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Single moms need friends

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Emma Johnson

Emma Johnson

While single moms may need friends more than anyone, “Wealthy Single Mommy” Emma Johnson maintains that they’re hard to find– especially for successful professionals.

She writes:

No one sets out to be a single mom. No little girl in the whole world dreams about how awesome it will be to grow up and build a family in a charming yellow bungalow with a peony bush out front — all by herself. This show you and I are on? This is Plan B (or maybe Plan K? Plan W?). And most of us ideally would not be single moms, but remarried or otherwise in a romantic partnership.

But here we are. It is what it is and we need each other. We want to know each other. Connect. Not just the really super-successful ones we can uphold and admire. Just a bunch of professional, educated women who happen to be not-married moms. It’s perhaps the most human experience to crave community – to be around like-minded others. To feel accepted. Normal. Also: to learn from those who achieve more than us, and can lend a dose of aspiration.

The above is a brief excerpt from a thought-provoking post on the topic of making friends when you’re single and successful written by my colleague, Emma Johnson.

Emma is the founder of WealthySingleMommy, where she empowers professional single moms to build amazing lives through career, dating and parenting. She has appeared as a single-mom expert in the New York Times, NPR, FoxNews.com, Headline News, TODAY and Woman’s Day. She is an award-winning freelance business journalist and raises Helena, 6, and Lucas, 4, in New York City.

Read Emma’s post in its entirety here: Why it’s so hard to find other professional, successful single moms

Some might argue that it is just as daunting to make friends when you are single mom who is poor, unsuccessful and/or unemployed! Any thoughts? What is it about being a single mom that makes it hard to make friends and at the same time, makes it so necessary?

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  1. Sher says:

    I was a divorced mom, in a small town, when my children were small. Because nearly all of my children’s peers’ parents were coupled, I often felt like the odd woman out. Everyone was always friendly to me, but when it came to social activities, I was sometimes left out because they were doing couples activities. I had plenty of single friends, but they didn’t have children and often didn’t understand my challenges.
    Once, I remarried, I found myself instantly accepted by the other married parents in my area, and found that my friendships with my single friends dwindled. Birds of a feather do tend to flock together. If you’re a single mom in an area where there aren’t many others like you, it’s easy to feel like you’re in friendship purgatory!

  2. blaze says:

    I dont think everyone deserve to be alone and loney, the are alot of people out the, not just the one you know or the one in your space.the are alot of people that you will find more interesting and keep u happy and smiling for the rest of your life, all you need to do is get out the and find someone that makes you happy and u make the person happy too.

    like you are a single mom, find someone that will adore your little girl as much as you do too..and your little girl adore that person to and you will be so happy and forget you were ever lonely.

  3. v ijay kapoor says:

    need a friend

  4. Jerry says:

    Bob and Irene,
    I believe you guys are more self-centered than anyone else. Yes single mothers deserve friends than you assholes that is because first of all not only themselves but also the child needs to be cultivated in a community and a circle of good friends. It takes a village to raise a child. Second of all you do not even know what it takes to raise a child and how difficult it is to find a friend while raising children single handily.
    Yes, yes I agree 100% single mothers need a fiend more than anybody else not only for themselves but for their children. Do you have a problem with it, be a single father/mother and will talk to you later.

  5. Bob says:

    Ridiculous to assert that just because you spat out a child, *you* deserve to have a friend more than ANYONE else.

    How incredibly elitist and self-centered thinking is this?

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