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On More Time To Travel: An inspiring group of ladies…

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The Traveling Ladies

The Traveling Lades at Turks & Caicos

When you feel close to the people at work, work can be a joy. When you like those people enough to take the friendship outside of the office, you are very lucky indeed. I recently met such a group of women, who call themselves “The Traveling Ladies.” I thought their story was inspiring.

LOS CABOS, Mexico — Nonstop laughter resounded from the round table of nine seated in the corner of a fine-dining restaurant at an all-inclusive resort. To further pique my curiosity, each woman had a brightly colored silk flower pinned in her hair. I couldn’t resist approaching them to find out their story.

“We call ourselves the Traveling Ladies,” one said. They were single, married and divorced; working and retired; and ranged in age from 40 to 60. They met while employed in different offices of the same federal agency in Washington, D.C…

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