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Searching for Friendship – A Year-End Review 2015

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Searching for Friendship 2015

Searching for Friendship 2015

Some information, statistics and insights from 2015 —and my wish for each of you for the New Year.

When we are struggling with any complex problem—whether it’s medical, emotional, or social—it’s natural to think we are the only ones grappling with it. But when people read, share and learn from the experiences of others, they suddenly realize they aren’t alone.  Not only is that recognition reassuring, it is also empowering.

At the end of the year, I like to provide a bit of feedback to visitors who have shared, commented, lurked (which isn’t a bad thing!), alerted me to spammers or occasional web-hosting outages, and supported me (and each other) in so many ways. Here is a brief report:

Visitors to The Friendship Blog 

  • The Friendship blog received an astonishing 4 million views in 2015, and was visited by more than 2 million people from almost every country around the world.
  • The most viewed day of the year was December 21, 2015.
  • The most popular time for visitors was on Sunday at 4PM.
  • The largest number of visitors were from the U. S., the U.K. and Canada.
  • Just over half of all visitors accessed the site on mobile devices (54%); another 35% on desktops; and the remainder on tablets.
  • 4 out of 5 visitors found The Friendship Blog when doing a specific search through a search engine.

At a Glance

  • Some 260 posts were added to the blog in 2015 bringing the total number of posts in the searchable archive to 1,921.
  • The Forums have been extremely active with more than 25,000 comments across the various threads. They offer visitors a crowd-sourced resource on friendship that’s available 24/7.

The most commented upon blog post this year was: 

The most commented blog post over all time was:

Some popular posts (listed month-by-month) that you may have missed:

On a More Personal Note

I’m appreciative of the tech support from my talented Aussie webmaster Chris Richardson of RTW Labs, who helps maintain the site.

Thanks, too, to Amy Feld who responded to many questions related to teen friendships and to Jacqueline Rodgers of Canada who keeps a watchful eye on the site to make sure it’s running smoothly.

This blog is an unpaid but very personally rewarding labor of love that draws upon my training as a psychologist; the experience and skills I honed during a long career in public mental health; and the survey research entailed in writing my book, Best Friends Forever: Surviving a Breakup With Your Best Friend.

The time I can devote to the blog is limited because I “moonlight” as “The Friendship Doctor” while I work as a freelance travel journalist for a number of newspapers, magazines and websites—which also entails time away from my desktop.

(If you are interested in travel, I hope you’ll visit my travel website MoreTimeToTravel.com, subscribe to the weekly newsletter, and follow my musings on travel on Twitter.)

My wish for you

Wishing everyone who reads this blog every good wish for the coming year: May your life be filled with happiness, peace, good health and rewarding friendships.

The understanding and compassion of the readers of this blog — who come from all walks of life, from all around the globe, and who have had widely varying experiences – have truly enhanced my own life and that of others. I’m always touched by your wisdom, kindness and humor.

With every good wish for 2016!


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  1. DarleneH says:

    Happy New Year to all the wonderful ladies on this site! I have learned so much here, 🙂

    Thanks so much to Irene for providing her wisdom and a place for people to seek support and to share their experiences. It’s been a good year. 🙂

  2. lottie says:

    Drat trust me it disappeared rewrote and now duplicated.

  3. lottie says:

    Thank you Irene for allowing us to make new friends. You are amazing.

    For me my new friends feel they are just in another room with my computer screen being a door,and YOU the Guardian Angel making sure we behave ourselves with our words. Who would have thought that we are in touch within seconds it is like a miracle.

    Thirty years ago the idea would have been laughed at. Thank you Irene and your team. Have a fabulous New Year to You and all.Special thanks to Lauren who first befriended me in August 2014 . To Kate who is so kind caring and sincere,Jacqueline who I think shares my wicked sense of humour. Darlene and the bear talk, this year being her daughters wedding. Have you got the HAT??Julie and her amazing lists……All who have ever been of support and those who answer back!!! Last but not least MADDIE who says it all in a handful of words. The opposite to me!!!! God bless you all. Lottie

  4. lottie says:

    Happy New Year Irene,

    Thank you for allowing us to communicate making new friends,who I feel are just in another room.My computer screen being the door.

    Going back to August 2014.Lauren was a huge help along with others when I was really sad over a a mean trick played on me.

    What progress has been made in the last 30 years. Thank you Irene and your team for making this possible. Very best wishes for the New Year to all. Lottie

    • Lauren says:

      Thank you for your kind words, Lottie. You are a darling! It’s always a pleasure to “meet” you and converse with you on the blog!

  5. Lauren says:

    Happy New Year…first and foremost to Irene, without whom none of this would be possible. And happy new year to all of my other friends on this blog! Always look on the bright side of life! A big thank you to all of you!

  6. jacqueline says:


    If not for you and this wonderful site, I would never have met so many wonderful women! Their wisdom and support has been so helpful and instrumental in helping me move forward to a fresh start in 2016.

    Irene, you are very special to me as well. Your “two cents” has been worth its weight in gold! Thank-you and God Bless you.

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