Neglecting sisters for misters: Facing the consequences

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I recently broke up with my boyfriend and had honestly neglected my friends during our relationship. What would be the best way to get into their good graces again?



There’s no sense pretending: If you know, they know too. Admit you were dumb to get caught up with a jerk and go AWOL. Tell them you probably deserve the "Bad Friend Award" but it made you realize you need and cherish your connections with your gal pals – whether you’re involved with a guy or not.


Make plans to do some fun things with your friends and show interest in their lives. Guard against spending your time ruminating about your lost love. They’ll remember how much fun they used to have with you, and you and they will get over what’s his name again in no time 🙂


Remember, if they’re good friends, they’ll forgive you and feel badly (for you) that your relationship ended. Unfortunately, it’s common for women to neglect their sisters for their misters and then only to realize the loss when the relationship ends.


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