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Screenshot (Bustle)

Screenshot (Bustle)

You usually don’t need to search for subtle signs to realize that you have trouble making friends.

To the contrary, people with this difficulty (and there are many) are usually painfully aware of their problem.

A recent article on the website Bustle, 11 Signs You have Trouble Making Friends & How to Fix Them, describes some of the reasons this occurs and some of the behaviors associated with it. It also suggests several ways people can avert these problems.

The Friendship Doctor wasn’t interviewed for this article but the writer quotes some of the information from this blog and elsewhere.

She writes:

According to The Friendship Blog, a blog run by relationship author and trained psychologist Irene Levine, Ph.D., moving around a lot in our developmental years can have major impacts on the longterm friendships we formed, as well as affect us as adults when attempting to forge new friendships.

If you think this may be your problem, you may just need to make a concerted effort of keeping your friendship goals in mind when meeting new people: get people’s numbers, and be proactive about making meet up plans.

Click here to read the Bustle article in its entirety.

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  1. Frisbee says:

    But what about when, for no explicable reason, these people don’t want to be bothered? If you want to be a friend, you will make time for me. You will compromise.

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