In the Media – How to save a long-distance relationship with your best friend (Cosmopolitan – AU)

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Cosmopolitan (AU)

Cosmopolitan (AU)

In this article in Cosmopolitan Australian, writer Rose Mullender maintains that deciding to attend different universities doesn’t necessarily have to signal the end of a best friendship. She cites the importance of these relationships:

“Old friends are the keepers of our memories,” says Dr Irene Levine, professor of psychiatry and creator of “It takes time to build trust and confidence in new friendships and to learn how to communicate. But old friends can pick up nuances without you having to make lengthy explanations. These friendships are intimate and comfortable – and hopefully have a strong enough foundation to weather the stresses that crop up in any relationship.”

And she offers some excellent tips to preserve long-distance relationships. You can read the entire article in Cosmopolitan by clicking here.

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