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In the Media – On living with roommates (HerCampus.com)

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HerCampus.com (screenshot)

HerCampus.com (screenshot)

November 25, 2015

Living with someone can really tax a relationship. Roommates, who are virtual strangers, are often thrown together in tight quarters under stressful circumstances. Writing in HerCampus.com, an online publication for collegiate, Corinne Sullivan spoke to experts and college students to get their advice on how to deal with disagreements with roommates.

In “How to Deal with a Roommate Fights,” she writes:

Living with other people is difficult, and you can only accommodate another person so far. Just remember, collegiettes: Be the roommate you want your roomie to be.

“For many students, this may be the first time they are living with someone besides family,” Levine says. “This takes some getting used to. Different people do things in different ways and come from different backgrounds and cultures. Learning to live with another person can be an invaluable experience.”

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