National Women’s Friendship Day – Sunday, 9-21-08 – Save-the-Date!

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Kappa Delta Sorority
created a day for us: National Women’s
Friendship Day
, celebrated on the third Sunday in September each year since
1999. The day is intended to provide an opportunity for women to recognize
those friends who play important roles in their lives.

“Our main goal is to encourage women to recognize the value of female
friendship, something that is often taken for granted,” says Melanie Schild,
Executive Director of Kappa Delta Sorority, the creator of the holiday. “For
this 10th anniversary of the day, we encourage women to celebrate
the entire month of September.”


In preparation for the day, pause and take stock of your friendships:

  • Do you have enough close female friends or do you need more?
  • Among those you have, which friendships are important to you
    and worth keeping?
  • Are there some you’ve neglected?
  • How can you kindle the ones that you value?
  • Are some consistently draining and unfulfilling? Can you mend
    them or end them?
  • What opportunities can you identify to forge new friendships?

When you have completed your personal inventory, take action!

  • Whether it’s a phone call; email; note or card; text-message; brunch, lunch or dinner; shopping jaunt, tennis set, girl’s night out or
    girlfriends’ getaway, make yourself a promise to nurture your friendships.
    These ties are vital to your physical and emotional well-being at every age and
    stage of life.

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