Preteen Worries: My family, my friends and me

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Preteens tend to worry. Why?
As they’re simultaneously growing into awkward new bodies and tackling the
social challenges of middle school, they’re also victims of the emotional
roller coaster created by their fluctuating hormones. With these stressors, it’s
a difficult time for kids well as their parents.

Preteens tend to be
tight-lipped—preferring to share secrets with their friends over their
parents—so it’s natural for moms, dads and teachers to wonder what they worry
about. A new KidsHealth KidsPoll was designed to provide some answers. The
January 2008 poll surveyed 1,154 kids between the ages of 9 and 13, looking at how much they
worry and what they worry about.

By far, the largest
proportion (86 per cent) worry “almost all the time” or “a lot” about someone
they love. They also worry about tests and grades, the future, their
appearance, and making mistakes—in that order. But 1 out of 4 worry about
their friends “almost all the time” and a third of them worry about friends “a
lot.” In fact, friendships ranked among the top 8 of 20 pre-teen worries.

One implication: Moms need
to talk to their daughters about female friendships and share their wisdom and
experience about the fragility of these relationships. Particularly during these
pre-teen years, we need to help cushion the blow when our daughters are excluded from a
clique at school or camp, or when they are inevitably rejected by one of their


The poll was conducted by, a web portal that provides health information for children.

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