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In the Media – Men’s Friendships: Growing Apart (Magnifier)

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Screenshot (Magnifier)

Screenshot (Magnifier)

Men’s friendships are discussed and written about much less often than women’s. While there are many distinct differences between the two, both succumb to the unfortunate circumstance of people growing apart.

Noah Davis recently wrote an article for Magnifier (“a millennial man’s guide to amplifying his life”) on the topic of men’s friendships, specifically on when a guy should fight for a friendship vs. when he should let go. Much of the advice would apply to both genders.

He interviewed two experts including The Friendship Doctor and wrote:

The first thing is to remember that “most friendships, even very good ones, are transitory and don’t last forever,” Irene S. Levine, PhD, psychologist, author and producer of TheFriendshipBlog.com, says.

“It’s common for friends to drift apart when they no longer have the time, energy or interest to maintain the relationship, especially during major life passages like graduating, moving, marrying, changing jobs and divorcing.”

Then Davis offered practical tips for saving a valued friendship as well as advice for moving in a different direction.

You can read the Magnifier article in its entirety by clicking here..

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  1. batphink says:

    It is I the newcomer chiming in once again.I’ll make this brief.I had 2 friends I’ve known since 1970 and the other 1992 both seemed pretty good friends.When they both announced in the last few years that they are both gay(with partners) I was ok with it but due to my own disastrous experiences with women they assume I am gay which I am not at all.
    They both made disgusting vile comments about what I should do even in front of my parents suffice to say I am deleting them from my life.I do NOT need pressure or obscene remarks made in front of my family.
    WHY does everyone assume you are gay if you are not married? maybe if I found a decent classy women(if ever) I wouldn’t remain unmarried lol. I don’t consider militant gay men my friends any longer sorry.

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