In the Media – On being with old friends (Daily Pioneer – India)

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The Daily Pioneer

The Daily Pioneer

August 3, 2014

Old friends know as we were and watched us become the people that we are.  In this first-person essay that appeared in the Daily Pioneer (a newspaper in India), the author, Faizi Hashmi, talks about the pleasures of getting together with old-time friends. In the article he mentions Mark Twain, Ralph Waldo Emerson—and The Friendship Doctor (well, not in the same breath).

He writes:

The well-known writer and expert on the theme of friendship, Irene S Levine ruefully observed that only one in 12 friendships last over the course of a lifetime. However, there is a difference between voluntary and involuntary distancing of friends.

You can read the article Being ‘Stupid’ with Old Chums here.

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  1. Anthony Fabiano says:

    Friendship means
    There is a miracle called Friendship
    that dwells within the heart
    and you don’t know how it happens
    or when it even starts.
    But the happiness it brings you and me
    will always gives a special lift
    and we realize that Friendship
    is God’s most precious gift.
    by Anthony

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