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Season’s Greetings and All That Jazz! – December 25, 2009

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With all the frenzy surrounding the launch of Best Friends Forever: Surviving a Breakup with Your Best Friend, I skipped several newsletters so it seemed like a year-end wrap-up would be timely.

In case you were hibernating in a cave and didn’t hear my shout-outs, my book was published on September 20th, coinciding with Women’s Friendship Day. I was pleased to partner with Kappa Delta Sorority, creators of the day, in announcing the book’s release.

Thanks to my friend Donna and the staff at Donna Hair Design and Border’s of Mount Kisco, New York, I had an over-the-top book launch party in my hometown, Chappaqua, New York. My friends Linda and Risa sponsored another great party at the Border’s at the White Flint Mall in Rockville, Maryland, where I previously lived. Both events were filled with an outpouring of love from current friends and colleagues and those from years past (since we know that all BFFs don’t last forever:-).

I also loved all the opportunities to speak about friendship, meet readers, and make new friends at a number of library, bookstore, and college appearances that took place in the fall.

The book received a wonderful response from reviewers and and much appreciated support from the publicity team at Overlook Press. This all led to a flurry of media activity, including a 30-city national radio tour and guest appearances on several TV shows, including The Today Show (one of the high points), and interviews with journalists from more than 100 magazines, newspapers and blogs (Check some of them out on the Press section of my blog).

I did find time (Okay, admittedly, I’m a bit obsessive about blogging) to publish 59 blog posts between September and December that included responses to a wide range of reader questions; timely but unsolicited friendship advice; and interviews with leading authors and friendship experts.

I continued to blog as “The Friendship Doctor” in the Health, Style, and Living sections of The Huffington Post  and began blogging on Psychology Today.

One of the most gratifying aspects of marketing the book has been speaking to book and reader groups.
For that reason, I introduced the option of “house calls” from The Friendship Doctor, offering readers the opportunity to invite me to participate in more of these events, either live or via the telephone.

On a very personal note, I want to thank my Drupal tech guru, my son Andrew, who recently set up Google Voice on The Friendship Blog so visitors can record their questions for The Friendship Doctor if they find it easier than keyboarding.

I truly appreciate the sense of friendship and community your questions and comments have engendered. They’ve challenged me, affirmed the vital role that friendships play in our lives, and, hopefully, have made me a better friend.

Every good wish for the New Year!



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