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In the Media – Pop culture: Our obsession with girl gangs (Yahoo Style)

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Yahoo Style (screenshot)

Yahoo Style (screenshot)

June 23, 2015

Writing for Yahoo Style, journalist Kayleen Schaefer examined the recent phenomenon of “girl gangs”—celebrities who are surrounding themselves with other powerful women.

Schaefer interviewed  The Friendship Doctor and asked her to comment on this trend. She wrote:

In fact, instead of the widely held stereotype that accomplished women should be sequestered on high and compete with all other female comers, the fact that these women have similar lives offers a chance for real bonding.

“When a celebrity becomes part of a gang or group of powerful A-listers, she is surrounding herself with peers,” Levine says. “These women are equals, which offers the possibility for true friendships. Moreover, when there is mutual respect and admiration, women can be informal mentors and role models to one another.”

While not everyone is a celebrity, the article has relevance for other women in the workplace.

Click here to read the Yahoo Style article in its entirety

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  1. Ben says:

    Speaking as one voice I am not obsessed with girl gangs, do not watch the Kardashians or any of the wives shows. If the kardashians were pulled from TV tomorrow I would think the intelligence factor of the country was going up not down. Read an article recently on what “selfies” actually indicate. We, like Dr. Frankenstein have created a “monster.”

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