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December 22, 2014

Unemployment can wreak havoc on an individual’s life and emotions. In an article in the online UK career publication, GoThinkBig, journalist Amy Packham writes about the social challenges that often follow after someone loses a job. She cites one study:

Pew Research Center did a survey to explore the experiences of workers who lost jobs during the recession, and more than four in ten people (43%) in long-term unemployment said they lost contact with close friends. And yet friends and support networks should be the people keeping you going, lifting your spirits, and even helping you out.

Then she turned to The Friendship Doctor for some advice for people facing this situation. She writes:

Irene Levine is known as the one ‘journalists turn to when they need an expert’, and is pretty much the one person we thought would be ideal to shade light on this dilemma.

You can read the article and Irene’s advice in its entirety here. It includes five tips from Dr. Levine for keeping your friends after losing a job.

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