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Peggy and Inez: Best friends at 90

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Peggy and Inez, a compelling video about two best friends at 90, offers testimony to the importance of late-life friendships.

North London Cares (NL Cares) is a community organization that recruits young professionals to volunteer with older neighbors. Volunteers provide practical support and human companionship to help address the social isolation often associated with aging.

Focusing on friendship, the film Peggy and Inez is the third in a series of six the agency has made about the lives, passions, friendships, interests and humor of the people they serve.

Before you take a peek, here’s a bit of background about the two wormen:

Peggy and Inez have been involved with NL Cares since August 2011.

“They are always together – watching films together, collecting money for lunches, shopping, or just catching up with one another. And, as the film shows, they love a dance, too,” writes Alex Smith of NL Cares.

“They have, in turn, been each other’s support networks, playmates, oracles, and rocks. As I wrote on Facebook earlier: “they’ve got that special relationship that everybody has growing up and most people hope to sustain throughout life…”

Wouldn’t we all be fortunate to have such a strong bond with a friend at age 90?

Watch the video on Vimeo here:


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  1. Vee Ruiz says:

    Loved it…to see such good friends at 90. I’m 82 and still trying to
    find friends. Only time I had friends was when I was a kid, especially
    around 12, 13, years of age. Then as I got older, something seemed to change in me….I seem to get so shy & conservative. Could not approach anyone for fear of rejection. And it did happen. So I guess
    I just gave up. So now, 82 and alone. I am healthy, I take good care
    of my looks, weight, etc. Men still give me a look, which I am not
    looking for. Just a couple of women friends, or even one. To speak
    with, or e-mail, or discuss what is happening in the world.
    Is there any other woman out there that feels like me??

  2. Ellen Dolgen says:

    This is fantastic! The sisterhood is such a powerful group….so loving, so supportive…..I am so happy to be a member!

  3. Amy F says:

    What great ladies. I like how they both sAid they had things about each other that drove them crazy, and they seemed to overlook the imperfections in favor of the overall relationship. A good lesson.

  4. Carol O. says:

    Hi Irene, A good one! Thanks from a favorite elder (said with pride).

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