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In the Media – Signs a friend doesn’t want to hang out with you (Bustle.com)

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Bustle (screenshot)

Bustle (screenshot)

Sometimes you just get the feeling that a friend doesn’t want to hang out with you. You might even feel that she is distancing herself entirely. This phenomenon can manifest itself in a variety of ways.

Writing for the website Bustle, Carolyn Steber identifies 11 potential signs. More importantly, she pairs actionable advice with each one to help remedy the problem.

She writes:

Do you ever get the feeling that people don’t want to hang out? If so, if can leave you wondering what the heck is going on. Are you pushing them away?

Are your friendships changing? Whatever the case may be, discovering the source — and fixing the problem — can help solve those lonely, lonely weekends.

Steber interviewed several mental health professionals and relationship experts, including The Friendship Doctor, for the article in Bustle. You can read it in its entirety here.

Bustle: 10/38/16

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  1. AMY F says:

    If you want an honest opinion, be sure to set up a climate where you are open to that opinion. Don’t make excuses or act defensive. If you do, you aren’t inviting honesty. If you want reassurance, ask for that, not an honest opinion because the two may not be the same answer. Otherwise you’re setting your friend up to be the bad guy, which is a big turn off.

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