How can I get my friendship back?

Published: August 1, 2011 | Last Updated: August 19, 2013 By | 5 Replies Continue Reading

It’s common that teen friendships and allegiances change but it’s still painful when it happens.

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An inconvenient truth: She’s made you a second-tier friend

Published: July 26, 2011 | Last Updated: October 31, 2012 By | 22 Replies Continue Reading

If you feel like a second-tier friend, it’s not a friendship of equals QUESTION Dear Irene, I’ve been friends with a woman for about four years now. As time progressed, we became closer, or so I thought. We both moved here from other areas and I introduced her to our neighborhood book club, my hairstylist, etc. The […]

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BFF finds its way into the Oxford English Dictionary

Published: September 19, 2010 | Last Updated: May 14, 2020 By | 2 Replies Continue Reading

BFF n. (pl. BFFs) informal a girl’s best friend: my BFF’s boyfriend is cheating on her. – ORIGIN 1996: from the initial letters of best friend forever.   Just a couple of days ago, I mentioned that friendship generally isn’t newsworthy. But for the second time this week, friendship is making the news. The Oxford […]

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OMG–Now Even the BFF Isn’t PC

Published: June 19, 2010 | Last Updated: March 25, 2023 By | Reply Continue Reading

The author reacts to an article in The New York Times challenging the concept of the BFF.

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Passed over as a Godmother: Dealing with the hurt

Published: May 10, 2010 | Last Updated: May 10, 2010 By | 7 Replies Continue Reading

QUESTION Dear Irene, I am an only child and have a friend named Linda (who is also an only) whom I’ve known since first grade. She is due to give birth to a baby girl and two months ago asked me to throw her shower for 50 people with the help of her mother and […]

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