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Profile of Dr. Irene Levine by Aggie Villanueva

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October 8, 2009


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I was honored to be interviewed by Aggie Villaneuva, a photo artist who has been called the "Grandma Moses of the Southwest." You can learn more about Aggie here. Be sure to scroll down and see the magnificent trailer on YouTube with her artwork of New Mexico.

To read Aggie’s interview with me, click here.


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  1. Irene says:

    It’s amazing how two women can connect after a few email messages back and forth~



  2. Aggie Villanueva says:

    I’m honored you posted my interview with you. It was sheer pleasure researching you and your work and then finally “getting to know you” via the email interview. And equally honored that you like my photo art. May everything you touch turn to what ever you wish it to!

    P.S. This is my site dedicated to the photo art if you’re interested. Videos, pix, reviews and critiques, my video “Join Me: Virtual Photo Shoots” series, and of course links to my artwork. http://www.aggiev.org/aggielogic/

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