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On Life Goes Strong: What NOT to say to a friend

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What NOT to Say To a Friend

Some things are better NOT to say—even to a close friend.

As important as it is to know what to say, it’s just as important to know what  NOT to say to a friend. My post on the NBC Universal website Life Goes Strong lists “13 Tips on What NOT To Say To A Friend.”

While some friendships thrive on total honesty, most others require some degree of tact and restraint when it comes to certain things. Most of the items on this list were suggested by Facebook followers who shared their experiences about emotionally charged things they had said or heard that derailed once-close friendships.

Are there any others that you might add?

Read the entire article on The Friendship Blog.

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  1. Suzanna says:

    Gosh this article was eye opening, regarding the ending of a friendship..it can start to feel like 2 ladies are so cloase they can say anything to each other- but I now think that list sums up pretty much everything you should just never say. I can look back and remeber feeling like I was ‘thinking out loud ‘becuz we were like that. But Ican now see how it started resentments between us, I got defensive becuase I felt critized and I think she did alway so.

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