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How do you handle a pushy friend?

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When you’re dealing with a pushy friend, you need to set some boundaries.

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Mom Concerned About Toddler Who Is Aggressive With Playmates

Published: December 3, 2011 | Last Updated: November 2, 2021 By | 1 Reply Continue Reading

This mom is worried about her toddler who is aggressive with playmates. Yet three-year-olds want to please their parents if given the opportunity

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Can parents be friends if the kids don’t get along?

Published: September 12, 2011 | Last Updated: September 12, 2011 By | 2 Replies Continue Reading

Problems with kids’ friendships often spill over to their parents   QUESTION Dear Irene, My son and another couple’s son don’t get along. The other kid has some issues and has tried to hurt my son either verbally or physically several times over the past few years (put his hands around his neck a few […]

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Ending a Friendship: How to put the kibosh on a friendship that seems doomed from the start

Published: August 20, 2009 | Last Updated: March 3, 2013 By | Reply Continue Reading

I’m in several professional organizations with a woman who is a very good person but drives me a little bonkers. She has asked me to meet her for dinner several times, but I have always begged off. This week, she caught me at a weak moment and I said, “yes.”

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