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In the Media – On leaving your single friends behind (The Debrief)

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The Debrief

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Vicky Spratt remembers what it was like to be the single friend in a world that often feels coupled. For her, it wasn’t that long ago. In an article in The Debrief entitled, “On Why You Should Never Forget What It Was Like to Be Single,” she writes about being 28 years old and in a relationship now. She subtitles the article: How To Not Be An Awful Friend.

When one friend gets coupled or married, it often topples some friendships although that doesn’t always have to happen.

Spratt interviewed Dr. Levine and writes:

Friendship expert and psychologist, Dr. Irene S. Levine, tells me that remembering is actually a crucial part of keeping friendships alive when some of you are single, some of you are married and some of you are happily shacked up. ‘When you’re in a relationship, it is easy to forget what your life was like before. When you were single and uncoupled, you were more eager for female companionship—a friend with whom you could spend time, someone with whom you could share intimacies’, she explains.

Being single can be great but it can also be isolating. ‘Put yourself in her shoes’ Irene says, ‘even if she’s happy for you, she still has to feel bad for herself. Your being coupled makes her feel left behind and ‘stuck.’ While you can’t change her situation, you can try to be sensitive to the sense of loss she must feel.’

You can read the article in its entirety on The Debrief.

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