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Q & A with Debba Haupert: Girlfriend-in-Chief of Girlfriendology

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Can you tell my blog readers a little bit about Girlfriendology, including its phenomenal growth?

In 2006, two of my girlfriends were dealing with cancer. I had an overwhelming NEED to be with my girlfriends – not just the ones with cancer, but my female friends in general. Girlfriendology was born as a blog that shared a love letter to my friends and hopefully inspired women to be better friends.

I did a little research, most notably The Tending Instinct, by Shelley E. Taylor, and found that the benefits of female friends are well documented. Girlfriends make women healthier, happier, less stressed, live longer and feel more beautiful. Those findings convinced me I should follow my passion to launch Girlfriendology as a women’s community dedicated to ‘inspiration, appreciation and celebration of girlfriends.’

Tapping into social media, we have been able to grow the Girlfriendology community because (again, not surprisingly) women are the driving force of social media (we’re more social!). On Twitter @Girlfriendology we’ve grown the community to over 22,000 followers. On Facebook, we have over 15,000 female friends. We use these social media sites and others to continue to inspire women as well as grow our community and brand.

How did that lead to Girlfriendology 101?

One of the benefits of having great girlfriends is the great advice that we share with each other. If we were to share information among women on a global basis, think what we could do/solve/save/be! There’s tremendous power in sharing the wisdom of women. That’s why we created Girlfriendology Guides – eBooks and Webinars.

GIRLFRIENDOLOGY 101: Simple Steps to More Fulfilling Friendships is our first Girlfriendology Guides eBook and shares 64-pages of inspiration and information on why and how female friendships benefit us, ways we can be a better friend, types of friends we need to have, and more.

What are the goals of Girlfriendology 101? Who is it for?

Honestly, my goal is to offer inspiration, appreciation, and celebration of female friendship. GIRLFRIENDOLOGY 101 is meant to both inspire and challenge women to be better friends, better listeners, and more supportive women.

All women need friends – at all phases of our lives. Women who may recognize they need more fun and female friendship, who may have gone through a transition in their life (divorce, kids growing up, new job) and women who may have been busy with work or raising kids and have let their friendships slide need this book.

Can you briefly describe the content of the guide?


• 5 Benefits of female friendship
• Answers the question: Aren’t guy friends the same?
• 7 Ways you can be a better friend
• 5 Steps to forgiving a friend and saving the friendship
• 5 Ways to go above and beyond being just a ‘good friend’
• 3 Great ways to make your friend feel as special as her friendship is to you
• 5 Girlfriend traditions you can start with your friends
• How girlfriends are like ‘shoes’ – and you need lots of different kinds of them!
• The one female friendship ‘thing’ not covered on Girlfriendology.com

How can women become better friends?

One of the first steps toward being a better friend is recognizing the value having great girlfriends in your life and wanting to be THAT kind of friend. We all learn from one other, so noticing how others make time for their friends, give thoughtful gifts, encourage each other – all are great steps at being a better friend. We cover a lot in this eBook – how to be a better listener, how to compromise, be more supportive and much more.


What have you learned about friendship from your enterprise?

I love that focusing on female friendship is a great way to learn and aspire to be a better friend. I recognize qualities in my friends that I might not have noticed without being tuned in to their approach to friendship. My friends share their thoughts and ideas, support me in my quest toward growing this community and inspiring more women, and remind me of how lucky I am to be their friend.

What kind of friend are you?

I always say that founding Girlfriendology does not mean I’m a perfect girlfriend; I’m very far from that. I’m a busy, overwhelmed and passionate entrepreneur so I have to make myself make time for my friends. I’m not as thoughtful or supportive of my friends as I’d love to be. And, very fortunately for me, my girlfriends give me grace and understanding which inspires me to be a better friend and inspire others!


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  1. Debba / Girlfriendology says:

    Dr. Irene – Thank you so much for featuring Girlfriendology.com & me on your wonderful Friendship Blog. It’s an honor to be included on your site (:

    Thanks for all you do for female friendship! BIG Hugs, Debba / Girlfriendology.com

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