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Slowly Being Excluded From An Adult Clique: What Could Have Happened?

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It’s painful to be rejected by an adult clique. When the reasons aren’t obvious, you may want to dig deeper to find out what’s happened.



I am looking for some advice on an adult clique of female friends that seems to be rejecting me. I have mixed with a group of 7 or 8 women in my hometown since my oldest child was in kindergarten and she is now nine years old. I have been closer to some more than others and fluctuations in the intimacy of these friendships have occurred, which is probably normal.

Recently, however, I have felt excluded by multiple members of the group. For example, this is what’s happened:

  • Having to book my own room on recent girls weekend while everyone else was paired up
  • Conversations going on around me based on previous chats that I’m not aware of (with no attempt by others to involve me in the discussion)
  • Ignoring me when I try to initiate discussions
  • Waking up on a girls’ weekend to a friend knocking on my door telling me the others were all were ready to go for walk, while only inviting me at the last minute. (The other six women were all outside waiting.)
  • Sitting at dinner feeling distanced by people’s body language and verbal communication. For 45 minutes, I watched the clock as conversation flowed around me without anyone asking me a question.
  • Awkward seating arrangement when we’re out together. I sit down first and the other six arrange themselves to my left so no one sits directly opposite me.

I could go on.

As a result, I have been incredibly quiet which has then attracted mild interest about what’s wrong but with little follow-up. My closest friend has even sent regular texts, one stating she wanted to talk because she was concerned about what was going on with me.

One week later there were invitations to group activities but no 1:1. Since I told her I felt excluded and on the fringe, she has acted as if I haven’t said that and keeps saying she doesn’t want to converse through text. But she hasn’t suggested a time to chat (she was the initiator about needing to talk)—which I find odd.

I’m not sure whether to distance myself from this adult clique or confront. Other friends have been cold since the weekend away. I feel strong alliances and cliques have developed and I don’t have a position anymore. In fact, I feel like I am at the bottom of the hierarchy.

Any advice? I’m 38 years old.

Signed, Sharon


Hi Sharon,

It’s hard to know what’s going on with this adult clique. It could be that your group of friends is less welcoming and pulling away from you (although the reasons why aren’t obvious). You could also be pulling away from the group (because you feel rejected). Or it could be some combination of the two—which is probably the most likely scenario.

When a group of women has been friends for four or five years, it’s natural that the relationships between individuals and among the group would change over time. But like you, I’m not sure why they would suddenly cast one person in the role of an outsider unless something happened of which you are unaware.

Since your value these relationships and your participation in the group, I think you want to get a better notion of what has happened. Distancing yourself would only exacerbate the problem; confronting the group might give the impression that you feel wronged and put them on the defensive.

Your initial impulse to speak to one person was correct but don’t let the situation drag on any longer. Follow up with your closest friend. Invite her to join you for coffee or tea and tell her how awkward and uncomfortable you have been feeling with the group. Maybe there is something she wants to communicate that she hasn’t felt comfortable putting in writing. A text message might be misunderstood or forwarded to other people.

If this friend isn’t willing to meet, try to see if there is another person to whom you feel comfortable speaking. Is there any possibility that this schism could have to do with the kids rather than the adults? Understandably, at this point, you seem very hurt, sensitive and hypervigilant to slights, so try to give your friends the benefit of the doubt that this can be worked out.

Stay in touch and let us know what transpires.

Best, Irene

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  1. `suzy says:

    Hiya all.

    Reading some of your experiences have really made me realise how common this really is. Its funny as I read a Meme that stated the “playground cliques” carry on through our lives and they were right. You get the bullies, popular groups, geeky people, the loners and a few more besides and you find them in the work place, friendship groups, at church, everywhere!

    The reason why Im writing this is just as lockdown started, I decided to break away from a toxic friendship. It wasn’t easy. Ive known this person for about 13 yrs and we were close. The last 4 year have been a eye opener. The saying goes, people unfold and show their true colours. Thats exactly what happened. I starting seeing imbalances in our friendship. Really subtle things at first, like she wouldn’t let me pay for coffee or food if we were out. Id literally had to argue with her to let me pay my way or at least pay sometimes. She would then complain she had no money spare and state she should stop being so giving. I now this sits in the realm of control and did speak to her about the imbalance of this but carried on.

    We had a social messaging group with about 15/20 people so she could organise nights out for various reasons, if people stated they couldn’t come for whatever reason more than 2x, they were removed. This happened to me and I asked her why, she stated that it was so I wasn’t bombarded with loads of texted. I said, thank you, but that’s what the mute button was for! I asked to be readded, which she did and then 6 months later, because I said no to bingo. I got removed again . I didn’t bother asking to be readded but I did feel ostracised. I used to pop in quite regularly for coffee and got dates thrown at me and expected to have a yes or no answer on the spot. At the time, I didn’t have anyone to look after my son and could only go out when he was at his dads.

    I started realising that this person wasn’t really respecting my time as it was getting harder to meet up. Even though she would message me to ask if id fancy a coffee and when I was free, id tell her, and all of a sudden, it wasn’t convenient. So, felt like, I had to rearrange my stuff to meet her as I still enjoyed her company,

    There has been a lot of other stuff which doesn’t fit in with my morals and values, like she talks about her other friends behind their backs, and being derogatory to large women, even though, she’s a larger lady herself.
    I have a huge amount of empathy for this friend, I know her story, she’s had a rough younger life and has been in a few abusive relationships, so I get her behaviour and I don’t want to tolerate that within our friendship as I haven’t had the greatest family life either. I know my part to play in the unbalance will be that Ive jumped and made myself available for her most times she’s needed an ear, company, and an emotional support without setting boundaries at the beginning. I also know that, people, once they see you change, and they don’t get what they won’t from you anymore, they don’t like it.

    Just before the pandemic hit, we had arranged to meet up for a coffee to which I was going to address these things but she had to cancel as her son went into hospital,he was ok but nothing was mentioned about meeting up. We talked a while through the first part of the pandemic but after a few rude comments about why I was doing online trainer ( refresher courses for child protection and other bits as I work within a school ) I decided to let the air settle. At that point I was in counselling due to heal from relationship/grieving so we also talked this through and went though a bereavement process of letting this friend go. Its hard, and painful. I miss this person, the laughs we used to have but also realise that this person wasn’t right for me as we were on different emotional paths.

    The reason why Im here today is basically because Ive been triggered. The same friend as above are still friends on Facebook, even though we don’t speak anymore, like the occasional pictures or status’s like you do. I was thinking that its her sons birthday around this time, but hadn’t seen a post. We all like to wish our kids a happy birthday on social media don’t we?! I had a nagging feeling in the back of my head and I suppose pride got the best of me and decided not to ask when his birthday was. Tonight, I went through my comments over the last yr. Im not particularly active on FB, and came across when I wished him a happy birthday last yr. The time has past, no post on her wall either. I know, logically, its possible that she hasn’t posted anything about her sons birthday. A slim chance? or Im I making excuses when my gut instinct ( emotional side ) is that she has deliberately excluded me from seen the post? She’s not put me on a limited view either.

    Needlesss to say, I felt angry, then sad, frustrated as I know I have been a kind, loyal, loving friend to her and feel that has been unjustified.Even petty and cruel. I also feel like im being manipulated or if she’s talking behind my back stating I didn’t wish her son a happy birthday. Then again, its her profile, her security settings, her life, she can do as she pleases!

    After a while, and sitting with my feelings, I just feel sad. Its like nail in the coffin so to speak. I have always been a people pleaser and feeling triggered in this way, brings back them feelings. I want to be seen as a good person, but if someone wants to discredit me. Then im better to just walk away knowing that I can feel empathy for someone from afar x

  2. Sandra says:

    Wow, Dr. Irene really struck a chord here. First, my heart goes out to Sharon, who wrote the first question about dealing with a clique. I think we’ve all been through something like this in our adult lives — but it feels more like we’re in junior high school again, when it does!

    It makes us all wonder WHY friends can be so cruel to each other, and I don’t think there’s an easy solution, as Dr. Irene points out. I don’t know if you all have children in the same school (meaning the women in your clique) and maybe there’s something going on between the kids?? Did something happen between you and another one of the clique members? Did you make an unintentional remark that hurt someone (without your realizing it, of course)?

    I suppose you could give this situation some time, and see if you can get an idea as to what went wrong with this group of women. But Sharon, I would ask myself a couple of questions, if I were you:

    Do you get more enjoyment than emotional pain from this group? Or is this group of friends causing more stress than happiness for you?

    I’ve been in group friendships several times — work, church groups, neighborhood clubs. Most of these groups simply fell apart or fizzled out on their own, over months or years, and I stayed close to just a couple of women that were better-suited for friendship with me than the others, for natural reasons.

    I’ve seen groups fall apart because the chemistry isn’t good between all the members, or because of differing political beliefs, and so on. But the way I see it, friendship should be supportive, transparent, and FUN for everyone in the friendship. If it’s not, spend your time in better ways, with friends better suited to you.

  3. Nancy says:

    Goodness! I am going through the exact same thing. During the pandemic I took time to assess my friendships, and I have decided to fade away from the group. Everything you described was happening to me. My numerous invitations were completely ignored even in a live text conversation. I invited everybody out for an evening of elegant dance performance and all but one ignored me. The one who replied only wanted to know how much the tickets were, then she started a separate thread with all but one other member of the group. She wanted to surprise this other person with a ticket so they could go together and wanted all of us to pitch in. She wasn’t interested in me going. I had another friend going and she said oh you two go ahead and pick a date to go to the show and I’ll let you know later if we can go. I felt really resentful that she took my idea for an all girls night out and turned it into a special ” date night “for one other girl. So I went with another very good friend. I really resented that she took my idea and turned it into just a special night out with her and her best friend in the group and then to add insult to injury she wanted all of us to chip in for the other girls ticket. Funny the girls responded to her message and said, no they’re not going to go to the show but they’d be glad to chip in for their special night out. After that I decided that I don’t want anything more to do with them. They still invite me to join them on outings and if I ignore them they pester me and pester me and say are you going are you going huh huh. Eventually I’ll send them a message and say no I can’t make it go and have fun without me. I feel like they only include me in their events out of a sense of obligation, but the way they completely ignore my invites to my home or suggestions for a girls night out just leads me to believe that they really don’t value my friendship. I have other friends who cherish me. Why should I waste my time with this group ? Good luck to you. I know it’s disappointing but I suggest you find other friends who appreciate you and seek out your company and make you feel included and valued. Wishing you all the best

    • Irene says:

      Although it seems difficult, I think you were wise to remove yourself from this group. Friendships are voluntary relationships that are supposed to be rewarding. Thanks for your comment.

      • Nancy says:

        Thanks for your response, Irene. I know I made the right decision. Now I have more time for the friends who cherish me and value my friendship.

        • Gwen says:

          Hi Sharon and Nancy,

          I am really sorry you both are going through this. I lived through something similar on a family vacation. It was a nightmare and let it ruin my self esteem. I walked away and found a friendship that I value. Vacations seem to unearth true intentions allows you to see people in a different light. Is there a ring leader in this group? It sounds like a group of people following one person’s direction aligning to stay in their good graces.

          • Kathleen says:

            I see what you mean Gwen, by vacations showing a friends true colors. I had a friend a pretty good and close friend from college-ages 21 roughly till 25 and then we had a few visits in our 30’s and one in our 20’s while I was pregnant. Anyhow, on one of these visits, the last one I believe, when her daughter was 1.5 yrs old, she was just horrid towards me at two different times on the visit to her at her Aunts house in the Bronx, where she was visiting from Florida. (without permission from her child’s father either to be driving from their to the city alone). Looking back, that along with the special needs child staying at her Aunts,pushing her daughter down out on the yard playground slide, both to thsese were most likely stressing her out, except that’s no reason to lash out on your friend visiting you, And that’s what she did twice. First on the bus when I tried to ask the bus driver for directions to where we were going and her screaming at me not to- and then trying to use the gps in her phone but now knowing how to very well -out in the intense summer heat of the day, She got further mad at me when the gps didn’t work and by the evening, after the second lash out toward me at the neighborhood cvs screaming at me that there was no one hour photo developing their at the store. (There was though and I used it-Ironically I was developing photos of our visit together- I had been excited to see them) By that night, we found ourselves outside a barred liquor store that was open and I said, ” I realty need this wine and cheese after today.” I tried hard to get that wine and cheese and I can/t remember now if I got it or not. I know it was a challenge to-they might not have had it there.

  4. silent_marvel says:

    Your former friends are childish people, who haven’t grown up yet and learned the value of adult relationships. But you do, and you deserve better.

    It’s usually due to one of them being immature and very insecure. They encourage the others to be their partners in crime, and willingly or unwillingly they go along with it. Sadly, there is nothing you can do about it, as you’ve already been shut out.

    So, you need new friends. Don’t make a fuss, just depart.
    You deserve to be with people who like being with you, who enjoy your company because you’re a wonderful, fun person. leave them to their self-induced misery, and go and enjoy your life. Life is too short to throw away on people who don’t deserve you.

  5. G says:

    Thank you for your blog! It is was good to read the comments and to know that I am not alone in this.

    I usually had multiple groups of friends and used to go out a lot but in the past 4 years I spent most of my time with one group of four girlfriends. We are all in our thirties. I am in a secret relationship with one member(she wanted to keep it that way) but also close with the rest, we talk daily.

    One of the friends has had some issues until a year ago and we all were by her side and constantly being supportive. Now, this friend has recovered and I recently discovered that they talk and make plans without me and also keeping me out chats.

    This friend has decided to exclude me from some parts of the discussion and when I mentioned this to my girlfriend she just brushed off that is nothing and that I am imagining things.

    I recently found out I was right and that they all been talking without me and feeling pretty low. I know that mostly is a private matter and also a delicate one but it hurts being the only one excluded from this and without any ideas why. I feel betrayed because I talk with them daily about other stuff and they basically lie to me and leave out or deny big part of their life.

    Also that I do not know why she decided to leave me out of the secret, I understand that the other friends were probably told not to tell me. Especially hurt that my partner has decided to keep me out and I feel betrayed by her, I know she didn’t do it on purpose and that she is probably just a good friend but just not to me.

    The last time we had an issue and I confronted them it didn’t go that well and I noticed that appearing needy is not really an attractive quality.

    I am trying to behave like is all normal but I also thought that this kind of behavior was left in high school. I feel a bit stupid and I know that I should not worry about things I cannot control.
    I feel bad that I have withdrawn in the last 3 years from other groups and it makes it harder to make other plans mostly due to the secret relationship and that we haven’t told anyone.

  6. Dawn says:

    I stumbled onto this blog by chance when searching for something else on Google. However, after reading comment after comment, I realized that I, too, am not alone. Thankfully!

    Here’s my situation:

    I live in a small town in the US (under 15,000 people), where everyone pretty much knows everyone else and friendships tend to be more lifelong. I attend a smaller church of about 50 people, which I dearly love. Within that group, there are two to three women that I am close to, and one of those women I feel especially close to. We have all known each other in excess of 20 years.

    The one woman that I’ve always felt closes with – we had always had one morning each week set aside for a breakfast meetup. This gave us a chance for some 1:1 and catch up on our own. I looked forward to it each week, and I thought she did too. However, just recently, her job changed a bit and now the hours do not allow for us to keep the same time of the morning each week. I approached her about possibly changing the time (go earlier, go in the evening, not as often, Saturday, etc), but she said “I’ll just have to see.”

    Without having a strong yes or strong no, I felt like she left the question open as a maybe and I should ask again later. When I did, she said that it was just too hard and she was so very busy.

    Since then, it appears that she’s become somewhat distant. It is complicated for me because we were not only close personal friends, but we also work closely together within the church.

    Her manner has become more “formal” towards me. When I attempt to spark a conversation about something other than church related work, she mostly won’t respond. If I ask about something related to the church work, she will answer, but it is brief and to the point.

    I have attempted to ask three different times now for a chance to sit down and visit with her. All three requests have gone completely unanswered.

    Of course, I am hurting and reeling from all this. I have waffled back and forth, from thinking that maybe she is just completely stressed, busy and stretched thin and my trying to engage with her only worsens that for her and I should leave her alone, to thinking that maybe I should just ask her in person to talk to her to see what the response is (my previous attempts were by instant messenger). She is also married, though that never seemed to matter previously. I am single, btw.

    To make things more difficult for me, there are no other women my age in the church, and no single women in the church.
    This group of 2-3 women (including the one I felt closest to) are now attending a couples Bible study each week, and that group has their own outings. Of course, I am excluded because I am not a couple.

    I am left feeling like an extra piece to a puzzle that’s already been put together, and I don’t know what to do.

    Making friends is extremely hard for me. I tend to be quiet and not trustful of people. However, I have done some looking around for possible singles groups in the area, but cannot find anything within 50-60 miles of home.

    I do love my church, but I hate feeling so alone, abandoned, excluded and mostly ignored. I truly have no idea what has triggered this seemingly all of a sudden, but I hate it.

    Any suggestions?

    • Racheal says:

      How long has she been married? My reason for asking this is that young married women especially seem to need to discuss their marriage problems with another wife. She may be having some real problems with her husband that are all-consuming, and is finding it easier to share with someone who presumably knows how she feels. Or, her husband may not approve of you. It’s an unfortunate tendency among married women, to believe that single women just don’t get it, and I’ve “lost” friends for this reason in the past, too. But in the end, friendship is about being with people we feel comfortable with, who understand us, so who can say that they’re wrong. But it is sad to be on the receiving end. I hope you can find other friends. Have you tried a woman’s bible study or even a meetup group?

      • Dawn says:

        She’s been married for nearly 16 years, and I actually have known her husband since I was 12. We weee in the same church and youth group growing up.

        I didn’t meet my friend until I was 15 nearly 16.

        I’ve been praying that this is just a “season” in life, that will eventually turn around. But, it is so difficult in the mean time to wait and wonder.

        Why do people have to be so difficult to figure out? I would so much rather to just know the truth and have a straightforward conversation, come what may. That way, if she is looking for an escape, I’ll give it to her. I don’t want to drag it on and feel like I am a burden to anyone.

        I think Robin Williams had it correct when he stated,
        “I used to think that being alone was the worst feeling. But I have since found that people who make you feel alone – that’s the worst feeling.”

        However, I have always tried to stick to, “Treat others the way you wish to be treated.” It seems though, in the end, I am the one who ends up hurt. I guess I care too much – if that’s possible.


        I have looked at going to a women’s Bible study with ladies close to my age, but there are none locally. The thought if having to drive 30-45 minutes (yes, I live in a geographical oddity in that we are 30-45 minutes from everything. We have 4 much larger cities around us, but that far away), is not appealing.

        I’ve even been checking around for a meet up group, but have come up empty there also.

        So…meanwhile, I’ve just taken to burying myself in books and reading to pass the time and escape life, if only at 400 pages at a time.

        I don’t know what else to do.

        One IS the loneliest number, for sure.

  7. Dusty says:

    Ive been through the same thing with so many fake former friends. It hurts so bad. My mean neighbor tried to exclude me got other women on my street not to talk to me. I was so upset i asked my bible study for prayer. Out of the blue i was invited to an exclusive dinner function. turned out evil neighbor was there. She excluded me again and refused to make eye contact. She did not want me at this exclusive dinner but my prayers were answered as i sat there eating my 25.00 salad the bible verse from Psalm 23 came to my mind”I will give you delicious food in the prescense of your enemies”. She tried to exclude me from my street but i got the last laugh i got an answered prayer. I saw gods comfort for my pain. god saw my pain and helped me. He delivered me from evil. Keep living right pray ask recieve believe He will do the same for you. I still struggle with pain when these things happen but these women are truly screwed up sociopaths.

  8. Maria says:

    Hi! I am in need of advice regarding two friends since childhood. We are in our late 50’s. We were best friends since diapers. weddings & babies & mid-life crisis. The last two years I pulled away from the trio because I finally figured out I was a pawn for years for 1 of the friends. The details are messy but I intentionally pulled back from dropping everything when she called to drive to her house for what ever reason (mostly to help her clean for a dinner party she was having or her husband was out of town & she was scared to be alone) to no bad feelings but i can’t come. I had enough of hearing of the plans they had…trips to Italy, state fairs, concerts, the beach house owned by one of my friends even their yearly gyn. Appt. the posts on Facebook of how the 3rd friend is the best Godmother she could ever have pick…. Agreed she is a great god mother however keep in mind I raised her daughter for the first 4 years of her life even had a crib next to my daughter because she was starting a new business and worked endless hours. Also there was some unethical situations that I just could not swallow anymore. I even had to resign from my mission group due to this friend. ( this time a moral situation involving my soon to be ex sister in law running off with another married mission worker. My friend said I should be happy for her since my married family was too close for my sis in law to handle & maybe I can learn from this. . I could go on for hours but I feel like I ate sour grapes. So I stepped away from the friendship. Last year I was told by her that she won’t call me anymore. I said. No worries I understand . The 3rd friend however texts me weekly & constantly invites me to dinner & drinks. I agreed to go this weekend & I know I’ll be cornered again with I won’t call you anymore & I will sit through dinner hearing about the last 6 months of beach trips parties & stuff they did.n keep in mind also I never was invited to beach week or vacations or sports events etc all of the last 50 years. Most likely due to my finances. My 2 friends are wealthy. The 3rd friend who asked me to go this weekend will not just go one on one with me . She feels she can fix our trio . I need advice on how to reply. My thoughts are …. Yes I know and I understand. Help please!!! ?

  9. Connie says:

    In case it helps at all. I am having the same issues with my friends. I don’t know why or what happened but 2 years ago; my friends (and my sister) have felt like they are in this clique and I am no longer included. I wonder sometimes if my sister has anything to do with this situation (I pray not) but it is funny how social situations always seem to “work out” for her and them while never “work out” in my favor. They just so happen to be available at the same time when I am not or they “just so happen” to arrive at golf at the same time to be partners with each other….things like that have been happening to me too. I am sorry this is not much help for you but I hope you can see that IT ISN’T YOU…it must just be an act of God or something. Whatever the reason, it happens to many of us out there….hurts like crazy….but please just know that you are not alone. xo

  10. GroovyStella says:

    I’ve a small circle of ‘friends’ where we’d meet up every once in a while and have a good time.

    I’ve just found out that as recently as last night everyone got together, except me.

    I had no idea they were planning a meet up even though I’ve been in recent contact with 2 from the group. Honestly, I’ve not done anything to upset the apple cart. This isn’t the first time this has happened to me within this group.

    When I attempted to bring this up in the past I was told that I shouldn’t expect to be invited to everything that got arranged.

    Something else…If I send a text it can take a MINIMUM of 2 days for it to be acknowledged, yet, when we’re out, they’re on their phones replying or acknowledging all the time. I then get an excuse for them not replying to me – mostly “I was busy” [with work] or similar.

    What do I do? I don’t have anyone to talk to about this. I don’t want to talk to my family as I fear it’ll upset them as they know some of these girls. I’m feeling numb and hurt at the same time, and I feel like crying.

    I know I don’t need people like this in my life and I know I’m better than them, but it doesn’t help.

    • Eve says:

      Hi Stella, so sorry to hear you are feeling so hurt over all of this. In my humble opinion, the best thing you can do is try not to take it personally each time a subset of your group gets together without you. I know that’s very hard, but I think the best way for you to move forward is to try not to attribute any negative intentions to those who are gathering without you. There may be a legitimate reason why you were excluded, or there may not be. The bottom line is that you will never know and if you can find other ways to keep yourself entertained and happy outside of this group, that will be the best thing in the long run. I guess I am preaching a “don’t put all your eggs in one basket” approach. The more friends you have and the more groups of friends you interact with, the less it will sting if there is a gathering that you are not able to attend for whatever reason. You can’t control the actions or intentions of other people, but you can control your own life and how you choose to spend your time. If you were out having fun with another group of people on that particular evening, you wouldn’t be feeling as though you missed out on something. I’ve been on both ends of this kind of situation, and I can tell you from experience that when I was involved in a small gathering that did not include everyone in the larger group, there was absolutely no malicious reason for it. It was someone’s birthday, and that person chose the guest list. I had no control over it, and the birthday girl was just trying to keep the group small to avoid too many scheduling challenges. On the flipside, there have been plenty of gatherings amongst subsets of my friends that I have not been included in. I never take that personally. I always just assume that there’s some good reason for it and find other plans for that evening. I would never confront anyone and accuse them of excluding me on purpose. That would just make them uncomfortable and probably cause them to exclude me the next time! In this way I’ve managed to live a pretty happy life! I hope you can find a way to do the same.

      • Cindy says:

        Hello all – I wanted to thank you Eve for your intelligent insightful response. I too am having a very difficult time dealing with a group of female friends (all over 50 years of age) and your words have helped. We all get together once every few months and I realize there is a sub friendship, which honestly doesn’t bother me, but I have initiated contact and invitations with several of these ladies and am quite surprised at the lack of response and interest. I feel like the odd women out. My close friend of almost 20 years is in the group and I have imitated contact quite frequently with her, but feel like I am getting blown off. She is constantly posting “wisdoms” and “quotes” on Facebook and I remember one in particular that had to do with if people want you in your live, they will make time for you. Well recently – two days ago – I Facebook chatted with her and asked her if she had any free time over the weekend to either get together or just chat and catch up over the phone. She replied back that her weekend was booked. Thought that was kind of weird – you are so busy you can’t even talk for 20 minutes or so? Not upset at this point so I replied back to let me know when she had some free time. Well I log on to Facebook Saturday morning and see that she is having brunch 10 miles from my house with another woman in the group and a mutual friend of ours for years. My feelings were immediately hurt and I got very emotional and upset. I just don’t know how to handle these ladies…. your words helped, but I am still at a loss – most of these ladies seem to bond instantly and get together quite often. I don’t know what I am doing wrong. I so want to just ignore them all – I know real mature huh? but feeling unwanted and excluded is very very painful for me. I know your comment of “don’t put all your eggs into one basket” is true but as I have gotten older, I am finding it very difficult to make meaningful connections. It seems that for some people making friends is a breeze and I am not sure what about me makes it difficult to make new connections. Any advice would be appreciated 🙂

        • Mim says:

          Hi there. I randomly found this website by googling my situation and I am so relieved to know that I am not alone. I can relate to many experiences as I found myself in this unique position that I have not experienced before. It has truly been a surprise as I have grown children and have advised and coached them in the complexities of friendships but now I am personally dealing with what I call the fringe friend syndrome with myself on the outer.

          My story is I moved to the UK 9 years ago with my young family. We connected with a large group friends/people who were originally from our home country and had a lovely time for a couple of years before one by one they started emigrating back to our original home leaving us alone and realising we needed to connect and make new friends. By this time my children had grown and were making their own in the world. We went to a new church and met a lovely bunch of people who were the same age and children as ours. Now we know when we come into a new area that people have their own friendship groups and especially those that go way back. But just recently I am frustrated as constantly feeling like the outsider instead of a normal friend because of my background. But I have put this down to my own expectations because I am more needier as my own family and long term friends are back in my home country.

          Last year we had the most incredible year as one couple in particular were exceptionally generous and invited us and some others, so a total of 4 couples away to an adventurist weekend doing fun exciting out door activities. Things that we would experience in once in lifetime. This happened through the year with big celebrations including ours of birthday milestones and wedding anniversary celebrations and even more exotic trips away. I was on a high. All those times of me feeling lonely melted away. I was accepted. I celebrated and rejoiced that these people liked us for who we were not for what we did. It was the best year! We had group messaging set up and there was fun banter and laughs.

          And then I started noticing little things but didn’t get hung up on them but just let it ride but they were things described in other threads in being missed out in group chats, not being invited to a birthday celebration which genuinely surprised me and other activities. Meeting up at a big event but not being included in the details of the location but later seeing everyone together. Posts and photos on fb about being ‘family’. Meetings for a charity group which I had been invited to be part of and contributed, but then the invites to come along stopped. Just lots of little things which I shrugged off but I have finally seriously cracked when this summer two of the main couples went away on holiday together. It actually broke my heart. I was so hurt and upset. I was surprised at my own reactions. I would wake up crying in the night. It honestly felt like I was grieving a major loss. Which is how I am actually handling it, seeing it as a loss and now looking for ways to actively move on.

          Another writer suggested that socio-economic differences can contribute which I am wondering if this is the case. They are affluent whereas we are self employed and have endured huge costs of emigrating, becoming residents and ultimately getting citizenship for the whole family at a great expense. A couple of trips home to see family and one of my children getting married so a wedding to pay for has set us back financially. I work from home so I don’t have the office banter or socialness but am often alone for long periods so I know I am hungry for friendship or people contact. Their children were heads and deputy heads of their schools and doing well at uni, whereas mine have struggled with one dropping out. While their children were taking multiple holidays abroad, mine were working in summer jobs. Maybe they feel they can’t relate to us? Maybe it makes conversation awkward.

          These are great women whom I love dearly. They are generous and kind and not the gossipy sort and I think if they knew how I was feeling would be mortified. But I also think if I was to say something it would drive the wedge deeper. Sometimes I think wisdom love and kindness and a zipped mouth is critical. But I am so sad that I feel this way.

          I know that I need a wider circle of friends. I have looked at meetup groups and am struggling to say the least. I am even trying to persuade my husband to move to another town which looks to be offering different things.

          I would like to know if there is any wisdom to say something or just smile and pretend I am not hurt and nothing is wrong? I don’t like or believe in burning bridges or causing pain.

          All my pent up emotions have poured into this . I really am normally a happy person just finding myself in a situation that I have never experienced before!

      • Kate says:

        Love your response. Well written

        • Eve says:

          Thank you Kate! I know how hard it is to be excluded and it can be difficult to figure out people’s motives when that happens. I believe the best thing anyone can do when they are being excluded is to shake it off and find something else to do. Preferably something fun and adventurous! The truth is that people who are energetic, active, and confident are exciting to be around, so if you’re feeling excluded, try to focus on building your own positive energy, stay active, and believe in yourself. Be the kind of person you want to associate with. The rest will come!

  11. Leslie says:

    years ago, I moved into a 55+ community and one of the women, with whom I made friends quickly, lost her husband. We made a wonderful bond. Then another woman moved in the neighborhood and literally pushed her way into our group. She to, had lost her husband, but I hardly knew her and she said…”Why don’t you ask me to take you places instead of so and so?” I was shocked and then already knew there would be problems.

    Well, the original girlfriends sadly needs to be a member of a group so badly, she will compromise her identity to do so, and actually disbelief truth over the herd mentality.

    This troublemaker, started copying me to the point it was unbearable…she would constantly do it….open my frig, and buy almond milk, simply b/c I would do it…buy the identical rug, do her hair like mine, even buy a white car cuz I had one…and the list goes on.

    When I tried to discuss the situation with her, she would start screaming, “I didn’t say that, or do that” and then threaten me, that if I kept this up, I would end up being on the outside looking in.

    I quit the group…but the hurtful part is, the original girlfriend, ignores me to…instead of talking to both of us and saying, “stop this childish behavior, or else! She goes along with the trouble maker. That cuts deep…and believe it or not, they both go to church every week. Separate churches…

    Part of me, says, you don’t need drama like this in your life, it isn’t healthy, however, it still hurts that especially the original gal goes along with this.

    I even had picnics every single holiday, for them, invited them to Christmas dinner with my family, and two of them bought their sister and their friend alone???? But never ever invited me, to their home not even for Pizza ever? The trouble maker even said to me once, “Well, I hope we’re not having hamburgers and hot dogs again!”
    I mean, REALLY? And she brings her friend?

    When the first gal lost her husband, I felt so bad for her; I invited her to go out to dinner on a Friday evening and suggested we do this every Friday night. It was fun and fine, but then she started inviting everyone else, which also invited in trouble.

    So now I’m on the outside looking in, and it hurts that they refuse to even discuss it, to make it right….
    They expect that I’ll join them again, without discussing what caused this problem…and everything will be hunky dory. Wrong….this translates to me, that my friendship surely isn’t that important.

    Plus the first woman said that she needs to be a part of something, and it seems at all cost, even feelings. When I suggested that this hurts me, she flew back at me, with “Well you hurt me to”, but the example she gave me was, “I must have been mad about something b/c I wouldn’t come into her home for coffee afterwards. I had back surgery, which was rough, and ongoing back to work and working 5 days a week, it was not only painful but tiring….all I wanted to do was go home and sleep, and explained this to them, but in their own minds, they had to make up some awful reason why I was doing this instead of accepting the truth. They are all retired.

    I am an introvert and can do things on my own no problem and do so, and still go out by myself, what I don’t know is why I feel so hurt about all this, when I should let it go.

    I am so proud of my son, who lives in another state, who just gained a promotion, and when I sent pictures of him, the first girlfriend accused me of bragging. I asked my other girlfriend about if she thought I was bragging and she said, “Leslie, we as human beings want to share positive news about our kids, why is it, these immature women in your neighborhood have nothing better to do then try and punch you down?” She continued…”you don’t have these kinds of problems at work”. We worked together for years.

    I strongly believe the trouble maker caused all this….once the first woman was sick, and I had told the second woman, the trouble maker that I was worried….do you know, the first woman kept information from me about tests etc…and when I asked her why she said, the second woman said I worried about her too much and maybe she shouldn’t tell me things??????

    • Rina says:

      They sound so insecure. Continue to do what makes you happy and see if they make an effort to get involved or care about your life. If not, they are not meant for you. I am sorry. You dont deserve that type of treatment.

      • Leslie says:

        Thank you Rina

        • Rina says:

          You bet. I wish I was more help. I know it is easier said then done but sometimes we have to be reminded of our worth.

          • Leslie says:

            It doesn’t make me happy, I wish I could look past all these things, and be friends with them….one of the girls, acts so childish…and cries if you try and talk to her about anything slight….one day I tried discussing smoking with her, and she got really upset b/c I didn’t agree with her. Yes, they are all extremely insecure. I’m an upfront type of person, so honest I step on toes at times, however, I have other girlfriends and family members where this crap does not exist…so? It speaks for itself. I am so glad, when I observe them, that I’ve been where I’ve been, have been so blessed to have the job I’ve had for over 22 years, and have had the influences in my life that I’ve had. I’m surely not perfect, but I just can’t deal with all this drama….

  12. DeeLin says:

    Greetings all,

    I’m likely older than most or maybe all of you who have contributed to this discussion about the pain of being excluded. It is also happening in my community of mostly retirees. It is largely based on socio-economic factors and a sense of superiority around materialism – those with money exclude those who are perceived as having less. Those who can afford expensive cruises and cars and can think of nothing more meaningful than how they plan to re-model tend to want to hang out together so they can brag about things. It is the height of superficiality and just plain dull. I thought I was done with this mentality upon graduation from high school a long, long time ago. Most think of nothing beyond this, no serious causes or ways they can help humanity, nothing beyond what they have and flitting from one social event to another. My challenge is to find folks who are also involved in trying to “change the world” and help others. The moral of the story – exclusion happens at any stage of life. Hang on to your values. My advice in a nutshell: All the more reason to be who you are, have a sense of humility always, don’t look down on those who have less, and find ways to help others. Move on and find others who share your values.

    • Lucy says:

      Love this comment. As I’m getting older, I’m finding more people stay in cliches/groups and can’t be an individual. Heaven forbid you don’t want to join that group/cliche either and you are definitely outcast and ignored. I’d always been a ‘loner’ as such as that I never liked to join one group but enjoyed varied company. This is truer as I get older and I’m beginning to have the confidence to maintain that stance but am meeting other ppl similar to me and building a strong network of friends who can appreciate perhaps months of not talking but catching up easily when we get the chance.

      As for yourself, I’d say sod em! Perhaps it time to move on and find friends that meet your values at your present time in life. We all have to learn to let go (as hard as it is) but letting go often leads you to something/someone more valuable. We come into this world alone and leave it alone, yet the middle we always seem to strive to follow someone else. Be yourself, be bold in what you do (even if it means doing something by yourself), people will soon follow!

    • Leslie says:

      yeah, the one trouble maker in our group is always diggning into everyone else’s personal financial standing…and then talks about it to everyone else. Many years ago, when I was very young a very good friend told me, if you make one friend along the way your fortunate. Personally as much as it hurts, I will say this, I would rather be alone then be part of a facade as such….it is extremely illogical
      I’m so sorry but over the years I have found that woman are extremely jealous and insecure….and need the herd so badly they will devise anything to be in it, including their own identities.

      • Jenny says:

        Unfortunately your original friend is a follower and the troublemaker needs to have a follower. So they need each other. You are not needy so this trouble maker feels threatened.

        • Leslie says:

          Thank you Jenny, yes, I believe your right, the trouble maker, is so sly, and obnoxious…very manipulative…plus she copied me something awful…everything I had, she had to get, I mean, right down to opening my refig, and seeing I use almond milk, had to have the same kind of dish cloth I had found, same hair style, OMG, she even bought the exact same carpet as me, I got a white car, she went out and bought a new used white car…she is nuts, and her whole entire family is strung out on drugs…including her…she is always taking pain meds and other things…everything has to unfold as she Envisions it to happen in her head, and if it doesn’t it really upsets her? Crazy? I never want to be around her again…but in cutting her off, I also cut off the other friend who is a follower, but honestly, she isn’t a loyal friend either. It is very difficult to find friends who are loyal, mature, and understanding, meaning, they are confident and comfortable in their own shoes. Thanks girls for you comments.

          • Mary says:


            Your “trouble-maker” sounds like she’s threatened and jealous of you. I’ve experienced people like that before-same behaviors; competitive, copying, etc.

            You got a good look at your first friend’s weakness of character- going along with the manipulator.
            You seem like a smart, fun friend and you will definitely find better people to hang out with. I have found meeting friends is sort of like dating; people can be charming at first, but time will reveal whether they’re keepers… and they’re not all keepers!

            • Leslie says:

              Hi Eve, thank you, yes, unfortunately yes…I really loved these gals…and tried to look beyond fault…and even tried talking with the trouble maker about it, upon starting to ask her to regard my feelings, she started yelling at me, “I didn’t do that!!!” then she said, “If you keep this up, your going to find yourself on the outside looking in!!!” It shocked me! So, I started pulling back from both of them…both of them, want to come back into my life, without discussing anything…and I once said, to the first woman, “I’m so sorry this happened between us”. She didn’t say “I’m sorry to”. She said, “Well, I’m glad we’re talking again.” I said to her, “The polite thing to say, would be, I’m sorry to”. And that is when she said, “I’m glad we’re talking again” ???? So, I sent her and the trouble maker an email b/c I was so proud of my son and the new position he received. The first woman said to me, that I was bragging. Boy did that hurt. I asked another very trust girlfriend about it, and she replied, “Don’t those old ladies have anything better to do then to put you down”? So, I’m done…I won’t trust them any longer with my heart… You live and learn…I had some very trust girlfriends who unfortunately have passed on…and I miss them dearly. Loosing them was very difficult. They were true blue wonderful women. I’ve don’t make friends easily with woman…never really fond of all the drama and back stabbing. Woman can be extremely vile, yanno? Take care of you.

      • Maryann says:

        True that. I have been left out of a group of high school friends and it all leads back to jealousy. When one has an issue. The others tend to follow. The other thing is they all grew up in the same neighborhood. So I say carry on and be the best you can be.

    • Deborah says:

      Just found this blog. Even though DeeLin’s post is from last July, I can totally relate to it. Thought I had made friends where I live (condos/townhouses). Wished one of them a happy birthday on FB, only to see another of the ‘friends’ do the same and say how excited they are about upcoming dinner party. This is a group I ‘joined’ at our pool last summer, five of us. We are all at least 55+ in age, I feel like this was high school all over again.

  13. Eve says:

    It’s so sad to see all the hurt feelings and confusion being expressed here. One thought came to mind while reading through these responses. There is a wonderful little book called “The Four Agreements” which expresses a powerful philosophy for living a happy life. One of those four agreements is “Don’t Take Anything Personally.” I’ve been thinking about that as I read this blog. Certainly, in some cases, there are mean people out there who intentionally try to make others feel “less than” by excluding them. But I choose to believe, in the vast majority of circumstances, that people are generally just going about their business, and not intending to harm anyone. If I’m not invited to a party or lunch, my first reaction is not to be hurt, but to consider whether there were space/timing constraints or other considerations that might have resulted in my being excluded. Maybe the person who organized it doesn’t know me as well as my friends who attended. Maybe there was a birthday being celebrated and the birthday girl made the guest list. Maybe the organizer could only manage coordinating a small number of schedules. Any number of things. In my own life, I have wide circles of friends that sometimes overlap, but sometimes there just isn’t room for everyone. Sometimes, if it’s a couple’s dinner or lunch, I need to be respectful of my husband’s relationships as well as my own. I have definitely arranged gatherings that did not involve every one of my friends at some point or another. It’s not always possible for desirable to include everyone. Another example of this is a wine tasting party I had at my house. We were limited in how many people we could have due to the format of the party and the fact that we were catering food. I’m sure some people wondered why they weren’t included, but it was absolutely not personal! Just some food for thought to help make these uncomfortable situations seem a little less offensive…

    • Irene says:

      Thanks for adding your comments…I’m sure they will be very helpful! Best, Irene

    • Leslie says:

      Hello Eve, I’m certain your correct in your findings for most people, unfortunately in my case, the one trouble maker, set out to do this. I had been observing her, and she is extremely insecure, but wants to be a leader of the group. If things don’t go the way she has planned them to go in her mind, then she gets so upset. It unhinges her…she told me many times that she enveyed me, for being so independent, and also, the first woman has said things to me, that I know the 2nd woman has said about me, the first was simply parroting her, like the bragging thing. I don’t believe the 2nd woman thinks she’s being vicious, but it has become obvious. When she is with the group, she had a very sneaky way of talking about someone. She’d start out by saying, “Maybe I shouldn’t say this, but…..” and that was her innocent way of trying to make it sound like she wasn’t gossiping. I’m better off without them in my life, don’t condone playing those type of high school games. Extremely immature. I want to thank you all for chiming in and giving your reinforcing opinions, greatly appreciate.

      • Maryann says:

        Exact same thing happened to me. I just had to learn how to deal with it and move on. Life is full of lonely people and if I can one person smile that day, it makes my life a little more fulfilled.

    • Connie says:

      Good for you Eve for putting some perspective on these hurtful situations. I will try from now not to take all these situations so personally. even though it hurts to be excluded OFTEN…while some seem to always be AT THE RIGHT PLACE THE RIGHT TIME…I will try to consider that I just wasnt’ thought of…..

  14. Rina says:

    That would be so lovely! Where is everyone from? I am from Texas. I am sorry you felt that way and it is one of the worst feelings to be excluded.

  15. Nom says:

    Well, I feel for everyone – but it’s a relief to know this is a pretty common situation. I have a loose-ish group of friends, some of whom I’m closer to, one of whom I consider a close friend. I discovered they were all having a girls’ day out, which none of the mentioned and to which I was not invited. I found out about it through other acquaintances and one of the husbands. I don’t understand what it is about me that caused them to choose to leave me out, and feel really excluded and quite hurt.

    I wish all you ladies who have commented were nearby – we could all have an ‘everyone’s included’ coffee morning! Xxx

    • Leslie says:

      Hello Nom, I’m sorry this happened to you. The way I see it you have two choices…and this one, I myself would opt for. You can let it go and see if it happens again. I know it is very hurtful, but try and not take it personal. If it should happen again, then I’d wait until you are all together, that way, words cannot be repeated and things left unsaid, or said wrong…you have them all together and they cannot deviate from the story to one of the others. Ask them right out why, very nicely, respectful and calmly. Explain to them that you were hurt, and wanted to know if you did or said anything to offend anyone. And see what they say. Remember, you pick your friends, they don’t chose you. If they have a valid reason, then fine, if not, then maybe you have a choice to make? But observe them when they are talking to make sure they are all on the same page. My best.

    • Connie says:

      I’m in! hahaha.

  16. Clara says:

    Honestly, I’ve found that people like me better when I’m arrogant and meaner. I’m a sensitive introvert, and my nature is to be nice and caring and sincere, but when my feelings get hurt, I can come off as cold and standoffish, and I’ll be damned if people aren’t nicer to me then! It’s maddening.

    I think a lot of women are insecure and they think they need to chase their friends and prove their worthiness. They want to be friends with people who are a challenge to be friends with so they feel like they’ve “won” at something. If everyone were included, it wouldn’t be worth their time. I think it’s sad and ridiculous, and I’m sure not all women are like this, but I’ve found that it’s a cultural thing, so if there are a few people like this, it spoils the bunch.

    Keep looking. Find a gem without the ego problems and DONT TAKE IT PERSONALLY.

    • Lula says:

      I completely agree with you ! Some women totally chase friendships that they find a challenge, or want what they don’t have, instead of valuing the true friends they do have. I have been guilty of this myself. The allure of the person who doesn’t call me or I am not friends with appeals to me and wants me to seek their acceptance because I feel that if I’m not friends with them, that means there is something wrong with me. In reality, we aren’t going to vibe with everyone, it’s not personal and I should spend my time on the people who are in my circle and care about me. I try to practice this and now I don’t chase anyone. I give be appropriate amount of attention to someone I think I would like to be friends with but if there is no reciprocation, I stop. I try to keep an open a hear towards all but I know hat I simply am not going to be best friends with everyone and that is ok.

    • Leslie says:

      I’m a sensitive introvert as well…however over the years, I’ve learned not to be a doormat b/c of it…and I do speak up…the fact that no one in my group of ladies, came over to speak with me about the situation, tells me, how unimportant my friendship was to them. I’ve tried very hard to understand, but it still hurts that the follower will compromise anything and everything to be one of the group. She gets upset if I don’t speak with her though, b/c she wants to be friends with everyone. She is like a social butterfly, and I’m smiling, she loves attention…she is in her early 80’s but you’d never know it…for the most part I do love her, for who she is…but the other one, I want nothing to do with. And yanno, the other one is a very crude woman…she told me once she can’t be herself around the other ladies….but with me, she swears and tells me all the assorted disgusting details about her childhood. I knew her brother, he was and still is very foul mouthed…awful person.

  17. Maria says:

    Hi,It’s so saddening to see that such behaviours are rather common.
    I’m in my 40s, leaving away from homeland for about 15 years, meaning that the few good friends I have are not close by, experiencing the same situation over and over. Entering a group of women (be it through work, school, hobby) only to see the usual pattern later (secret agreements, arrangements and so on). Keep blaming myself, maybe I’m just boring, I don’t know. But it hurts. And it hurts a lot, especially when I feel that I haven’t done anything wrong. At least, not something generally considered as wrong, such as gossiping, telling lies or back stabbing. Or is this the reason why I’m being excluded? Because I don’t practise these?
    I find it hard and complicated to have friendships. So much, that lately I’m rather uninterested in making any, knowing that it won’t last long and I’ll be hurt again. I know it’s wrong but who can convince me otherwise? I guess looking for answers may indicate that something inside me still wants to try.

    • Priti says:

      Hi Maria,
      I live away from home as well and its hard trying to make new lasting friends. Maybe we can be friends? Where do you live? I live in London, Uk.

      Take care
      Priti x

      • Irene says:

        This site isn’t intended to match people for friendships, either platonic or romantic. There are other websites that do that. Thanks for your cooperation. Irene

      • Heather says:

        I live in Texas, I believe we can make friends wherever the good Lord has us to meet. 🙂

  18. Rina says:

    I wanted to thank each and every post on this site.I finally do not feel alone about what I am going through. I am a teacher and have worked with these women for years. i know in my heart that I will never be accepted by them. They constantly leave me out, make me feel invalidated or undervalued. I try my best to be kind and even bake for them. They constantly leave me behind and I fin out information when it is too late to prepare. I have come a long way with the way that I feel as I try to always try to make myself a better person. I have received ugly notes and been shut down or ignored when I have an opinion. I have tried to make it about work and not how I feel personally. After all though, we are human. I try to seek time with my daughter and father as well as my best friend. I make time during lunch to listen to positive podcasts or music. I try to not take it personally and realize that not every situation is permanent and also that not everyone will like you for who you are. I try to stay consistently nice and friendly. No matter how I feel inside. I appreciate all of you and would think we would make great friends in the real world. Peace be with you.

    • Lanie says:

      I’m going through the same thing right now.. It’s tough to tell yourself you’re worth more than this when you are still surrounded by those who will throw you out like trash.

      The thing is, no one is perfect. If they expect us to be so that’s a shame on then, not us. All we can do is our best, and if they take our bad flaws and disregard the good, nor communicate respectfully their problems with us… It’s just not worth the pain and drama to keep attempting to please them.

      This hurts, so bad, and everyone was in on a chat about me and taling screenshots of different messages. Tonight my closest friend finally stopped ghosting me and gave me a straight answer. Group mentality is messed up, and so is sharing private conversations that were heartfelt and laughing at them.

      • Rina says:

        I agree with you and I am sorry you have been going through this. I think it can be really hard when you were at one time close to them or when you are forced into an uncomfortable working environment. I wish you all the best. If we lived closer, I am sure we could be great friends. As hard as it is, I think we have to try to not take it personally. The issues are with them.

      • Elena says:

        First, cosmic hugs to all the people who came here because they felt left out.

        Imagine if the people ostracizing you aren’t just acquaintances or coworkers – but your in-laws.

        I’m sick about a party I’m hosting next weekend. I’m sick about the way that I might act – like my feelings are hurt. I want to act as if nothing is wrong & I want to enjoy myself. I’d love to have a sense of humor about it, be honest & open. I never liked the expression “fake it til you make it.” It’s not my style.

        I’d love to act as if (*** I deleted paragraphs of details here***) the past 8 years haven’t happened. My situation is similar to others’ here. I believe we all thought that we belonged to a group only to discover the hurt of getting left out. Once upon a time, I felt like I had won the lottery with this family. No longer. Those paragraphs I deleted – writing them just made me feel worse & even sicker about having this party.

        It’s my choice, having this party. But as I type & delete now, I realize that I really really really don’t want to do this. I’m pissed that the last 3 times I saw my sis in law were the last 3 times I hosted events at my house. For her kids. Twice, at the last minute, she called my husband to ask if she could bring a friend over – & both friends were people we’d never met . .. and we were having sit down dinners. My in-laws are social people . .. but they’ve never called us to invite us to OTHER people’s festivities.

        I need to take deep breaths. I need to accept that I am mad at these people. I need to accept that I’m mad at myself for offering to host this party with so many issues (deleted paragraphs of issues!) unresolved.

        My guess is that a lot of you are like me – you’d never ever be the sort of people who would make someone else feel left out.

        I wish you/us all peace.

        • Lanie says:

          Hey, Elane. That is horrible, and I’m sorry you have to go through that pain of being left out.

          One idea to stay strong is tp remember you’re having this party for their kids(or future kids) and your husband, not for your sister in law. When the kids are grown, they will look back fondly on their Aunt who was kind enough to invite them over when their own family may have disrespected or ignored you. They will see that effort and they will appreciate it. And if you have your own kids they will learn a valuable lesson about family and respect. They may not realize it now, it will probably be be in ten or twenty years. Be kind to the sister, and be loving to your blood and nieces&nephews!

          Good luck with the party! Make food and games that you enjoy and try to have a good time despite the sister. If she invites someone, maybe she is uncomfortable being by herself with your family? I’d welcome her company with open arms if it means she will attend.

        • Leslie says:

          Elena….I also wear my heart on my sleeve, it’s not good…b/c now, as I’m growing older, I spout off at people…I’m going to tell you what a wonderful girlfriend tells me all the time….”sometimes you’ve just got to play the game, smile and pretend like there is nothing wrong” That is a very difficult thing to do, however, I practice it at work. Practice makes perfect…you put the hurt away, and smile and have a good time….pretty soon, it starts to work, and you feel much better. Carrying anger isn’t healthy. remember that, and in the meantime, sending you positive thoughts and hugs.

    • Carla says:

      Rina as a fellow teacher I completely understand you! The last school I worked at for 3 years I was purposely left out of meetings for my team (they “forgot” to tell me), changed agreements we had made and then told the Principal is was always just me who wanted it that way – when we had voted on things), find out things at the last minute so I can’t join in. The worst was when I fell pregnant with my twins (1st pregnancy) – suddenly they are wanted to know about my personal life and the babies and were upset when I wouldn’t accept their Friend Requests on FB – they told me directly they wanted to be my friend “so they could see pictures of the babies” – I have a blanket ban on social media for them. The one close friend I had (who I knew before working there) doesn’t contact me at all anymore – I kept initiating and she was always “going to” get back to me. I’m 34, stay at home single mum, and have no friends and know no one with children. Highly isolating. With women (esp. teachers) though I think this is more about playground politics and the pecking order.

      • Rina says:

        Carla, I am so sorry to hear this! What did your principal ever do about it? Mine just acts like it is all fine. I have asked to be moved several times and I think at the end of this year I will relocate to another grade or school. I feel that it is not any better this year at all. I wont live my life trying to be nice to women who are just looking for reasons not to like me. Hugs an enjoy your blessings, The true blessings right in front of you, the twins.

    • Leslie says:

      Hi Rina, have you ever found yourself trying to join into a conversation with them and they talk over you, not allowing you to share who you are or what you think? It happens to me. And yes, it does hurt…my friend once told me, that when you are a loner, it intimidates other women. Some take it, as if you are ignoring them or you don’t want to be with them…when in fact, at lunch and during breaks I love to be by myself, has nothing to do with them, nor is it purposely intended to hurt anyone…just need to have peace and quiet. and yes, I believe we all have much in common, and its a shame, b/c those gals you are describing are missing out on knowing you, their loss not yours. So sad, that people are like that…I also find, even at this late age, through FB, that some of the same clichés, that were in high school are still very much alive today. Feel lucky that you are not a part of that, and that you are blessed with the awareness that you have. Hugs.

      • Rina says:

        Yes! I find that I can share things, but my opinions and ideas are quickly shut down most of the time. i give great ideas, and they take the credit. i am here for the kids and I am happy to know that someone else enjoys eating alone. it is for my sanity and I can refocus on my day. I don’t do it to avoid anyone, but truth be told, I don’t want to listen to more negativity for twenty that twenty minutes per day i have friends outside of these four walls, so I know that it isn’t me and that I am a nice person. I just hate that it can’t be different here at work. hugs!

  19. Eileen says:

    Hi all, I’m glad to have stumbled upon this forum. I had a really bad day at work, and I kinda cried in the toilet. I found out that a group of three girls at my work place just went for a short vacation together, without my knowledge. I’m supposed to be closer to one of the girls in the group and she had told me that she was planning to go for a short vacation. But she did not mention that it was planned with the other two girls. However today, when I asked her how was her trip and who did she go with, she just evaded my question and replied ‘with my friends’. So this somehow piqued my suspicion and I questioned if it were with the two other girls, she nodded her head reluctantly. I told her that it’s fine that they were to plan their own outings, but to think that they had to be secretive about it because they had not wanted ME to know, sucks balls. My so called ‘friend’ admitted that she felt caught in the middle as she didn’t want to hurt my feelings by letting me know that I was left out. I don’t know if she was being genuine or it was just some lame excuse. But anyhow, the feeling of being left out really sucks. And what is worse that I had thought such dramas should be left behind during schooling days. I would have loved a work environment which is not as cliquish and exclusive and everyone gets along well with one another.

    • SusanB says:

      Eileen, you have my sympathy. If you have to continue to work with these women you have my utmost sympathy. I hope you can rise above this and get beyond it, being excluded is very painful stuff. Please try to make new friends outside of work and keep your work friends at a cordial distance. These dramas with groups of women persist throughout life it seems with many of us. I’m in my mid 50s and am currently dealing with it. Best of luck.

    • Leslie says:

      Hi Eileen….I’m so sorry you experienced this hurt, my suggestion would be this, as much as you would want to disregard this next statement of mine, please always remember….”your at work to do a job, nothing more, nothing less, your not there to make friends and influence people!” This is a rule I’ve always lived by, b/c you learn through experience (wink) And if you make one dynamite awesome friend at work, that is a plus, if not, no worries. And yes, the feeling does hurt, but remember, true friends would not do that…most likely you intimidate one of them and the others are followers, therefore, you really don’t need them in your life, and going a little beyond that, I would be very careful about wanting to be friends with them, as the question would be, “Would they throw you under the bus to get ahead in their careers?” Be very careful…and make friends outside of the workplace. I personally don’t want people I work with in my personal life. Its up to you.

  20. Eve says:

    I know this is an older stream but I’m grateful I found it. I have what may be perceived to be the opposite problem from many who are posting here. I’ve connected over the past 18 months with a wonderful, hilarious, irreverent, thoughtful, loyal group of women who fill my life with joy, laughter, and genuine connection. We are nurturing with one another and there is very little drama in the group. The group size ranges from a core group of about 7 or 8 who regularly see and communicate with one another, to a larger circle of about 12 who share many of the same experiences but are not involved in day-to-day texting/phone calls. The thing I have loved about this group is they are very welcoming to newcomers, including me, who met them 18 months ago and was immediately accepted and welcomed in the fold. Recently a new woman moved to town and, as is usual with this group, the newcomer was included in a flurry of gatherings to try and help her get connected. In fact I was the one who introduced her to the group, even though I had just met her myself. At first it seemed like she fit right in and would be another wonderful addition to our crowd. But soon the newcomer started doing/saying things that made me uncomfortable. The only way I can describe it is she began social climbing…trying to establish her position by inviting herself everywhere, setting up one-on-one meetings with people I introduced her to and not including me, yet expecting to be included even in the smallest gatherings of any other members of the group, being vocal about how disappointed she was to be seated at what she perceived to be a less desirable table at a fundraiser, and complaining to one of the group members’ husbands that she felt our group was behaving like a high school clique because she isn’t included on a particular group text message. This is 2 weeks after I and another group member did a joint birthday party with the newcomer, including her in our long-standing birthday tradition. This newcomer seems to expect a very high level of intimacy at lightning speed, and because that hasn’t happened in exactly the way she wanted it to, she is now complaining that our group is cliqueish and high-schoolish. The bottom line is her overly assertive behavior has turned me off (and maybe some of the others too…we never discussed it because despite what newcomer claims, we are not mean girls). But she’s blaming the fact that things have now cooled off on the group being exclusive rather than acknowledging that maybe her pushy behavior had something to do with it. The fact that she went to one of the husbands to complain rather than talking to any of the women directly certainly hasn’t helped matters. I’m not sure where to go from here because, although the last thing I’d want to be accused of is being a “mean girl,” I now feel that this newcomer is not someone I trust and I personally do not want to welcome her into my fold any further. I have not shared this feeling with anyone because I believe, as adults, we can all form our own opinions on this matter. I have continued to be friendly and relatively inclusive with this newcomer, but I am treating her more like an acquaintance than one of my closest friends at this point. I would love to hear anyone’s thoughts on whether you think I am behaving cliqueishly or whether it is sometimes okay to acknowledge that not all newcomers will be a perfect fit. As long as I am not rallying others to exclude her, is there anything wrong with me pulling back from someone I sense is not the best friend for me?

    • SusanB says:

      Interesting, as I do not trust my newcomer either but for different reasons. Be careful as she may run right over you and you will be the odd man out. The newcomer I introduced to my extended social group I knew separately for many years. I introduced her to the group about 3 years ago and since then she has been firmly establishing herself, aggressively social climbing (right over me) and without any apparent concern for my feelings, socializing separately with the women she met through me. For years prior when she and I would do things together alone, she would complain to me bitterly that she had no friends, and I’d be sitting in front of her thinking “hello, I’m right here but I guess I don’t count”. She wanted a new group of friends since due to her social awkwardness and rather cold exterior, she does not have an easy time with people. There were many times I could have dumped her but I hung in there, because I know that no one is perfect, we had a long history of knowing each other, and I try to accept people the way they are.

      Now, because of circumstances in my own life, I have not been as social with this extended group yet have stayed somewhat in touch. For the last year for various reasons I don’t have time to be as active as I was. The queen bee of the group actively friend poached my friend (and she gleefully accepted) and they have been obviously and blithely (and I feel, callously) excluding me. It hurts. Since I’m not a fighter and I feel beaten down by some stuff in my own life, I’ve decided to retreat a bit from this group, let the chips fall where they may and try to make other friends. I realize this means I may be excluded from the group completely over time. Social media, also known as Fakebook, (which I am trying to avoid) is like the dagger just being pushed in further, when these people (who are all over 50) in their need for attention, ego boosting and oneupsmanship, aggressively post “status updates” and photos of their outings.

      Having known each one of these women separately for 15 years, I know for a fact they are bonding over bashing and trashing me, and putting me down. It hurts. I am not perfect but I try to be kind. I continue to try to let go, and focus on their positive sides. Historically I get depressed and beat myself up when this happens. This naturally does not help matters.

      Over the past year, my social newcomer has trumped my social status in my long term group. It’s strange how things work out. One really has to have a thick skin in the course of life to get through these uncomfortable situations with groups of women.

      • Lula says:

        Hi Susan,
        I dealt with something similar. I find I feel I am being excluded from my ” group of friends” because of the energy I am giving off and because I have been excluding myself. Also, I realize that much of it is a delusion and I am not really being excluded but maybe these just aren’t the right friends for me. Here is a littl back story of what happened.. I moved to Boston 1 year ago now and was immediately welcomed with so much love by a group of women in recovery. This group already had well established leaders of the group, which happened to be two women who had the most time sober and had been around a while. I could sense there was this sort of mama hen pecking order and all the other women sort of just followed what they did and wanted to sit by them when we were at events or usual meet up groups. I have always moved around a lot in my life and been friends with everyone- the needs the musicians the popular kids- whoever. I don’t like cliques. I was welcomed into this group and at first I thought it was great. We would do many intimate group activities and I started to really be in the middle of the group hanging out with everyone. Over time I started to realize I wasn’t really vibing with some of the people and I developed close relationships with other gals. I was ok with this. However I started to get annoyed by these two ” elders” of the group dictating everything. They seemed to ok who was allowed in the group and it just started to seem exclusive to me and I am not about that at all. I personally also didn’t really vibe with these two women and at first I took it as a reflection on me but then I realized I don’t really want to be like them and I don’t really like to hang out with them, it always feels awkward. I started to draw back from the exclusive group things and just hang of with people that I really liked within the group. I was still friends with everyone but I was really trying to focus on nurturing the friendships with the gals where it just happened organically. I started to hang out with a gal who was lonely outsider and I loved her to death, still do. She is awesome and even though she didn’t hang out with any of these other gals I would still invite her to do things. Soon one of the ” elders” started to realize what a great person she was and started to hang with her here and there, and all of the sudden this friend doesn’t call me anymore, she hangs out with these other gals and posts pictures of them hanging out where she didn’t invite me etc.. I find it super weird but I’m just going to let it go and remember she really wanted to find friends and be accepted and now she has more friends and she is getting to know them and hang out with them, and I try to not take it personally. It hurts like hell because it makes me feel like she doesn’t see me as cool haha but I just remind myself to be me, do what I love, try to be of service to fellows and have an open heart to everyone regardless. Remember, people are strange when you’re a stranger 🙂

      • Gwen says:


        I pretty much had the same thing happen to me and am approaching it the same way and moving on.

        Since this blog ended, I found a great resource to understanding toxic relationships, highly recommend…..Dr Ramani on youtube. She explores the dynamics of toxic relationships, it is eye opening. Wishing you all the best,

    • Leslie says:

      Hi Eve, this is exactly the very same situation that happened with this trouble maker in our group…and it so happened she was able to fool the other girls and push me out. I would simply not say a word and let her bury herself, b/c if you say anything to others, they might not believe you. yes, she is a mean girl and she wants to be the leader….so, just let it go, let others take the lead, and if she is there fine, if not, fine to…think of her as she is, a distant acquaintance. She is trying to push herself in way too quickly…that is exactly what the trouble maker I spoke of did with me. She had just moved into the development, and the first woman and I were very close friends. She actually said, “Why don’t you let me take you places when you need a ride instead of always asking Edie!” I looked at her like, “Where are you coming from” And from that time on, I knew there would be problems and there were constant problems with her. She could never be pleased. She always had to have it her way? That is what this woman sounds like. Unfortunately she may break up the group….and this is when you get to see which ones are your loyal friends…unfortunately…this is when the true selves show themselves. So hand in there, identify it as what it is, and just let the chips fall where they may, and be happy for the good times you’ve had. It is so pathetic, when you have a group of girls that get along so well, and all it takes is one to upset the apple cart…the other girls that allow it to happen, are not true friends, unfortunately…so, hang in there. Hugs.

  21. Flo says:

    Hello everyone, I am Flo and I am 28 years old. I would like to share my own experience. I have always been shy and private. In high school I had 2 best friends and they moved away after high school. We are still in touch till today. In university, I had 2 best friends but that relationship eventually fell apart as one of them accused me of “cheating” with her ex boyfriend. This left me traumatized and basically friendless in university. But anyways, it is obvious I am not the kind of person with plenty of friends.

    When I started working about 3 years ago, I met a few nice colleagues and eventually started hanging out with them outside of work. I started meeting their other girlfriends and we started to hang out more often. There were 4 of us, 3 of us were single and 1 was married. We used to go out every weekend, binge drinking, going to restaurants together, men-hunting and so on.

    On May 2015, I met my current boyfriend. I had been single for a while after the last dramatic relationship in university. The girls were at first quite encouraging with our relationship. There were a few times I had to decline their invites for coffee or dinner because I had other commitments (eg, work, dinner with my boyfriend’s family or my family – getting to know each other’s family) but I would always try to make it up later (eg, going for coffee the day after or the next weekend).

    By beginning of 2016, after New Years, I noticed there was a drastic change in the group’s behavior towards me. I would invite them out for outings and no one would reply me. I saw pictures of them hanging out without me on social media (obviously I was not invited). As you could imagine, I was quite hurt.

    I made an attempt to repair the relationship during the Lunar Chinese New Year in early February 2016. My mother and I decided to invite the girls over for a traditional Chinese Lunch at my house. To my disappointment, none of them replied to my invitation. There was no apology given. I thought their behavior was rude and disrespectful to my mother. I had to lie to my mother that the girls were traveling for the long holiday as to not hurt her feelings.

    Since then I have removed them from my life. I deleted their numbers and no longer in touch with them. My boyfriend had been my rock throughout the way.

    I have learned that it is better to be alone than to have meaningless friends. Of course I still feel hurt but I have learned to move on to better things in life. I hope that if you are reading this and is in the same situation as I was, please move on and keep your head up.

    • Mandy says:

      Thanks for sharing your story Flo.

      I’m 30 and also a 1 – 2 friend person. Through my childhood and into high school I have been about a small, but intimate group of friends, but have suffered long periods of friendlessness as I was not popular or mainstream.

      At university, my best friend fell out with me because she changed drastically (in a negative way) over a guy who was using her and when I tried to talk to her about it – she was very defensive. Basically, she wanted me to go from being an honest, principled and supportive friend to a spineless, ‘yes’ woman and I wasn’t having it. I can’t support destructive behaviour just to keep the peace and remain (fake) friends. So she moved on to other friends.

      Later, I made some new friends and we even lived together for a year. Then when things got serious with my boyfriend (now husband), I had a similar experience to yours but a bit less dramatic. Like you, I spend a lot time with my SO and did my best to balance that and hanging out with my friends. Currently, my friends don’t invite me to social events, and the last time we were together for lunch at my house, it was quite uncomfortable, as I’m the only one of the group in a happy relationship, while they are either single, casually dating or in a complicated relationship with a baby daddy. They were complaining about “good men being non-existent” but when I commented that there are some great single men out there (in a “think positive, you’ll find someone way”), it got all cold and awkward. Our relationship has deteriorated to the cordial acquaintances level and we rarely ever see each other beyond crossing paths at the supermarket or mall.

      I’ve been told its difficult to be my friend because I seem to be “perfect” with a loving husband, great career and accolades. Apparently, this makes women feel inadequate around me. Even when I share my flaws, mistakes and insecurities, they feel like despite my issues I have “achieved so much” and they haven’t been able to overcame their own hangups. So they feel bad about themselves around me, for me being me, because they do admit I don’t brag or rub their faces in it and that I’m quite supportive. Me being nice makes them even more frustrated, like “why is she so perfect?!!”. I guess if I was less of an achiever, it would make them feel better but I would never advise anyone to “dull their shine” for the sake of making someone feel better about themselves.

      I have now resigned myself to having no friends. Through all this, my husband has been very supportive. He is my best friend.

      Do you ever miss the camaraderie of female friendship or womanly advice? Have you sought out new friends?

      • Martha says:

        Mandy, omg I totally feel the same way. You described the “everyone thinks I’m perfect” and they feel inadequate around me. I’m 40 with three grown kids (started way too young) so me and my husband are already empty nesters while many of our friends are starting over (?) since we had kids early we always had to work to support our family. SO I WORK. Office hours in a big corporate world of over 17,000 employees, decent pay with good benefits. We’ve downsized our home for only the two of us. Everyone else is still competing with bigger homes, multiple homes. Bigger boats, bigger campers, bigger everything. I don’t understand. To top it off, none of their wives work, so we have absolutely nothing in common. Gossip bores me, intellectual conversations delight me. But I can’t seem to get anything out of any of my relationships because we can’t relate. I been through a lot in my life, been divorced, my youngest daughter was severely sick last year with a bacteria that attacked her entire body and organs. She’s struggled for months in the hospital then rehab. Not one of my supposedly friends came to the hospital or even offered any help. That’s when I finally decided enough was enough. Fake was too much to handle. But I believe it has thrown me into depression because of how everyone around me was so unhelpful and unsupportive. Loneliness is also bad, just because people think “I’m perfect “. I’ve dealt with friends thinking I’m perfect my entire life and I just don’t understand why they feel this way and then make me feel excluded.

        • Kristin says:

          Hi Mandy & Martha,

          Seriously–can we be friends? I am almost 40, balance work, kids & husband and enjoy intellectual, non-gossip conversation! I struggle with the same issues with women…being excluded because I have been called “too nice” by the gossipy moms as I try to lead a no-drama, simple life trying to be kind to others and see their good points rather than knocking people down to feel better about myself.

          Not sure how to private message via this forum but would definitely like to connect with you!

    • Rina says:

      I would have been so happy to come to that part with you and your mom. Just remember that not everyone will be crappy to you. Best blessings.

    • Leslie says:

      Hi Flo, just a few thoughts here…first, you were very close with these gals, and then you found a boyfriend, who filled up most of your time, which is normal and it happens, especially when you first meet someone. Instead of these girls realizing that they would do the same, if they met someone, they were hurt and thought you dumped them for the boyfriend. I’ve seen this happen time and time again…you didn’t do anything wrong…and if one girl remained that would have been a plus. I know it hurts awful, but feel your right in accepting it for what it is. A mature and confident girlfriend would let you go and be happy for you, in stead these gals took it personal and hurtful. They should have said, yeah, your happy go with this and when you get a chance, lets get together, but they were in stead, immature and selfish. When I was younger, an older friend told me this. “My very good friends I can count on one hand, and my Acquaintances’, I would count on both hands and both feet and still would need more fingers and toes…lol”. So, later in life, one or two of them may want to revisit your friendship…if they do, see what happens. If they discuss the issue with you, fine, I’d say give them another chance, but if they don’t discuss why they cut you out of their lives, then no, I’d say, make excuses and move on. My best to you

  22. Kiera says:

    Hi there! I could really use some advice in a matter that I have been fortunate enough not to have properly experienced before.
    I’m 23 years old and (2 years ago) I moved to a different city, away from my network of close friends, my family and my boyfriend, for university. When I started attending uni I started making friends and I made them fast but quickly realised that one of the people I started a friendship with could be considered “toxic”. The is incredibly self absorbed, she uses the people around her, takes what she wants, does what she wants, does not accept the consequences of her actions and leaves others to clean up her mess. Unfortunately she is one of my flatmates and the problems extend to her excessively taking recreational drugs, generating noise complaints and has just left to spend a semester on the other side of the world and left us in our flat to deal with the anti-social behavioral team who have opened a case against our flat due to her partying.
    The problem with the group of friends is that I have decided to cut her out of my life – ever since moving to this new city for university she has made my time there miserable – but she has this charm, no matter how much she treats others like a doormat she is able to wrap them around her finger, they feel like they need her and need to protect her. Now, even half way across the other side of the world, she’s causing me misery. All of my friends I have made in this new city are now completely excluding me – I don’t know what she’s said precisely but I do know it’s her influence.
    I’m away from my home, my friends, my family, my boyfriend, in a new city feeling completely alone and miserable. I’ve never had problems making and keeping friends and this experience is so unusual for me, I don’t know how to deal with it.
    Furthermore, upon talking to some of my friends individually about it, they also see that she is self absorbed, delusional and toxic – yet they do nothing about it. I feel like a total alien being the only one who would stand up to her. I’m not looking for anybody to “take sides”… what I want is for them to be adults – be her friend if they like but not to punish me for standing up for myself. She’s in my university class, as are my other “friends”.

    It feels like some high school drama and quite frankly I’d expect that kind of treatment and behavior to be left in high school.

    • Kate says:

      That’s sad Kiera. Toxic people do exist so maybe just concentrate on ur studies and work and new friends will come along they always do . I found a toxic friend is best out of your life and the others will learn soon enough when they see you with some new friends. What city are you in? You should get a new hobby .

      Kate x

  23. Julia says:

    Can anyone help? I am 50 and have emigrated to another country, so am away from old friends and family. I have made some new friends, but they work and therefore I rarely see them. I have 2 children of 11 and 13. About a year ago a girl joined the school and my daughter became friends with hers. Her mother seemed really nice so I asked her for a coffee. We became great friends. About a year ago my friend and a few women from school started going out for coffee once a week. It has been really lovely, however recently the daughters of the ladies have formed a strong exclusive group which my daughter has been excluded from. I except that friendships between girls can be tricky and that not everyone can be friends but I have been upset. I feel I have coped with the situation well even though it has been tricky. Recently though I have been left out of get togethers because their girls are getting together. My friends daughter is now best friends with one of the other mums daughters, so they spend a lot of time together. I am sooo upset and feel it is beginning to show. I have found myself constantly apologising for sharp comments and don’t know how to continue. I did try and let one of the mums know how I felt about my daughters situation and she was really lovely, but later that day saw her car outside my friends house and wondered if they were talking about me. Of course I could well be being over sensitive to a situation that is totally normal. All I know is that I feel like a teenager again and that it is consuming me. Any thoughts?

    • Jane says:

      Hi Julia. My heart goes out to you as I went through something similar and it was very challenging. I wish I had some words of wisdom to offer you or that I could take away your feelings of discomfort. I had just one child. You mention you have two. I would like to be generous and say perhaps the women don’t realize the impact their behaviour and their daughters behaviour are having on you and your daughter. Perhaps you may have another chance of forming friendships around your other daughter and her friends mothers. Look after your daughter who is being left out. Give her the opportunities to make new friends. Seek professional help if necessary to make sure your daughter has good social skills and does not have a non verbal disability. My daughter’s social alienation went on for years and unfortunately I can’t get the years back now to erase the harm the alienation did to her. You are articulate, are aware that there is a problem and are reaching out. You should be proud of that. All the best to you and your family.

  24. Juliet says:

    I love this website – has helped me get over a massive been bee/bullying episode in my life. I’ve just joined no, but promise to share my experiences ASAP xxxxx

  25. Elena says:

    I have always been excluded from what ever is going on, and I only get invited to family events if my parents are going. Its nothing new, and for most of my life, I’ve been told its me.
    People just don’t like me, unless I can do something for them or give them money. I won’t hear from people for months on end, but if you need some work done, I am the first person called. But If I can’t do what you need when you need it, I am a greedy selfish person, and get told lose my number.

    I have always been told I am a miserable horrible person, who doesn’t give 2 shits about anyone, but myself.

    I guess its true. Got invited to a party, that they didn’t think we would attend. Showed up, not enough seats for us and no attempt to make the room. “We figured you wouldn’t come”, was the reply.
    Why stay? We left.

    • Wendy says:

      Well, I can tell from reading this email I’d probably like you! I think some people can be easily offended by overt honesty, or bluntness, which I find totally refreshing. I think some of us women might be looking for connections in the wrong places. Keep trying. I suspect you’ll find some women that appreciate you for being totally authentic!

  26. lysee says:

    This happened to me a few times a while back and I had to take a hard look at myself While for some reason some women feel better about themselves being exclusive, the fact is that if this has happened more than once than some of the blame has to fall on you.

    When it happened to me for the third time I decided to change the ways I was handling friendships and groups that I was involved in. Frankly, the groups that let me go I really wasn’t enjoying either (for the same reasons stated above, being left out, not being talked to, and so on) and it was time to move on – but I lingered hoping things would change instead of removing myself and keeping some dignity.

    So I took a cue from a man writing about the same thing and looked at this as a opportunity to remove myself from toxic groups that were affecting my self esteem. I could also reinvent myself. Now when I am with friends I do the following, try to always be positive, don’t gossip, keep secrets and treat everyone well. And that seems to be working for me. I also am respectful of their time, show up to my commitments, and if I feel there is someone toxic in the group then I remove myself quickly. This has really worked for me and I have found myself with a great group of girlfriends and no longer worry that I am the loser of the group. And if I can learn it in my 40’s so can you. And by the way – this happens to everyone, how you handle it is what makes the difference.

    • Mary says:

      Lysee – well said, I needed to read that!! “this happens to everyone, how you handle it is what makes the difference”

    • Amy says:

      Well said. So glad I found this site. I am going through same thing along side my daughter. Needed to scroll through these responses today! ?

    • Charlotte says:

      Great advice. I too have learned at the ripe old age of 54 how to manage friendships with the female species. I am sorry to say that the dynamics of women does not change even in the nursing home! I have heard horrible mean girl stories from my senior friends, being excluded at the nursing home cliques. I know it is difficult to manage and being an unmarried lady I did not have a sister or a daughter either so have had so many experiences and so many disappointments from friendships. I have tried so hard not to be a gossip, be a loyal confidant and keep my distance from the gossipy types. I am so thankful for the recent release of books on the introvert personality being valued and employers recognizing the value of introverts at the workplace. Being raised in a large extended female dominated family, I did have many female cousins but I only had a brother growing up so always craved a sister. I have worked for over 30 years in a female dominated workplace so that has also been very challenging. Women are so blatantly two faced. It astounds me sometimes – even church groups are even worse. The mind games on the niceness and their bible study and prayer groups but I soon found out it was a way to get into the behind the scenes and more fodder for the gossip mill. Hope this does not sound too negative either but I found this blog and sure has helped me feel less alone. I keep reciting the ‘people need people’ mantra but sometimes I seriously wonder.

  27. JAM says:

    Having “lots” of friends is overrated. Work at a few good/genuine ones, and be friendly when you go places in general. Being able to forget about the rest is a blessing.


  28. Daniela says:

    I can relate to your post on so many levels and do know the pain -it is just awful. The older that I get the less tolerance I have for this -even with long term relationships. I would keep my distance from anyone at this point who makes you feel this way. I’d rather stand alone than to be in a group where I am feeling alone. I’m so very sorry…I know this is a late late late follow up, but if you are still in this same boat, I would change my traffic patterns and start the process of doing what you like to do and finding new friends along the way.

  29. Genevieve says:

    I can certainly relate to all of your posts. When I was in college 30 years ago I introduced my college roommate to a friend I had known for years. I considered her my mentor she and her husband had shared the Gospel with me. Next thing I know I have psycho roommate accusing me of leaving lipstick stains on a glass when I had been on vacation out of town for a month (please tell me she had washed dishes in that span of time). My old friend announced it was her lipstick on the glass and then all was right with the world. A month later the roommate moved out and I never heard from my old friend again 30 years later I learned that old friend was having martial problems, and the real kicker she didn’t even remember my psycho roommate. Sometimes we just get caught in the middle of other folks drama laden lives. Recently there was a woman who became friends with my boyfriend. He was always,wanting me to meet her. But when I felt up to it after my hair had grown back from the chemo. I found out the woman was upset because I had not died from Cancer, she was going around town grilling everyone I knew,wanting to know my doctor’s name. The final straw was when my now former boyfriend told me I should ease her doubts by showing her my medical reports. Well I didn’t show her my report a but I did show him the door At 54 I’ve decided friendships are highly overrated. I go to work I come home and that’s enough

  30. DeborahM says:

    I am a 64 year old woman who has found myself in the same place as others.

    Due to a dysfunctional family, believe it or not, my husband and I were not spoken to for three years because my Narcissistic Mother (now deceased) had accused us of leaving her (since we had lived near her) and moving 23 miles away. She did not want to move….

    I found some friends in the area we moved to two couples who had known each other for 30 something years. For the most part I felt equal but lately I am not being asked to do things with the group. Since I had become to feel they were family, this behavior hurts.

    I came from a family where rejection was the treatment as well as the silent treatment so when I am in these situations it brings up all that behavior from the past.

    I would love to not feel this feeling with friends anymore. I don’t think threes work….

    I put out most of the effort, outdoor parties, arranging outings and move of the time everyone responds.

    I just don’t like this feeling anymore….and I have been in this situation before. I have never had close friends.

    • Courtney says:

      Dear Deborah,

      I was sad to read your post, only because I keep hoping that with each passing decade, these sort of toxic-inducing relationships would cease, or people learn to be more inclusive and kind (I am approaching 50).

      What struck me in reading your post, though, is something my now deceased mother, a family systems counselor, might have had to offer. She would often say that we surround ourselves with people at times in our life who trigger our childhood and family issues so we can work through them. In other words, friends serve us for a reason, a season, or a lifetime (or sometimes more than one purpose), and we, in turn, serve them in similar ways. Life is a journey of life lessons, and people in our journeys help us work through those lessons. Having worked with a clinical narcissist once for only two years, I cannot imagine having been raised by someone who suffers from such immense, manipulative behavior. That must have been one heck of a ride with your mother and family. People who choose not to speak to others instead of communicating through issues are dysfunctional — big time.

      It may be that your friendships, and the current feelings of being pushed away or not included, despite all the effort you appear to be putting forward, might be asking of you to work through some unfinished “business” with your mother and family — as you said, those feelings of rejection. Maybe these situations are asking you to respond differently than you would have in the past — in other words, you might be called to re-wire your existing “tapes” — the ones that play over and over and over in your mind and don’t seem to change — the ones that cause you to doubt your worth or value or likability. I don’t mean you might be asked to work on your relationship with your family — rather you might be asked to respond differently internally to those similar triggers that your family relationships produced for you for so many years.

      I had similar issues that played out in the last decade with at first, a group of three (you are right — threes are terrible sometimes!). I realized a few things and offer this to ponder in your own situation. I have a very good relationship with my husband. He is my best friend. My other two friends have wonderful husbands, but they aren’t as emotionally “available” as mine is, and as such, they are very dependent on one another (and others) to help fill what is missing. As such, they spent a lot of time together. In retrospect, I think what I perceived as an exclusion by them, might have been something they needed from each other (their life lessons). I now wish I could have simply blessed that quietly, in my heart, and not taken it as personally. The group of three has expanded a bit, and what is interesting, is that all the women in this group have similar relationships with their husbands — good men, but emotionally perhaps different or less available than my husband. They are, as a group, an odd pairing of personalities. I think the reality of it is, my husband and I are a bit different and perhaps not the ideal fit.

      I ask you to contemplate that about your own pairings as well. Is it a good fit among the three women, but not ideal with the spouses? You also mention that they have a 30-year bond. Maybe they are simply missing some of that one-on-one time they had together before you entered their circle.

      Here is what worked for me that may not be applicable, but perhaps helpful.

      1) Ask yourself if your response to the rejection reminds you of your childhood responses. If so, you might be being called to change these responses, even if they are simply internal conversations you are having with and about yourself.

      2) Do you feel good about yourself in the presence of these couples if you were not being excluded? Do they enhance your life, lift your spirits? If yes, then you may not want to rid yourself of them (yet). If it isn’t ideal, you have to ask if you are connecting with people who are repeating your childhood patterns.

      3) Are there other people you can seek out to do things with to fill the gap and give you something to do in your community (with and without your spouse)? I would encourage you to branch out. I did that, and it flipped my mental ‘tapes.’ I know that I am not dependent on this group of people for my happiness or my engagement with others. It allows me to enjoy the time with them when I am included and to respond differently when I am not (I am still saddened and hurt, but it doesn’t last as long as it did)!

      4) Can you make time with one of them at a time? Invite one pair for dinner or another activity (or you ask just the female) and then invite the other pair for another event? Maybe you connect with one more than another and they might be receptive to doing something with you on occasion.

      5) If they continue to exclude you more regularly than including you, it is time to move on and find others. If they are manipulating in this tug of war, then it is re-creating your dysfunctional history and you don’t need that baggage in your life. If they are kind, but simply doing more together, you need to decide if they are worth trying to arrange time with, or if your lesson is simply to learn to more ideally respond to rejection so that the next friendships you make will be even more enriching.

      I have tried these recommendations in my own situation. I meet weekly with one of the women in the original triangle and it has been wonderful. I know that I bring as much to her life as she does mine. I do not see the other in the triangle as much or regularly. I decided she really didn’t life my spirits and I found her to be the more dysfunctional in our group, though I can love her as another soul with a bruised childhood on her own journey as well. When the big group gets together, I anticipate that I will find out I was excluded from some recent event, or trip, etc. But now, I have a few other friends I do things with as well, so I am in “control” ultimately of my happiness. I focus instead on how I can be a good friend to the members of this group when I am with them.

      I wish you the very best; you will make friends. God/Spirit/Universe will come through!

      • Sarah gali says:

        What a fabulous answer. Thanks so much, you have just helped me see things from a different perspective. Thank you so much xx

      • Joy says:

        What a thoughtful and wise reply. I’m going to study it and take it to heart because of a situation I am presently going through with a small group of women in my neighborhood, one in particular. I thought this woman was the friend of a lifetime, a true and rare “kindred spirit”. The first time I walked into her living room I saw many of my most lived books there! Also, our feelings on religion seemed a match. We would work out together and talk about everything under the sun. She was always “hot and cold”, and red flags came up over and over. It seems now she can barely tolerate me. She had a very difficult childhood and two bad marriages and is extremely sensitive to real or imagined slights. My buoyant nature and stable marriage seem to irritate her, also my Independant thinking. She has become very close to another woman on our street, one who is nothing like her but much more of a follower than I, and darn it, I’m jealous! I know it’s silly and childish. My husband says to just let it go and I know he’s right. I still must see her due to a neighborhood book group and other activities and part of me still wishes the friendship could be rekindled. But when I see her I can tell she really can barely tolerate being around me and it really hurts my feelings intensely. I am fortunate enough to have some other friends so I’m not completely lacking in friendships but that doesn’t seem to stop it from kind of breaking my heart.

        • Judy says:

          Hi Joy! Funny thing, I found myself on here also due to a neighborhood problem. In my case, this goes back several years. When our kids were little a group of women in our neighborhood, me included, would get together with our kids so we could chat and they could play. As the kids got older they would have play dates at each others homes. I saw red flags about one woman ( excluding one woman because of her husband’s ethnic background is one example). My son and the red flag neighbor’s son were best friends, but things started to sour as the red flag neighbor seemed to start to resent me. I believe it was because I was finishing a college program for teaching and she may have been envious. Her son started to bully mine. There was bullying on the bus stop and her son encouraged others to join in. When he was over our house along with another child and my son came inside to get something I overheard this kid tell the other child to disagree with any activity my son wanted to do. He had learned triangulation at a young age from his mother. Since there was no let up in the bullying, I decided to speak to my neighbor about it. Well, she brushed it off as kids will be kids ( of course she had the bigger kid!) and then picked a fight about all these terrible things that I supposedly had done to her, all untrue. She started a smear campaign in the neighborhood. I would later learn this is a pattern with her. Pick a fight, then smear the person, then try to make up when she picks another neighbor to fight with. Anyway, most people didn’t join in with her, and one neighbor told me what she was doing and some of the gossip she was spreading. But here is the hurtful part. I was friendly with the woman across the street. My husband was friendly with hers and we would get together several times a year at each others houses, as well as sit outside talking in nice weather. Well, they abruptly dropped us, no explanation. This happened right at the time of my other neighbor’s smear campaign so I suspect that was the cause. I tried being friendly, tried starting conversations with my ” friend” only to be cut off and treated to her eye rolling. If we passed in the supermarket she just put her head down. We invited them to a party and when she saw from her window that I was outside, she quickly called my land line to RSVP ” no”. It got worse as time went by. They accused us of leaving a nasty note on their car one day when they had parked on our side of the street. We didn’t do that, and had no issue with them being parked there. If there had been an issue we would have spoken to them directly. I suspect my other neighbor framed us by placing that note there, to further alienate them from us. This whole thing was very hurtful, and in fact still hurts because it is so unjust. Like you I have other friends and in fact some very good ones in the neighborhood. But I think the unfairness of that whole situation bothers me more than the end of the friendship. It is also right ” in my face” as yours must be because we are all on the same block. So I don’t have the luxury of going no contact and healing faster. So I understand your pain. I too love Courtney’s reply and suggestions. Hopefully we both can find some healing from her ideas.

        • Lindy says:

          Bingo. It’s happening to me right now. I keep looking at myself to figure out what I’ve done to deserve the exclusion of a woman I thought of as my closest friend. I know I’ve done nothing, this is a behavioural pattern of hers I’ve seen before. Just didn’t recognise it being applied to me. The hurt is deep and lasting, but I’m determined to overcome this too.
          Thanks to Courtney for her wise words. To everyone who has suffered their best friends rejection just keep moving forward and learn who to stay away from in the future.

      • Ffion says:

        Thank you. This has really helped me.

  31. Gabby says:

    Hi Sharon,

    I found this website as I was looking online some reasons for exactly the same case you have at the moment, by reading the comments I find out I’m not the only one who pass through this, which is exactly what many times we think, that this just happen to us.
    I’m new on a city (countryside) in England moved recently from London with a newborn baby, I decided to make new friends so I joined the local group of new mums and mums to be and thought it would be easier meet new people, being that we all have something in common, Babies!! How wrong I was!! I was welcome by a very nice girl who i can feel she could become a real and close friend, she introduced me to all the group and there was me giving my big smile and getting my warm Latin American personality to all of them!! Coffees and meetings and I felt like a fool everyone talking about something I wasn’t aware of, 3 months later of coffees and more reunions I was finally invited to their whatsapp group, obviously I understand why I never knew what was going on before. So there was me happy like if I was invited and accepted to the most exclusive group after being on probation! Sadly to say things hasn’t changed at all! Messages from everyone are back and forwards I can read them and just 2 or 3 of the 9 girls reply to mine, what is worst just been back from the weekly reunion and one if them was giving invitations to everyone on the table for a summer event, yes the Christening of one of the babies, surprise surprise I didn’t get one! I felt so excluded and fool thinking I was a friend to them but obviously I’m not to all!

    So there my reason to look up online about this topic and by reading your experienced I can just think that if they want to exclude me I don’t have to feel bad, guess life is like that some people will like you others don’t! I will continue with the group but I’ll tried to make new friends, not sure if for being a foreigner is a reason but I can just feel pleased with myself that I was friendly and I really tried to be nice to all of them, if some don’t like me, we’ll I guess that’s their choice and I’ll respect that, we clearly have different personalities, some we are up and ready to make new friends others simply can’t or don’t want it! 🙂

    • Kirsty says:

      I am honestly crying reading this. I know its old but i felt the need to comment.
      I’m 26 and have been having real problems with the group I hang with.
      Dozens of times they’ve done things without me, when pictures are posted i’m literally cut out, i’m not included in the whatsapp group but they happily discuss it in front of me and most recently one of them got married and i was the only one not invited.
      I am feeling quite distraught by it all.
      I’ve been reading online about it and most advise is to ignore it and move onto other people/make new friends.
      I find it hard to cut myself off from friendships that i’ve put a lot of effort into for the last five years. What i think hurts most is that I clearly didn’t mean as much to them as they did to me. 🙁

      • Hannah says:

        I can relate to this.
        Feeling like a silly teen crying my eyes out because I was on a walk with my eldest daughter today and happened to pass my ‘best friend’s’ house to find her, 2 of my other friends and their husbands and children all getting ready to leave for a picnic/ boating trip which we were not invited to!
        I don’t know what I have done wrong. I am devastated. It had not even been mentioned to me. When they say me walking past they asked me if I wanted to join but I said I had to work.
        We had all been out together the night before for a birthday party but no one mentioned they were all going out together today.
        Upset for me but so sad for my kids who have grown up with these people butbhave this last year been excluded from so many events which I find out about later via Facebook pictures saying what a great time they all had together.
        I thought after high school all this crap was supposed to go away.

    • donnie says:


  32. Cyn says:

    Yes, mean girls exist into their thirties, forties and fifties. A reality we all have to face as women at some time or another. It has never been difficult for me to separate myself from such nonsense. I move on and I fill my life with the things that bring me contentment and enjoyment. I spent the afternoon at the Book Store writing in my journal, people watching, drinking my Flat White and eating my Cannoli at Starbucks. I spend a lot of time alone, but with that said. I do not have to deal with drama, jealousy and idle gossip. I have come to realize that not everyone want’s to make new connections, it is their loss. I am not the kind of person who will infuse myself into Cliques. There are women who never get over HS. I guess coming from NYC, all of my friends have moved on to different phases of their lives, have made new connections. I still remain friends with people I have known since Elementary and HS but have also managed to make new connections and have gained personal growth in the process. I have removed people from my life who are fair weather friends, those women who keep me at arms length. Those who call me a friend but whose actions speak otherwise. I am not the friend you have on the side when you have nobody else to hang with, the girls shopping trips, the weekend movie trips. I have seen it all, grown women who are exclusive to only a certain circle of people. I thought I left the HS mentality when I graduated, but I see the mentality still exists way beyond the HS lunch table. I am lucky, I have my ex husband who is wonderful, he is a wonderful father and has tried to make my life here just a little bit easier. I would like to move back to NYC, I have heard from an apartment complex in NYC that I applied for two years ago, a lottery. The apartments in luxury buildings in Manhattan. I was contacted off of the list and told that within a year or so, I may have a place in Manhattan to live. I am seriously considering it. I miss home, although Cheyenne is where I reside. NYC is my home, a person is never alone in her own company. In NYC I had so much to do and so much to occupy my time. I worked, was working on my Masters Degree. I would like to finish what I started years ago.

    • Cyn says:

      I have an Autistic son who is going to be 19, it is hard but he is my priority. I am not a weekend alcoholic, not my style. I see a great deal of this kind of childish behavior from women my age. I am 52 not 22 and I have no time for the man trolling and over excessive weekend binges. Not my style at all.

      • Jennifer Anne says:

        at least you have friends from school mine all stated to me on facebook that they never cared for me in the first place. I also feel your pain about going to a public place alone and getting the gossip girl vibe from others while your peacefully just trying for your day. I hope the best for you just a friendly nudge. (btw people hate seeing content and happy that’s why you get the cold shoulder) my own life experiences

        • morcika says:

          i was also thinking about this “people hate seeing content and happy” thing. what i surely know is that i hear a lot of complaining around me. sure, it is good to be able to share one’s problems, but is life only about problems? and yes, extremely good things don’t happen every single day either, but let’s not forget that for some sad reason we always notice bad more easily, so we’ll say “oh my, i met such an idiot on the road!” much more easily/likely, than for example “imagine, i saw such a beautiful house today, i just loved it!” with great enthusiasm.

          at that point i always think that why can’t we just do something together? share an experience? it can be the simplest one. let’s cook something together. or just go for a bike ride. or a walk. or watch a movie. or go to the theater. or if you have some work to do in your garden and i happen to have time, let me help. (or the other way round.) and then afterwards we’ll have an ice-cream, because we deserve it. 🙂 somehow i feel that sharing these experiences is out of fashion. or maybe i am wrong. but i think these make one content and happy, and even happier if shared with someone. … i still have absolutely no clue why it seems to work for some, why it doesn’t for others, and why there are circles where it seems to work but it actually doesn’t, because though they are together, nothing else keeps them that way but gossip and complaining.

          • Lovey says:

            Hi Morcika,

            I really enjoyed reading your post. For what it’s worth …. I understand and agree with every word you said. Perhaps it’s more of a personality thing, or maybe a learnt behaviour from watching too much “reality” TV, but I do notice that many women are all about drama and problems, and don’t seem interested in sharing positive experiences. I could no sooner be close friends with a drama queen than a weekend binge drinker. That’s just not who I am and we would not be a good fit.

            I had a very dear friend (she passed away a few years ago), and she would be so enthusiastic about the most mundane things … like the incredibly beautiful pork roast she found at the butcher for dinner tonight. LOL That was one of her most appealing personality traits, she shared her enjoyment about the little things. I’m sure some people thought she was a little eccentric, but her many, many friends thought it was great. The rare time she had something negative to say, you paid serious attention because it didn’t happen often.

            When you said take a walk, or garden and then treat ourselves to ice cream, you were speaking my language. The people who enjoy sharing experiences and simple pleasures are out there, and if we don’t spend our all precious socializing time with the drama queens, we might just meet the ice cream friends. 🙂

            • morcika says:

              hi Lovey,

              thanks for your compliments. 🙂
              i hope you are right, and those people are really out there. 🙂

              take care.

        • T.K. Whalen says:

          I had to reply to this although it is an older post. I think that your friends from school are the most HORRID people I have ever heard of. Jennifer – you are good to be rid of them – UNFRIEND those bitches and block them for good measure. I hope you find friendship and authentic happiness soon

  33. Tanya says:

    I have a similar situation to many I have read here. I have (or maybe had is a better term) a group of female friends had noticed I’d been excluded from several activities.

    What astounded me is that in a world of social media where people post their lives on various sites, if asked “what have you been up to” they respond “nothing” when you’ve been seeing pictures and posts of all of their recent activities – makes me wonder if they think I’m stupid or terribly naive.

    I got together with one of these ladies for coffee, and mentioned that I had not heard much from anyone, and it seemed like my invitations to get together were always being declined. If there was a reason why I would have like to know, especially if someone felt I had somehow been unkind to them. She didn’t really respond and changed the subject to her personal dating life.

    Interestingly before getting together I had noticed that this lady and a couple of others from this group had signed up as a team for a charity event I had participated in with them in the past. I could have brought it up, but based on how quickly she changed the topic when I asked about the decline in communication, I decided to just let it go.

    I’ve come to realize that relationships change, and you cannot hang on to the past. If you spend too much time dwelling on why some people are excluding you life may just pass you by. Time is better spent on activities you enjoy, get involved, and maybe you will make some new friends.

    • Hannah says:

      See yes i have exactly the same thing with my ‘friends’.
      I don’t understand what I am doing wrong.
      Glad you feel able to let go and move past it. I hope I can too one day. Right now its too raw and I just want to cry like a silly teenage girl.

  34. Janet says:

    I have 2 friends that live in other parts of the country. We only see each other for a day or so a year. when we meet up they have these lengthy involved discussions about stuff they did in the past or plans for the figure and completely leave me out. One time they started to plan a trip together while I sat there seemingly invisible. Finally I blurted out “what am I? Chopped liver? I would like to go too? They just looked at me then carried on as if I wasn’t serious because I don’t have as much money as them. Last year a similar thing went on despite the fact that I had been invited along ziplining. So there we 3 are up hundreds of feet in the forest and they are rabbiting on about some topic they both were fully informed about and I knew nothing. I would try to interject but eventually I have up. They used to live with each other so they have a more intimate level of relationship than with me. I get that but it’s still really blatantly ignorant and it hurts quite a bit as I don’t have a lot of good friends. I’m afraid to bring it up because I don’t want to cause a wedge of resentment and have them feel they have to be careful around me. If I get a good opportunity when we meet up in a couple of weeks I will bring it up because I’m pretty sure they don’t know how hurt I feel about it.

    • Tara says:

      I completely understand your situation. I too am the third wheel in a friendship with two other ladies. Although I have on many occasion made mention of the fact that I was not involved in the origins of something they are discussing, so have no history, they usually just keep talking.

      I’ve come to realize I’m never going to have the same type of friendship with either of these ladies that they have with each other. That realization was something of an epiphany for me, and I accept this friendship for what it is.

      You mentioned you only see these ladies a few times a year, hopefully you have other friends you see more regularly who make you feel more included. If not then I can only suggest getting involved in something you enjoy and maybe you will meet some new friends that share your interests.

      • donnie says:

        I read your articles with fun you ladies don’t know you have a good life style, AS a man I have no circle at all so be happy as cog no. 3 my dear.

      • mplo says:

        I, too, can identify with being the “Odd girl out”, in a sort of a 3-wheel friendship (a friendship it wasn’t for me.). When I was growing up, there were a couple of girls in my grade, one of who lived diagonally across the street from me, and the other who lived next door, who not only used to always be around playing together, but who also did everything and went everywhere together.

        Occasionally, they would invite me to play with them, but mostly, they would not, and they’d often pull an excuse when I came around wanting to play with them, though they sometimes let me stay. It hurt, and I cried about it rather often, and I often got this sort of “well, it’s your own fault, you’ve got to change.” sort of advice from my family. Being excluded hurt.

        It wasn’t until after our 20th-year high school class reunion, however, that the girl who’d lived next door to me and I became friends, and we still see each other on occasion (we’ve both got radically different lifestyles and schedules, which is probably why). The girl who lived diagonally across the street from me, however (She’d more than likely been the instigator regarding excluding me most of the time.), was her mean, nasty, sneaky and snooty self…like she’d been as a kid. No love lost between the two of us, and I don’t miss her, at all.

  35. Penny says:

    Hi, I have never had a group of friends that hang out and do stuff together. When I met my hubby he became my best friend. He had a group and we met occasionally even though I was an outsider. The girls were a clique but it didn’t bother me. After kids we moved countries and had to start afresh. We met people through our kids. As the kids grew up we met and made a great group of couples, all similar minded and with similar professions and at a similar stage in life. 2 yrs later, one couple distanced themselves and the one I was closest to started hanging out with my sister more than me. I had introduced them! My sister went on holidays with the women and excluded me. I cried tears of blood! I also fell sick and was diagnosed with an auto immune condition. My husband was in his own world and we have been distant for a few years. My illness and the drugs have played havoc on my body. I am 40.kgs heavier and often upset. I now drink too much at parties and have started smoking to ease the pain. The group soon fell apart and 2 couples have separated. I live in a small place. Other people have formed their cliques and its hard to penetrate. We sometimes get invited and sometimes not, but still the women ostracized me from conversation and get togethers. My sister apologised and spent some time with me and just when I thought I had a special sister/buddy, went to a concert and didn’t breathe a word of it to me. She clearly didn’t want me there. I am alone. Its hard to make friends, everyone else has their groups and won’t include you and those that do are not like minded at all. Hubby is aloof and distant. So no friendship there. He likes active stuff to do and my illness stops me from doing things and he gets frustrated and impatient with me. I feel alone and sometimes am overcome with so much grief, I just don’t know where to start and how to handle and fix my life. Help

    • Gwen says:


      My story is similar in some ways. I did a few things to change my life around because it sucked and it was sucking the life out of me! Made a point to get more sleep and more exercise, walked outdoors more, drank less, cleaned my house more, took better care of myself, joined a Facebook (closed) support group for my auto immune disease (huge help-you are not alone!). Biggest thing, I found a friend who is anti clique, very friendly, doesn’t get involved in any drama. It was someone I knew casually to say hello to for a long time . I pushed myself one day and in the supermarket, said “ff you ever want to go for a walk, call me, here’s my #! Many woman are going through the same thing you are. Keep busy and don’t feel sorry for yourself. Anyone would be lucky to have you as a friend. When you start believing it, the connections will slowly turn into friendships. Hang in there. Big hug. It’s the year of the better you!

    • MT says:

      I am sorry to hear of your situation. I have never been a fan of large female groups of friends. There is always trouble with women. Having one or two true friends, if anyone actually has that many would be great. I have a work situation, where I have been working with a group of people for nearly 20 years. It is a small group and everyone bumped along with he occasional upset. However lately we have some new staff members and a female member of staff who I would have regarded as a work friend is now excluding me, for no apparent reason. Coffee breaks are organised quietly as are lunch breaks. If this person slips up by mentioning lunch or coffee in my presence she immediately covers up by saying she is not taking either break. It is now at the stage that I feel totally excluded in the workplace, I am not made aware of what is happening in my workplace and eventually find out after the fact – what goes on in the workplace is vital to me as I play a fairly central role. I know it is not just my imagination as I have one older work colleague who feels the same – we go for coffee together when we can, but when that person is not in work then I am excluded by the others as they go on their breaks. Of course a woman is central to this situation. I was getting very upset by this situation, but I have to ignore them and just deal with them on a professional basis, but it is hard as we spend almost more time in work than with our loved ones. I do have a life outside of work, but it is a quiet one and this horrible feeling does come home with me some days. I hope you can overcome your grief and maybe try to find some group to help you deal with your illness. Can you try to talk to your husband and tell him how it affects you and how you feel? Maybe he could do something less strenuous with you!

  36. Madison says:

    Thank you for your post. There are many great replies.

    I have experienced the same thing, and as a teacher I have seen it in my classrooms. I doubt you are just making it up in your head or causing it. Unfortunately, these things happen.

    The best solution I have found is to not think about it and not be around those people. Measure who you want to be around by how you FEEL when you are with and after you are with them. It can be hard to be “solo” but ultimately it is so rewarding. Find people you connect with and like; start your own group. You don’t need to discuss it with others. That usually doesn’t work and only makes you look weaker. For whatever reason: they don’t want to accept you. Painful, right? But that is what many women do. Trying to gain their acceptance or understand who the leaders are and what they need to involve you, is often just a waste of energy. Instead: pull back. Don’t go to the parties you are invited to, don’t return messages as quickly.

    Yes, it probably will be the end of those relationships. But: new ones will begin. They will. If you don’t feel wanted somewhere–why be there? Why put yourself in those situations? I used to try and endure them and be as kind as possible or give attention to the one who seemed to need it the most (the likely cause), but that grew tiring. I have found that other women see and experience the same thing, and those are probably the ones you could be friends with.

    Create your own world Read books, watch TV, hang with your family. It’s powerful. It is good to have a group of girlfriends you have fun with, but many women don’t. Find groups centered around your hobbies. Don’t engage too much or give too much personal info. Unfortunately people seems to use it against each other or share inappropriately at some point. Be in control.

    When you show distance the ones who really care will reach out. I used to promote communicating about what was bothering you, but with many women it just doesn’t work. Just say you are busy with “a million things to do” (don’t explain what) and be very cautious. One on one meetings you can proceed with but say no to group activities for awhile. Maybe permanently. Establish your own peace and let those who like the clique–indeed thrive and survive on it–do so on their own. You don’t really want to be a part of that, anyhow. Surely, they have hurt many others.

    It is a sad thing more women can’t be inclusive. It is one of the most obvious sources of pain that I see. Don’t allow it, yourself. Don’t promote it, and don’t support people who do it.

    • Stacey says:

      Hi Madison,

      Thank you. Those words really resonated with me. I have been rather hyper-sensitive to being excluded for years. (Probably related to early attachment issues). At 44 I am now working on having resilience in these situations. I have a theory that we are more the same than different and that some exclude people as a way of feeling MORE secure in the group. This is the classic girl bully tactic that lots of women don’t out-grow.

      All the best to you,

      • Sara says:


        Thank you so much for these words. I recently found out that I was excluded from a girls weekend that most of my circle of friends. This came totally out of the blue and had to find out from a husband of a friend. I have dealt with being excluded from a group of friends a lot growing up but thought this doesn’t happen to adult women. Obviously I was wrong. Your advice about measure who I want to be around by how I feel instead of being caught up in being with the right group. Thanks for sharing your wisdom.

    • Rachel says:


      Perfect advice, perfect timing for me. Thank you!!!


  37. Kay says:

    I had a similar situation with my group of friends, but it really seemed like one girl who was taking everything I say out of context, shooting me dirty looks, and jumping on me the minute I said anything she perceived as offensive. I tried to mention it to others in the group to see if they noticed but they didn’t say much and I felt like I was being the catty one by bringing it up. The thing is, this woman is incredibly insecure. As I’d show up to parties that she was throwing, she would always act rude and I’d wonder why she invited me. Usually she greeted me kindly but after several cocktails her attitude would change. Her friends would all enjoy my company and friend me on Facebook which I think further aggrivated her. I never did confront her, because I feel like it’s her issue. I am just going to be me and keep swatting away her snarky remarks and attempts to fight when she misunderstands things. I feel like she has growing up to do and the rest of the group will eventually notice it and notice me being the bigger person. I hate to be passive but I’m not going to feed into her drama. I believe she wants to get under my skin and create an awkwardness so that I’ll be left out. Its unfortunate your scenario involves a group. Some people just follow like sheep though.

    • stacey says:

      Thank you for sharing that. It does put painful exclusion in perspective when you hear that others experience it.

  38. Elaine says:

    Exclusion is bullying and it is the one that hurts the most. I see it all the time in my job. (I am an elementary school teacher.) Little girls exclude and PTA mommies exclude too. If you aren’t with the “in” teacher or on the invite list for their “fund raising” parties or mom’s night out…. ugh.

    I also experience it as an adult with an athletic group I am part of. It seems to be a female problem for the most part and it hurts.

    So unnecessary.

    • Jennifer says:


      Crazy! I totally could have written what you wrote. So painful to watch it in the school setting. You are spot on! The herd mentality is alive and well in the upper-middle class social circles.

      I too have been part of a running group for years. I float in and out of the group because the effort to go is so emotionally draining for me… It is hard to run with people for years and years and miles and miles when it is so clear I am not REALLY part of it.

      And… the parties they plan! Sometimes they plan them when I am running right along with them. If I “like” a picture on FB of one of their parties…. it mysteriously disappears. I am ok with not being invited now, but the censoring makes me feel “red flagged” and self conscious.

      What really hurts is I am never invited to run with anyone outside the group…. ever. I am not ever invited to run the same away races either or when I do end up running an away race a sub group of the group is doing, they might invite me to a pre or post race activity or meal only to make it painfully obvious that they don’t really want me there. (My husband and my sister have witnessed it.) Now I am just doing my own thing at races… I would rather be alone. They just make it clear that they don’t care if I am around.

      When I am running with the group, I run alone in the crowd or I with people who are new to the group… that is until they become part of the group and avoid me…or so it feels.

      I have friends outside of running and a super husband, so I am taken care of. It is just a bummer to be such an outcast with my running group. It makes for a lot of lonely miles.

      • Mary says:

        Jennifer, You are very thick skinned to be able to continue with that running group. I wonder if you would be better off running alone and socializing in other ways with anyone other than these people.

        • Jennifer says:


          Yup. I have thick skin when I am training for something. I can’t do the paces I need to do without others around to pull or push me along.

          None of my real friends run like I do. So, it just is what it is… I am not the only outsider in this group I have found. It doesn’t make it any easier…really. It is amazing to watch the group do the same thing to others though. Crazy. Who needs reality TV?

  39. Maggie says:

    Adults who behave like this have either never left high school or are so insecure they need to put others (usually successful, attractive, etc. but good hearted and reasonable making them ideal targets) down to make themselves feel superior.
    Wouldn’t be surprised if some have sociopathic tendencies. Best to be alone than to associate with poisonous people. This, however, does not work with the kids. It is essential to their development to have close friendships. As a mom, a teacher, and someone who has experienced unfair ostracism myself I strongly advise you to help your kiddos make friends outside of school. Sports
    , dance, drama, etc. can all be found outside of a school setting. Also, the time that could have been spent kowtowing to some group of controlling women/girls can be spent working on improving onself. This time can also be spent with your daughter teaching her new things and providing new experiences while forging a close relationship with her. Like Joan said, ditch them. You and your children are not there for their entertInment and usage. Don’t worry. They will find some other victim soon enough. There is so much sadness in this world I find
    It staggering to think there are those who go out and make more Ll the while ensconced in their protective cocoons. Pathetic, really.

  40. Susan Braithwaite says:

    My situation is very similar to the initial post and some other.I’m 50 and have been friends with and hanging within groups of friends under a online social network. They all are much younger than me. I’ve separated from some of these groups of friends, or cliques as I felt I was starting to be excluded from things. Sometimes I’d still getinvited to parties ( that everyone was invited to), sometimes forgotten off a list but then was excluded from smaller gatherings, casual hangouts wheni was constantly asking people what was going on via text, social networking, etc. I dont think it was deliberate but when people hung out it seems I was never thought of, whenI was always looking to hang out.
    Lately I’d been hanging with the one last group I thought i could rely on as friends; I’ve been good friends with one guy in this group ever since he began hosting parties over the last 4-5 years.dinner parties, etc at his house. Outside of him most, if not all the people in this group are women. Since then he’sbecome engaged to one of the women, some of have moved away but always come back to visit and stay at their place and when they all get together, Im not included. This past New Years they all went out together, I had been told byone of the girls she was going to an event but I didnt know they all were going. We’ve all hung out NYE for like last3 or 4 years.I couldnt really afford the event they were going to and I think they all know that but it still wouldve been nice to be asked.The other part of this is that my my friends fiance doesnt seem comfortable with me when we’ve all been out or at their house and I’m talking closely to him, as friends do. When we’re at their house and I go to get a glass from the cabinet for a drink, like everyone else does it seems she appears and sometimes says things like ‘what are you looking for’? She forgets that I’ve been coming to the house for like 4 years..even before she knew or was with my friend. I thought I was previously friends with her, too, before she knew or was dating this guy as she was also holding dinner and game parties and was invinting me. Oh, how things have changed. I dont know if its because Im so much older, because I seem to needy some in the past have said I complain to much ( my older friends,peers) never say this..if people want to be my friend they should overlook this, as I over look their character flaws. IIt seems like with younger adults they want o be with people who are all positive and pefect, when no one is. I’m now figuring out the differences and trying to hang moreso with people my age but it still hurts the way I feel I’m beign treated by ‘young folk’

  41. Jack says:

    I’ve been having a problem with a group of adult friends that has made me feel like I am a teenager again.

    Over the past six months, I have slowly drifted apart from the people I considered to be close friends. I fell ill and all of a sudden my friends were no where to be seen. When I recovered, I went for drinks with my friends and discovered that I was completely alone. No one had a conversation with me. No one sat next to me or wanted to be near me. Events like this continued and I slowly felt myself come away from the group.

    I have tried to stay in touch and include myself, but have got nothing back. It has now been two months since I saw any of them. I have accepted that the friendships are probably over, but part of me feels like I am owed some sort of explanation. What is the best way of going about that without being confrontational?

    • Gigi says:

      I’m sorry to hear that your going through a hard time with these people. A wise person once told me that “there are a lot of children running around in adult bodies”. Some of us revert back to cliques and groups as a way to feel safe and included. It was a way to survive during our younger years. We all want to socialize and have people around us, if not just a few. The important thing here is that you want quality people. People that accept you for the way you are. These people are showing you how they are. It’s important to decide if these are the type of relationships that you want or do you want people that make you feel good, not people that you have to fit in, that you can belong to.

      I’ve had the same happen to me over decades and in my forties still have a challenge with it. When people stop talking to you without an explanation or ignore you, it’s an action. You need to decide if this action is something that is worth an explanation for these sorts or to move on and find quality people that are adults and mature to welcome you into their lives.

      Sometimes this road to “belong” takes sometime and it can be lonely. There are so many reasons why people stop talking to us. It can be because of us, because of them or neither of the two.

      I know it hurts when were rejected without cause. Our minds question why and how did this happen and what did we do. I’ve learned to determine if the friendship is one to keep trying for or to move on, even it’s alone for a while.

      If you need an explanation and don’t want to be confrontational, ask someone that you believe is non confrontational in the group. You have nothing to lose with asking this question but confidence will pull you through when they answer if it’s a negative response. Good Luck to you.

      • Rachel says:

        Wow…so many of these stories are similar to my recent experiences. Regarding what Gigi said: I don’t know if it’s worth asking for an explanation of “exclusion bullying.” Having been in the exact situation (more than once), I’ve found that the Adult Mean Girls deny the whole thing…claiming to have “just been really busy,” then post scads of photos of them on camping trips, out for drinks, going to concerts, and other things I used to be invited to.

        One of the many brilliant women who have shared their stories/feedback here said something along the lines of not being invited/called to be a statement unto itself. It’s taken me awhile to come to the acceptance that these “friendships” are over. But it’s still painful, and triggers lonely memories of being “the odd girl out” when I was ten years old.

        Time to live in the present and surround ourselves with light!

  42. Donna says:

    I’m looking for advice on how to deal with being asked for an apology for something I didn’t do, for something I was perceived as doing and for something taken out-of-context. A once cherished friendship may be irretrievable but if there is a way to deal with this and regain the friendship,without compromising my ideals, I’d like to try.

    At a recent birthday party of a friend, I tried to strike up a conversation with someone I did not know but it went nowhere. The individual didn’t look at me and used no words to respond but simply nodded their head in fast succession. After a couple of attempts and getting the same response, I partially turned to listen to a conversation happening where everyone was sharing and laughing. The host, a good friend, ignored me for months and then asked me to come to her. I was blindsided with a reprimand. Apparently I should have known the head nodder was shy and continued to try to talk to them. To add insult to injury, I was also reprimanded for talking to another guest who apparently has serious issues. I didn’t know the head nodder or the serious issue guest before the birthday party and did not receive a list of names and personalities with my invite. This was brought to the hosts attention by another of the guests who also attributed a supposed insult that in fact, were words that guest took out of context.


    • morcika says:

      i do not know what happened, i only see your side and it is difficult to say who’s right and who’s wrong in such a case. but let me ask you something: are you sure that the friendship and your friend is really what and who you thought it was? things sometimes exist only in our heads, and because of those pictures we refuse to see the reality. or we are fooled simply.

      of course i do not know that either, because i can imagine a situation where someone is totally “okay” and “normal”, only makes a mistake by for example believing some b******t from someone else and taking it out on people they actually care about. and then it may be difficult to make them see the truth.

      sounds complex, i know.

      in my opinion the best you can do is be honest and straightforward. saying that you didn’t mean to hurt anyone and you are sorry if anyone took your actions that way (as for me, i know that without any bad intentions we can hurt others’ feelings, and i do say sorry for that, though i emphasize that it was not my intention and i had absolutely no clue about it). of course then i would probably need an apology myself for being accused, so most likely i would also say how bad it felt being accused. and if people are “normal”, the story should really end at that point.

      if not? *sigh* that’s when relationships turn sad. 🙁 … but i hope it will not happen to you. i wish you good luck!

      • Donna says:

        Your words match my thoughts and at present I am still too hurt by the third party acusations to do anything more having already explained my actions were not done with the intention of hurting anyone. It’s a tough one as a true apology doesn’t come with caveats yet I do feel that I am now also owed an apology.

        I’m grateful for your input and especially as you are being fair in letting me know you are offering your words knowing only one side of the story. You have also pointed out a harsh fact, that maybe I didn’t see the true nature of the friendship before.

        • morcika says:

          hi donna,

          first of all, you are very welcome. 🙂 i like to be fair and i like to examine all sides of every story all the time, because i have learnt in life that we see things so differently, but also that we do not always (rather usually not) say all our thoughts out loud. and all that can lead to very bad misunderstandings.

          sometimes the “holding-back” derives from games and ill-will, which is more than sad, and to be honest, it still surprises (and shocks) me how certain people can think the way they think and be convinced of their being right at the same time.

          i went through a lot of “friendship pain” lately, and i had it all.

          i had the ones who said bad things about me because of … well, i will probably never know their motivation. i have different scenarios in my head because i was looking for answers to my why’s, but no-one came to me and admitted honestly that “honey, you know, i just don’t like you” or “you know i was jealous” or “well, i frankly thought you were a weirdo and what i said about you was right” or i don’t really know what people have in their head. (and that’s for the best, i guess. 🙂 )

          then i had the dear friend who believed what others said, and kinda turned against me. of course it didn’t help that i got pretty angry because injustice makes me very angry, but i said all the apologies (almost on knees, with a little bit of exaggeration) and i got not one back. only blame and pointing fingers when i actually pointed out other people’s lies.

          sad, huh?

          in the end i lost my friend, because i cannot change someone’s mind, if they decide they don’t want to change it. i lost the rest, too, who, i had to realize, were not even my friends.

          so i can relate to your pain. i just hope that your story will turn out differently. i really wish that from my heart.

          as for the pain part: well, it does paralyse me and it’s horrible, believe me, but i know — in theory 🙂 — that the best cure is if one occupies their mind and time with something totally out of context. 🙂

          all the best.

    • Gwen says:

      The hostess sounds very controlling and so does her “wingman”.

  43. Ann says:

    Deborah, The same thing is happening to my daughter. She has entered 6th grade and like your daughter doesn’t have a mean bone in her body. She is not overly empathetic, but she is similarly considerate of others feelings and would never say unkind things about others.—- For me I think the Moms (even Dads) also see me as a bit different as I am at least a good ten years older than many of them, I have some gray hair, I don’t belong to many social clubs (like our city’s “Woman’s Club). I am outdoorsy, athletic, and don’t like idle gossip. —- I moved back to my hometown at age 41 and then had my kids at age 42 and 44…it is my “second life.” Many of the families here cling to their friendships from childhood, and so it goes that their kids hang with their friends’ kids. It is a very exclusionary situation. I can see in very subtle ways that my athletic daughter is not as readily accepted for these reasons. She was voted “Most Athletic” girl at the end of sixth grade and that seemed to ruffle some feathers. Oh my goodness…. She is not invited to many parties because, I feel, her parents aren’t part of the “sport parents” clique, and don’t have those ties with the parents that seem a requirement for streamlined acceptance of the offspring! Fortunately she is a very strong self assured girl so far. I only hope this keeps up. I hope she doesn’t become like her mother and let this behavior drive her nuts…. I dream of moving away from this, but I think I am kidding myself…..the same dynamics will establish themselves elsewhere.

  44. Gwen says:

    The same thing happened to me and I felt horrible for my daughter. We both learned a lot from the experience.

    My daughter is better off making true friendships on her own. Last year when we were at a former cliques family party, I watched as my daughter was told “Sorry you aren’t part of this group” and the door shut in her face. We left the party early. We have discussed it many times as a life lesson on how to treat people the way you would like to be treated and how much exclusion hurts.

    • lomagirl says:

      I”m frustrated by how my daughter is being treated as well. I am online looking for advice on how to disarm cliques. Most of the information is about hazing and bullying- but I think a lot of what is going on isn’t even intentional- just more thoughtless and changing friendships. There is certainly no plan to exclude me daughter, that I know of, but more just a sometimes people are friendly but when the girls are all together, they band together and exclude others.
      I wish there was some good advice on this! I told my daughter that she has to worry about her behavior- she can’t change theirs- and that she should quit trying to be friends with them and focus on the other people who want to be her friends.

      • Jane says:

        Hello lomagirl,
        Your daughter needs to learn that the high praise of others is just as fake and destructive as the mean gossip and rumors. It’s lies. To get their way. Unless you like yourself and learn to be ok alone, you will never find peace. Teach your daughter that it’s what you give others that counts. Perhaps if she beams at everyone she meets throughout her day she will feel a happiness that doesn’t come with trying to ” fit in”. Generally speaking, the people with the most friend in life are the people most devoid of truth and morals.

        • Mary Mom says:

          I know this thread is old, but I am SO thankful for all who have posted here. Reading through all of these responses has really been beneficial to me to process my own personal situation of dealing with being excluded.

          Jane – I absolutely LOVE what you wrote in reply to lomagirl here.

          In fact, I have copied it to keep and read as a reminder.

          THANK YOU SO MUCH!

  45. Tina says:

    Same thing has happened to me, I work full time with 2children. One of my daughter’s friends of approximately 4 years has kept me a “friend” on FB, but has blocked me from seeing her tags and posts. Ashamed to say I’ve lost sleep trying to understand why?

    She’s successful, attractive and I actually like her, so I’m confused? Should I let it go or confront her? 🙁

    • jo says:

      Don’t lose sleep. She my have blocked you from seeing her stuff because you are her friend’s mother. She may not want to offend you or she does not want you to see her party pictures, etc.

      I have several different lists on FB. If I am posting political stuff only friends who share my politics get to see those posts, etc. everyone else is blocked. I am very particular about who gets to see my stuff and I have often unfriended people if they comment on my posts in ways I do not like.

      Of course if it really bugs you, unfriend her and move on. Why allow her to have control over your life.

    • kitty says:

      What does being successful and attractive have to do with it? Maybe she blocked you because she feels you’re shallow.

  46. Claire says:

    The same thing just happened to me. With my antenatal group. Everyone (9 of us ) used to meet at each other’s houses. As some went back to work the group changed. Then when 2nd kids came along the group re formed. We kept in touch on FB but things have gone weird. One decided to question my integrity over an issue that was 100% NOT my fault. I defended myself and it all turned ugly. She defriended me. Didn’t care. Now months later for no reason at all after normal FB communication another one from our group in her late 30’s has defriended me. Do I care – NO. There are lots of nice women out there and you don’t deserve to be treated badly. This was my first time in a group of girls and I hated it. Give me a few great girlfriends who don’t hang out in a group and I’m far happier. Life is too short to be excluded and ostracised. Find people who treat you as you deserve to be treated

  47. Teresa says:

    Is this still going on?
    It my be envy, it may be contempt… The best thing is always to find other people and be “independent” of them.

  48. Joan Durtz says:

    Ditch them. They’re a bunch of insecure, troubled clowns. They’re all probably unhappily married, freaked out about aging, and self absorbed. Why bother with them? Especially if they don’t make you feel good about yourself. You’re too old to go back to high school.

  49. nancy says:

    i started working in a new company after graduating, i met a girl(A) who introduced me to another girl(B). I was really close to girl A and was on friendly terms with girl B. After a year i introduced two new girls (C and D) to the other girls hoping to form a group of friends since i never had a group of friends just friends that weren’t friends with each other.Anyways after a year I moved to another company but I still made the effort to talk to them everyday just so I know what is going on with them, made an effort to come to everyone’s birthdays and events. Starting this year girl A has been attacking me every few months for not coming to couple get togethers even though she knew about my hectic schedule, then told me that she felt ignored when i sat next to girl D at our table. Just little things then she didnt want one of my other friends to stop joining our get togethers because she didnt want to have outsiders in our group even though that friend had joined us a couple times and was constant in touch with girl A because girl A wanted her to introduce her to some guy. all these four girls are living by themselves and have dont have much to do after work so I realize that they have gotten more closer. I ended up in an argument with girl A, then the girl B and C decided to back her up and started attacking me,we were supposed to go to an event together so we ended up going separately. By unfortunate fate I happened to be standing right behind them in a line and they started making faces at me to show that what was i doing here, girl a even pretended to get a phone call.Feeling uncomfortable i tried to make a small conversation with them but that didnt work. After we went our separate ways I texted them saying thanks for ignoring me, you seriously made my day. then the next day girl a and b text me saying happy birthday and then girl b decides to tell me that she no longer wants to be my friend because she found my ignoring text insulting. I feel awful that I even introduced these girls to each other, I feel like I shouldnt have introduced my friends. because of one person i will be losing 3 of my friends because they feel girl A is more precious to them than me.

    • Katie says:

      There is some comfort in knowing that others have issues like me. I have been excluded from a group also and it is a huge blow to my self confidence. The worst of it is that the mature aged mothers that decided they dislike me have been excluding my daughter from sporting groups that she has previously been a part of. She is good at sport and I think their may be some jealousy involved but mostly it is just to get back at me. We are quiet people and my daughter is very shy. Her sport is how she makes friends and it breaks my heart that adults can be so vindictive towards a child.

      • Deborah says:

        I have a similar problem. I have a daughter who seriously doesn’t have a mean bone in her body, that gets excluded because I think the other moms don’t like me. It’s gotten ridiculous. I feel like I’m in the Harper Valley PTA. I don’t care if I have b any friends, but to take out your hatred on a 9 year old is disgusting. Sorry, this is probably the wrong forum for this!

  50. Karen says:

    I have been encouraged by all the posts and advice above,
    I do have my own story which reads much like those I have read, but in truth I have had many unfortunate events in my life I’M now 45 years of age ranging from divorce, then court every two years over child support ( this was not initiated by me)for the past 10 years, being a victim in an armed bank robbery, being a victim in a home invasion as well as an unstable neighbor having a break down and driving a bobcat through my newly built home causing over AUD $500,000.00 damage and an insurance company taking over three years to rebuild our home then once my new partner and I did move in our relationship was so damaged over stress and anxiety I have just moved out with only living together for two years in our home I could go on and on but you now get the idea that I now have Hugh trust issues ( I’m not trying to play the victim nor looking for sympathy ) and wonder weather this may be the cause I do not make friends and always feel on the outer, I wonder if I’m giving off a negative vibration that make people stay away from me and if this is true how can I stop this from happening as I would truly love a friend ( a real friend not an opportunist acquaintance) Yes I have been to physiologist!!! and I know this may seem to read a little crazy and I too wonder can all this stuff happen to one person.

    I’am a strong person and do not conform to other people and always say what I mean and mean what I say, but some how I’M always left amazed at when people ask my opinion then get upset at the truth.

    I always try to own my actions and mistakes but many people find this confronting.

    I have been working at the same place for seven years and thought I had an ok relationship with my colleges but found out today that one lady has given out invites to a baby shower for the college I have worked closely with for the past two year, but for some reason I have not been invited, this was very hurtful and I feel uncomfortable with the situation, as I do not want my college to think I did not want to come and celebrate and wish her all the best. ( as this is a surprise baby shower)

    I too have no one to talk to about how I feel, and have been grateful to stumble on this site.

    But on a positive a have two wonderful teenage sons and great support from my parents.. and I’am grateful for my job.

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