Poll: What kind of friend are you? Betty White, Jamie Lee Curtis, or Kristen Bell

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Three superstars—Betty White, Jamie Lee Curtis, and Kristen Bell—were recently interviewed in an article called, What Women Want, which appears in the November/December 2010 issue of AARP, The Magazine. This is what each woman had to say about her female friendships:

Betty White: …As much as I love my friends, I wouldn’t think of going out to lunch with a woman. I can’t think of anything less interesting, except hen parties and showers – and I avoid them like the plague.


Jamie Lee Curtis: … I would feel completely inadequate without a good group of girlfriends. Still, I’m also learning that relationships with my girlfriends have to be fluid. I have friends whom I was closer with in my 20s or 30s than I am now. It’s not that I don’t love them, but the common links have unlinked a little.


Kristen Bell: I have a lot of "pick up and put down" friends whom I haven’t talked to in months, but I can pick up the phone and it’s as though we’ve spoken every day for the last 10 years. Maybe this is my generation’s thing. Many of my friends are career driven and don’t have the hours in the day for the consistency that friendships deserve.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    The friend circle should have both girls and boys. Otherwise it has flaw. The girls talk are quite boring as they talk only about dresses and beauty, nothing else than that. Boys generally talk about new technologies. Girl friend should has separate unique position. Hen Parties need to change the idea. It should be celebrated in quite different ways. Boys need to give idea on it as they think unique.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I know Betty sounds harsh and retro, but there’s a little of her in me. While I enjoy having lunch and one-on-ones with my close girlfriends, I don’t thrive in groups of women.

    I grew up between two princessy sisters, and could never understand how they could be bothered to be as bothered as they were about so many things. My own group of girlfriends growing up were a cluster of oddballs — more like me, princesses need not apply.

    Unfortunately, I often feel like a man when I’m at hen parties — the girly emotions just don’t seem genuine to me. I’ve been bored to tears out with two girlfriends who couldn’t stop talking about recipes and what they hand-washed their cashmere sweaters in. And I don’t like how the conversation often turns negative about husbands, boyfriends, men in general.

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