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Staying Connected: Whereboutz lets u no where yur besties r

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What will they think of next?

Want your besties to know where you are—wherever you are? Interested
in their whereabouts? Then download Whereboutz, a new free Facebook application
by Telenav that adds legs to the Status Update that appears on your profile. It
can also be downloaded to 100 different cell phones.

Whereboutz lets you type in your location on an interactive map and add
a note telling what you’re up to. When your friend does the same, you can use a
yellow-pages-type search function to help you figure out where to meet. If you
can’t meet up in person, at least you can ruefully visualize the distance between
you on a map and better understand how geography creates miles between even the
best of friends..

Oh, one more opportunity for connecting: If you’re already on Facebook,
you know about “pokes”—well, if your friend hasn‘t updated her status in a
while, there is a gentle Whereboutz “nudge” function to remind her.

For more information and to sign up, visit www.whereboutz.com.

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